Renee Stoll – TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

Renee Stoll – TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

in this edition of Ex-TVNewsers we are
talking to a woman who left her TV news job she started her own business and
likes to fly drones on the side hi I’m Jennifer Moore Ex-TVProducer
we are here with Renee Stoll and Renee used to be a reporter and then she
decided to leave and do her own thing we’re gonna talk to her all about her
business and what it’s like to leave and transition to something else Renee thank
you so much for being here well thanks for having me Jen I like
that we got to talk a little sewing to on the side I know you’re like probably
one of the so I case you guys aren’t aware I like to sew and I have a sewing
channel as well and I rarely meet anyone else who works in TV news that has any
knowledge of sewing or like quilting so when Renee said she had experience I was
very excited because you just as you know you don’t need a lot of people in
this business that do a lot of like DIY or like handmade stuff so I’m sure I’m
sure for you it was definitely a stress reliever as well during their time in
the business I know I used it as sort of a form of therapy well Renee can you
tell us a little bit about your background and like what what kind of
jobs you’ve had newsroom’s I have had just about every job you can imagine in
a newsroom I went to USF yay and then I my first internship I was really
fortunate I worked at one of your previous stations and ABC Action News
the Kevin Bacon of the TV news apparently hey I learned a lot there on
all different sites and then when I got my first job in News it was not as a
reporter I actually went to school thinking I was going to be a director I
wasn’t into being a reporter or anything like that I wanted to sit back and you
know look at all the screens but then I got my first job in news and it changed
me a little bit it wasn’t reporting though I worked in in Fort Myers at the
Fox station there and I started I’ve done everything and from the audio board
I’ve been an editor I have run the deco board I was a production assistant
I moved cameras around on the morning show at 4:00 a.m. I even had as a
production assistant I even had to sand the studio floors and recoat them with
glaze I mean for my whole $11 an hour so you know again
you’re a real DIY are there I did everything I did everything and then
eventually I became a reporter at the station I worked my way up became a
reporter after that I worked at another station also in the same market then I
went to Orlando work that wouldn’t be the toughest stations I’ve ever worked
at channel 9 there I really enjoyed my contacts there though and then yeah I
thought ok I’m gonna try and go to New York I’m just gonna you know try and see
if I can get a job there and luckily I did I worked at WABC the number one
station in the country it was amazing it was brief but it was amazing I really
enjoyed I’m from New York so I enjoyed going back there and and but that’s when
the gears kind of changed so I I was finding that it may be my time and news
it was past I needed to try something different
wonderful and what was it about the TV news business that was appealing to you
and made you want to want to get into it I was actually when I was interning at
ABC Action News I thought I wanted to be a director but then I was interning with
one of the anchors there and I went out to with her on a story and I just
realized how much I really liked talking to people I just I like talking to
people from all different backgrounds I like sharing their stories I like
creating a bond with these people and knowing how to talk to them and figuring
out ok I need this interview you know how do I
get this person to do an interview with me on camera so it was a little bit of
just really learning how to talk to people and that’s my favorite aspect of
it I really enjoy just meeting people from all different areas and especially
when I worked in New York and I traveled all the borough’s and just meeting so
many different types of people that was an even by far that’s the part I miss
the most now oh alright so on the flip side can you share with people some of
the maybe the downsides about working in news
well you know when you work in news you you give up your life to your station
basically you they dictate if you’re on air they dictate how you look you know
what color your hair is gonna be or what length it’s gonna be sometimes what
outfit seal where and they also dictate your schedule and you really have to be
on call almost all the time you work holidays you work all those
days and I just found that that was it was taking a toll on me because a lot of
times you work in stints cities or states that aren’t close to your family
and you’re working on holiday so you don’t get to see your family for those
holidays and so that’s a big bummer that’s one of those things that every
holiday when you’re working it and you see other people enjoy it or you’re
covering the Christi you’re doing your like holidays you’re like last-minute
holiday gift package or something to me that’s that’s the big bummer working in
