Renova Energy’s Grow Story | LOCALiQ

Renova Energy’s Grow Story | LOCALiQ

For me solar energy is less of passion than a purpose. I founded Renova in 2006, and the idea was to make renewable energy a way of life. We did about $300,000 in revenue that year. Last year, we did it almost $40 million in revenue just from our one location. We also believe very much in the family unit and that’s how I’ve grown Renova over the past 12 years, and those people who subscribe to that, those are the people who belong here and that’s Caesar I actually grew up here in the valley I enjoy coming to work every day because we have a really good environment here at Renova. Renova is an employee-owned company and I feel that that’s allowed us to invest ourselves we feel empowered Renova is the largest energy company that has employee ownership and so for me that that’s kind of cool — it’s taking my purpose in my vision in renova and it’s it’s growing it the best way possible It’s a really friendly environment, and we have positive impact on people and the environment in the Coachella Valley We are local, we service local. One of our tag lines is Local. Brighter. Better. Everything we do is for the purpose of our local community, so when we look at where we place our advertising dollars nine out of ten times our best results come from working with local marketing partners. I’ve worked with them when I didn’t have a dime in a marketing budget in 2007 and 2008 as we were growing. Developing the relationship with the marketing partners gave me the best results for the company to get off of its knees to stand and to be recognized as something that was truly delivering value and value that’s here to stay and that that comes from great local partners it’s those marketing partnerships that have served Renova very, very, very well over the past 12 years

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