TV I mean there’s other things where I think also towards the end of my career
it was they were just trying to really encompass so much because social media
is now becoming such a huge part and no one you know you have to do so many
tweets a day you have to like that John Oliver’s sketch about journalism have to
you have to do tweets you have to do one station had to actually make packages on
my phone and those and update the website and do all this while you’re
also covering the story while you’re also trying to talk to witnesses while
you’re also trying to enterprise stories so I think more and more gets put on
your plate and not a lot gets taken off towards the end of my career for me
others and that was it was a stressor it was a big stressor that definitely seems
to be a trend in newsrooms is people have to do more for the same pay and the
workload just never lets up and I think that’s definitely something that people
don’t realize if you don’t work in the business or if you’ve never been in news
and it’s it really thins people out fast you know because not a lot of people can
put up with that for sure and is there something you know I
know sometimes the media gets a bit of a bad rap is there something that you
would like the world to know about the TV news business that might not really
be a parent um you know I for me and I’m speaking strictly from a reporter
position is that I would have a lot of people think that I was just a talking
head that I did not enterprise my own stories or anything like that I lived at
the courthouse I was there I worked a night shift but I was there 8:00 a.m.
talking to the bailiffs talking to you know the attorneys that had big cases
looking stuff up reading tons and tons of our reports and I think that I there
would be people who’d be like oh they just give you the story it’s right yeah
you know at the network level it does work more like that but I like I think
that’s something that I like like I like talking to you guys because the people
especially who work in local news your work you’re bought off every single day
and you guys don’t know like you know I know reporters you should have to keep
several sheets of clothing in the car because you don’t know where you knurl
you could be at a fire so you got a really like it’s it’s such an
all-consuming thing to do right you’d have your you’re waiting boots outside
gear because if you’re reporting in in Florida you don’t know if all the sudden
you’re going to be covering like the rain has caused a flood somewhere or
something so yeah people I guess people would just assume you know what you’re
going out on and you just go do that one story probably had hours of setup on my
end when I’m not working when I’m not getting paid to set it up in order for
that story to come through so I think that’s one of the things it just irks me
a little because I’m like no I did a lot of work for that story and that that is
a really good point and also you could be on multiple stories a day like like
I’ve seen this all the time your story gets switched several times you end up
starting off on one story then that doesn’t
well sir or they switch you to something else you know if I you know I was kind
of glad to be back at the newsroom cuz at least I was like at least I was in
one spot but I really feel for a lot of the reporter that those reporters
especially the one-man bands that’s even that’s even rougher that happened more
times and I can mention I mean every day your story go out on one story and it’s
a story that you worked so hard oh we’re just gonna both saw that and
now we’re gonna make like come on well is there out of all the stories you’ve
worked on is there one in particular that just had a really big impact on you just strange I mean yeah you were in
Florida so for the look I mean my favorite stories were early in my news
career I they were back-to-back I got to rappel off a 30-story building and I
didn’t really know I was gonna be doing that that days goes on so I was
rappelling in my heels and like wow that was so awesome though those firefighters
I would put that day I still see them sometimes cuz I’m back in the same area
and then the next day I flew a world war ii fighter plane we put it up in the air
and he let me fly it for a little bit it’s awesome you never I guess you
you’re right you never know what you’re gonna do do you have any tips for
rappelling in heels though that was that was fun but then there’s stories where I
had a guy who had been arrested for allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend
and I did a jailhouse interview and he looked me right in the face and
confessed to everything and my video wound up being used by the State
Attorney’s Office so you have things like that on the serious side that stick
with you or the time that somebody yanked my mic and almost yanked my arm I
don’t like all those things start to come back to my head when you say that
III hope I’m not giving you some sort of bad flashback series well let’s um let’s
talk about viral stories I’m sure you’ve been a part of some and
you obviously have seen so many go through the new cycles what kind of
attributes do you feel like some of these have in common you know it’s hard
to say I did have one really good viral sore story and I can see why that one
became viral it was it was about maybe six or seven years ago and it was it was
the time when a lot of people are being foreclosed on by the bank it was you
know the economy was horrible and there was a homeowner who Bank of America
messed up and a the homeowner who didn’t owe any money and Bank of America was
trying to foreclose on him so he took them to Corky one and then he never got
paid by Bank of America for his port key so he tried he closed he foreclosed on
Bank of America he switched oh my gosh so they came to the bank with a moving
truck and deputies to start you know hauling stuff out if they need to and in
it was at a time where that really struck such a chord with people I still
see that story passed around once in a while on the web and now and has like 30
million views or something but it’s it’s just usually it’s something that really
strikes a chord right now with people and I love a good viral story I looking
at it a lot of times the viral stories are something that make makes people
feel good because they want to see something that and they want to share
something that makes them feel better so that story definitely did it I mean it’s
hard to say so it’s just so hard to say what will become viral and it’s like if
we knew how to create by like surefire viral stories you know we would all beat
we would be rich right well that’s interesting cuz I’ve been talking to
I’ve been asking everyone that and everyone has a slightly different answer
but the general theme definitely seems to be story you know stories that make
you feel good someone said stories that you can’t see anywhere like show me
something I can’t see anywhere else recently there was that video of dr.
Larry Nasser that Michigan gymnastics doctor with that guy going out so it’s
like stuff like that or I find it’s people
like like that guy they’re like way to go dude you know way to see that doctor
you know so stuff that kind of gets people feeling something I think I agree
I agreed something that like that Nasr thing I’m sure like the same thing so
it’s like if I was in that situation would I do that
mmm-hmm no I don’t know I personally thought they should have let him let him
keep going but you know but it went by rolling in he had a GoFundMe page and
everything no so there’s Dan I’m sure you’ve covered lots of weird Florida
news over the years together I’m just yeah I know or like that yeah like the
weird the animal store floor it always has good animal stores too oh I had one
that went by that was a 91 year old woman from an alligator oh my god and oh
geez but she she lived which was shocking and yeah so there was always an
animal story somewhere in Florida trust me yeah and I remember in st. Pete Wade
that missing remember the missing monkey for a while the busy monkey of st. Pete
and somebody started like a Facebook page for the monkey and was like
pretending to videos I know I just I just love those those are always my
favorite so obviously you are now working on the other side and you’re
helping to tell stories for people watching that may be working in media
relations public relations or marketing and want to develop better relationships
with media outlets what kind of advice would you give to them from your
perspective as a news reporter from I’m sure you can probably you probably feel
the same way how many how many press releases did you get into your inbox
that you’re just like delete delete I think the main thing is you know I think
some people think just keep it to go and give the who what when line but really
the thing is tell a story tell me a story give me give me some kind of local
connection give me a person I can interview first of all you
gotta have that element somebody local that it has a connection that you can
interview it has to be some kind of thing that it changes people you know
either for the better or maybe with something really bad that happened
give me that moment and tell me the background and set it up like a real
story like you’re telling me it’s great and I’m like really that’s interesting
you know and and and yeah just have that person keep it short if you’re trying to
get the attention of media don’t get me you know a paragraph we don’t we don’t
have the time for that we didn’t have the time to read all that that’s the
thing is I don’t want to sound like a jerk but reporters producers everybody’s
really busy my newsroom so I feel like you got to make it easy for them I’m not
saying do their job but you got to make it easy for them to say I have this
person they’re ready to talk we can do this here here’s the story behind it you
could really got to tell a story that about some kind of emotion yeah and it
is a little bit sad because I feel like from my first because I worked on the
assignment desk and as a producer and a lot of I felt like a lot of these people
who are pitching us they felt like they were media savvy but it couldn’t be like
they thought they’re they’re like yeah yeah I’m good at media relations but
they were not they were not good at what they were doing and they were definitely
not using approaches that worked and I think a lot of people think they
understand media but they they really don’t or or I hate it when people would
call you and they’d be like oh I like I’ve seriously had people be like oh I
know I know what how journalism works I have a master’s degree in broadcast
journalism or the people that are I remember one guy said I know how it
works because I have a degree in theater and I was like man and like it’s like
the people like that it’s like no you you have no idea man like until you
actually get in a newsroom is such a different beast you know and it’s just
like any job it really until you actually do it I don’t think you
understand the film no definitely not okay so obviously this is a YouTube
channel and there might be a lot of youtubers watching and some of them are
trying to maybe develop also try to get attention from TV
stations or TV networks if like I say if you were youtuber what are some ways do
you feel like youtubers might be able to get noticed you know I was thinking
about that and that’s a difficult one to answer because there are so many there’s
a lot of youtubers and I’m trying to figure out how those people get
attention from local because most of the time when you have a YouTube page you’re
trying to you know reach out to all over the world you know so I was thinking you
know for a youtuber what’s the latest trend what’s going on right now you’re
doing a YouTube video your YouTube concentrates on is it you know we have
the Emmys coming up do you concentrate on styling you know maybe you could tie
that in and get some kind of attention for that see the u-kiss men my dogs
probably gonna start barking alright alright hey you know I’ve got a I’ve got
a cat wandering around in the background you didn’t ring the doorbell so we’re
good alright okay I appreciate the answer and I think you know it’s kind of
interesting because I guess from my perspective now being part of the
YouTube community and being a former TV news person I feel like my TV news peers
didn’t really have YouTube on the radar like they watched YouTube videos and
when there was a viral story everybody knew about it um but I think I feel like
TV news folks should make an effort to get to know who the big youtubers are
because well they you might not think they’re a household name everybody under
25 knows who these people are and sometimes when I would talk to people
I’d be like hey have you heard of Philip DeFranco or Casey nice dad I would get a
blank stare and I’m like look these people get more views than a network
news show you should know who these people are at least try to know what the
big ones you know know who know what the channel ryan toysreview is know who
pewdiepie is and at least have a basic knowledge but I felt like a lot of these
people just weren’t on the radar in newsrooms and I thought that was
interesting just because these people are you know
like again i i’m i’m sure in newsrooms a few weeks ago people were google
who Logan Paul was I already knew who he was obviously I don’t really I’m
probably not his target demographic but you know those folks when you have 1015
million subscribers that’s not a small audience at all so it’s kind of
interesting to see how traditional media is trying to play with new media I don’t
know it’s just it’s kind of interesting that’s such a good point I didn’t think
of it that way but these people have more viewers than the number one station
some of them so they are big names and some things I feel like in a newsroom
people because a lot of the people aren’t of that generation that they
might just kind of roll their eyes at it or be like if ever but that is becoming
the generation so that is becoming now so I really think it is important for
those people to be on your radar and know what they’re doing because they are
making major headlines yeah and they’re making way more money than we have / –
Wow you know I mean these people there’s so
much money going into that space I mean I do think on the flip side TV is trying
to defend itself you know because the advertising dollars are moving and of
course you know some people feel like TVs getting left behind so I don’t know
and I haven’t really seen TV any I haven’t really seen a lot of TV stations
really leveraging platforms like YouTube very well but I do besides just putting
packages and raw video up and put a link to it but they really should consider
the bigger picture here because I mean let’s face it a lot of people are doing
the so-called unplug I did it because why I don’t have cable currently I
really did and then I got so used to it and I enjoyed not yeah now with all
these with all these entertainment platforms like you’re like okay I’m good
with my Amazon Prime and stuff or I’m good with Hulu or now you can even get
like HBO a la carte so like a lot of people
unless wait all right when is Westfield coming back because we’re actually
trying to time getting HBO when some shows are waiting we’re waiting until
these things are already out but I mean when you talk to someone under 30 a lot
of them don’t watch TV at all or they’re getting their news so you know I don’t
know what the answer is for the merge there but yeah they got we they got to
figure out something well okay so there are still some people that are looking
into getting into TV news in fact I’ve had people reach out on LinkedIn asking
how to be a reporter how to get into the business what advice would you have in
2018 for trying to break into TV news I you know I would say and again this is
just from the reporter standpoint well first of all I really enjoyed all the
other jobs I did too I loved having such a rounded idea of the newsroom I love
that so I would definitely consider that start in a small market do as much
things as you can with people in in you know different areas and learn more
because to me that was invaluable I would also say that don’t if you want to
be a reporter don’t do it this is my biggest step you guys say
about reporting or people trying to get into it don’t do it because you want to
be on TV you know that should be a byproduct of the fact that you really
enjoy being a journalist because hey you may not always work on TV in TV and or
you might be doing web stories or you might wind up you know doing online for
a paper or something that should not be your main goal is being on TV in fact
for me I really I didn’t I didn’t care for it as much because I hated doing
hair and makeup like the first time I did hair and makeup and a long time for
you so you know what yeah I’ve I’ve noticed like I will try to film lots of
stuff on a day I actually write look I’m like all right what can I bang out today
so I don’t I’ll make up tomorrow right once you get
out the news you don’t have to do what’s so nice so I you know that should really
be not your main goal you should if you’re doing it strive to do your best
presentation on camera but really if you’re a really good journalist I think
that is gonna come forward much more that you’re into the story you
enjoy the story you’re knowledgeable into the story I that to me is kind of a
little bit you know you get an intern once in a while into the newsroom they’d
be like well yeah I’m like yeah and we’ve all worked with people that wanted
to do the fun stuff but didn’t really want to do the grunt work
I think we’re seen talking to you you’ve had the kind of experience that’s a
little more humbling and you can tell by talking to you that you know that that’s
not you’re not all about that and I think that’s a good experience to have
for anyone on air have off-air jobs too because um you know that will affect how
you treat other people in the newsroom and how you know like you’ll have
respect for those other P and realize that you’re not doing it alone you know
but I’ve worked with people like they wanted to do their story and do live
shots but they didn’t want to do the web story you know they don’t want to do any
you know again and you know that somebody’s got to do it and I don’t know
if just some there are like there’s definitely difference between people
that want a story tell and do journalism and people that want to be on TV and be
famous right and you know there’s so many relationships that I made with
people that were from those different departments that are still resources to
me now especially now on a whole different scale just when I get stuck
with an audio issue or any kind of issue when I’m creating videos now those
people are people I turn to that help me now so I it just makes you such a more
rounded journalist in general and just having so much more knowledge of how
other people do their jobs you have patients when there isn’t a lot to go
around in the newsroom some guys so although my patients couldn’t get real
thin um but yeah I just think that should not be your main goal well that’s
that’s a really good advice although if you were if you were starting out now
what do you think you would have do different with with everything with
technology and social media do you like cuz I think about that all
the time I’m like if I was twenty-two now what would I do and I probably would
pick a different path but not because I didn’t like not because I didn’t value
the experience but more just because things have changed so much too you know
I really think people who are trying to start out now just because there’s so
much technology I you know learn that technology to the best ability is that
you can take classes in how to use you know this is actually something
interesting that when waystations did they had somebody come in and showed us
all these different techniques how you could use Twitter to help you find
somebody in that location where that crime scene had seen happen to might be
a good witness to talk to there’s different ways that you can use Twitter
and Facebook to search for people that would help you with your story other
than just posting about your story so I would if I was starting out now in 2018
I would say learn how to use those resources better because it will make
your job easier yeah no definitely um okay so let’s talk about why you decided
to leave the business I know you did it a few years ago and you posted a you
posted something about it on LinkedIn recently that seemed to get a lot of a
lot of engagement so people really seemed to resonate with that you know
when I was in news I think every time for a long time when I was in news I had
a side hustle going on I always had something else I was a realtor at one
point I do a lot of currency trading I always had some other thing that I was
into also and I think that helped a little bit to make the transition but
when I when I decided to leave news it wasn’t actually I worked in a station
where my news director honestly didn’t want me there anymore and I didn’t want
to be there anymore and I think that showed so wasn’t like I wish I could
have been able to just make the big jump and do it and just get it over with but
I really wasn’t a lot of people are not prepared to do that in news just get out
and leave they want to have another job as a backup I did I tried to start
making my transition but for a while I took off and I think just having all
that time off I mean I thought I was going to go to another news job but I
just really enjoyed the freedom once I got the news it’s addictive to really
have that freedom of holidays it was actually around Thanksgiving and
Christmas that I took my break and I was like I want to go back this is kind of
nice you know and so getting out of news I just yeah I’d like telling stories but
I just didn’t like what I was doing in news anymore it was like wherever the
surveillance video is I worked in the number one station and there was
surveillance video of guys dog that was stolen I’m like this my story really you
know I mean I mean anyone with surveillance video may makes it
apparently makes it sexier and WABC did really like they do really like their
surveillance video stories yeah and that was that in you know I love that station
and everything but that was just that was a turning point I think mentally for
me and so when I got out and all this happens and I took my break I thought I
was gonna go get another Japanese I’m like I gotta find something else and I
was doing freelance actually and that’s a great way for people who are looking
to get out of news is I was doing freelance writing for people and
creating videos because I’ve always kind of done videos on the side I have a lot
of gear and I one of my clients said you know you should really think about
starting your own business and just get out of news you know and I thought I
don’t know if I can do that so I just did it I just jumped and I just did it
and I have not regretted it one second it took me it’s I just had my two-year
what you were referring to and LinkedIn I just posted that I had my two-year my
second year in business for myself with my company and it’s taken me so many
different places I’ve seen so many different things creating videos for
people but it’s actually taken this two years to even build up a decent
clientele too so it doesn’t happen overnight but I was so determined for
myself not to go back to the newsroom because I felt like it was stifling to
me and I really enjoy I think I was always kind of an entrepreneur on at
heart and I really enjoyed doing this and getting out of the business and even
though you are technically I feel like working harder than you did in news
because you’re working for yourself it doesn’t feel that hard yeah it feels so
much different and the fact that you’re not answering to someone and we’ve all
had management where you you know you don’t really like the direction you’re
being told to go in or you feel like you know you couldn’t work on the types of
projects you would you know so it is very it’s very difficult to be in that
situation and like you were saying have no life you know and be working 24/7
that’s once you get that taste of freedom and trust me I never thought for
a long time I never thought I would leave news because I thought oh the
people that leave news they just can’t hack it anymore you know and that’s what
I told myself and once I got out I was like okay you know this is great and I
have a lot of friends that are still in the business and I don’t I don’t you
know I I’m so glad that they are so successful in doing so well at it but
for me I just can’t I can’t I can’t do that grind I’d rather do my own cry yeah
we’re working we’re we’re if you make extra money or you do something extra
that goes to you and it doesn’t you know like no matter how hard you worked at
WABC they didn’t pay you anymore for but if you work harder at your own business
you get to keep all of that it’s so it’s just so much more rewarding and being
somebody like I didn’t I didn’t know anything about business I had done some
accounting for a company I didn’t into news until I was in my 30s Wow I
had done other work you look like you’re in your 30s with that so anyway it was
just you know it’s just if people are looking to get out of it get your side
hustle going on get something on the side going on and then eventually you
just have to make the leap and you at least for me I don’t know well hope this
is encouraging for people watching and I’ve even talked to several people
recently like ever since I quit my job and kind of made it public I’ve heard of
at least three or four people I know personally deciding to leave as well you
know I do think there’s something and again as we know TV news for most people
does is not super lucrative so it’s not like one of those things where you’re
walking away from tons and tons of money you’re really not and I think that’s
another misnomer about TV news is that people on TV make a ton of money there’s
very few people that make a lot of money and news
so like leaving for a lot of people in fine you know an equivalent pay you know
paid job or finding something that’s just as lucrative in TV news it’s not
really hard especially if someone’s working at a smaller market you know I’m
a guy I know he left a few months ago he got a job he was like this kid was like
phenomenal he was like probably 23 or 24 he was already working full time but
going to school for public relations though he ended up getting a ended up
getting a job in PR for an airline and I was like you need to do that there’s so
many more there’s just so much more room for upward mobility there you know and
once you get into it then you can get other PR jobs too and it’s just sad it’s
sad that TV news is not it’s just at a point where it does not pay very well I
you know where you feel like okay I have a backup and I’m good that’s why yeah
it’ll state school while I was working because I wanted to have
something if I wanted to get out I could go too yeah yeah and for me I had
started luckily at CNN they allowed me to have a youtube channel I know for
someone like you you weren’t allowed to do that on the side which kind of kind
of could stink because you’re on-air brand is something that you could use to
build but a lot of these people are in a position where they can’t do that but
luckily I was where I could have the YouTube channel for a couple years and
start growing it I do think I do wish TV stations would kind of loosen up with
that just because it’s you know it’s it’s kind of unfortunate for people
because again like someone like you or someone you know someone who’s on air
would be a great fit for being on air doing something on YouTube or doing you
know building some sort of personal brand where they’re on camera but you
know a lot of these people like people are like you know why don’t why doesn’t
so and so from channel 8 have a youtube channel this is why you know a lot of
these people aren’t really loud or I was talking to somebody and people are
afraid about coming off wrong or doing anything that would jeopardize their job
so there is a bit of fear among people on air that they will do something or
you know even one thing that just comes off you know negatively and that could
be it for them you’re so great about that there would be things where I would
get a nasty email because I didn’t have nail polish on my favorites or something
so it’s so judgmental sometimes and and it can be scary to try and do that and
put yourself even more out yeah yeah cuz then and again we’ve seen people are
making you know st. Athena’s not pregnant weather ladies or you know what
do you have any authority that stick out in your mind as far as like really weird
emails or letters and I got an email just tell me how bad I was that I didn’t
deserve to do anything TV and that I was a loser it was just it’s it’s still this
is like ten years ago and it still sticks with you no that’s horrible I
feel like the people who and I’ve dealt with all two crazy people writing and
calling I bad for you guys because you had to deal
with it in person out in the community having people come up to you and say
weird stuff but I don’t think people realize how hurtful it is you know and
how much it affects the people you’re saying this to you know you’re a real
person they won’t say it to your face though they’ll say to you email Facebook
or your Facebook page or whatever you know and it’s like you know I don’t know
it’s I feel like that I don’t know I just think it’s people are wasting their
time and also I don’t I think they don’t understand how just how much it hurts
people and I wish people would realize you know what this is not the answer you
know like I’ve gotten a lot of negative comments on YouTube myself mostly about
my eyebrows and I just I just deleted them at this point I’m like you know I
don’t this person obviously is nothing going on your opinion means nothing try
and you know it’s hard like in a couple of my videos I had like you know my
eyebrows are very hard to pencil like try to fill in and every time it’s
different but I’ve gotten a few I’ve gotten I get at least three comments a
day about the eyebrows I thought about making like a troll video about it but I
don’t really want to acknowledge you know what I mean like like a video like
my eyebrows suck or something I don’t know
we’ll have to see but I I almost I really don’t want to like give these
people dependents the doubt I just delete their comments and just get them
up because what happens is you click on there and I’m sure the same thing with
you the people who are writing you I’m sure they probably have a lot that you
could criticize about them but you keep me obviously that’s not something you
can do yeah it’s like just get a real life stop emailing these people I talked
to another gentleman he said he got an email or something or a letter about his
pit stains like it’s like it happens people you know what like they know
you’re in Florida it’s like 95 degrees exactly well this has been a great
conversation so I want to ask like how can you kind of tell people about your
businesses that you’re going on well it’s I feel like my business has
evolved since I started it but basically I make I create videos marketing videos
for people’s products places events and people at their company I’ve partnered
with a lot of great people who I now help them create videos for their
clients and I have clients of my own I since I do have my real estate license
and I do practice in real estate I have created this niche I guess and I’m
learning now that it’s good to have a net oh yeah it’s I do a lot of creating
videos because I am an FAA certified drone pilot as well so which is doing it
but I really do think if you are gonna do it even if even if it’s just for fun
you really need to know yourself because you can get yourself in so much trouble
and yeah we’ve seen the people who inadvertently get themselves into
trouble it’s like I really think I’m because you don’t have to know aviation
you have to know how to read aviation maps and all this kind of stuff it’s
really hard actually but for me it was but I think that’s important but now I
have this niche where I do a lot of work that I do I’d say probably about half my
work I do is media and marketing different not just videos but also
website content and social media content since I’ve learned enough of that from
news but doing a lot of that for people who practice in commercial real estate
they have large parcels of land and they’re looking to have them develop
they were sold and so I create a lot of videos that sell basically a story about
that land where that says what are the attractions what makes that land by you
but what’s it near that kind of stuff and I use a lot of drone footage for
that as well I mean I work with lawyers I just before this I did a webinar a
hosted a webinar I do a lot of just anything that has to do with video I’m
on it you know Renee I’d love to see you on YouTube come on come on girl I need
know what drone drone footage on YouTube is super popular – really I have on my
youtube channel I mostly have just the videos that creative
marketing means I will have a link to it I’ll find it I I’m sure I can find you I
think they’re imaginative and for drone video must be pretty good because it
seems like everybody wants their own footage of stuff now yeah and the thing
about video is in real estate the time that there was a lot of development was
about was before the bust and that was a time when drones really I mean they
weren’t for commercial use for you and I to use so the drones didn’t exist and
when we had a large boom in real estate well now real estate is getting back to
normal so now oh look we have drones and we can do all the stuff so people
definitely want it so I love doing that aspect of it and I think the video and
the pictures that you get from there it’s just awesome you can can’t get that
on a ladder with a camera I love watching I personally love watching Joe
did it take you a long time to get the license and everything it took a couple
months because I did a course on it and you don’t have to do the course to get
the to take the test but I wanted to make sure I passed and it takes you a
little while and then you you’ve got to practice a lot because I have crashed
drones I’m on drone number five Oh No yeah I mean it happens it just happens
and it doesn’t really happen much anymore but in the beginning it really
happened because I was still getting used to doing it so let’s say I see my
husband was interested in doing that and we were thinking of like getting him
like a like a toy drone just to like you know practice on before you got what
kind of drone recommendations would you have I’ll be honest with you I know that
a lot of people they use DJ DJI maverick those are you know over a thousand
dollars for roams and just in my experience if I crash it that was
another Joe and I’m gonna be a little ticked or cuz even birds that actually
want to dive-bomb these drones sometimes you know
it just makes me a little too nervous to have something so I actually I’m very
old-school I used the Phantom 3 standard drone it’s about you know four or five
hundred dollar drone and I you know get different parts and add to it and
everything so I to me it does the job it really does and if I if it crashes I
don’t feel like you know because at least you’re making money from the
videos to say all right over time recouping your cost yeah you
just especially in the beginning because I was you know getting more and more
equipment all of that’s expensive and I was just trying to keep my cost down and
I just stuck with that drunks I know that drone really well you know how to
use it really well so yeah that’s so interesting because it’s like we’ve
dreamed about getting we’re like we want to get a drone we haven’t bought one yet
but we both think my husband I both think it would be a lot of fun although
I would be a terrible drone pilot so we have to be the one I can barely drive so
I have to be the one doing he’d have to be the one doing that I don’t think I
would be the one getting in trouble like I would be the person that would
accidentally fly the drone into a stadium or something like those people
yeah that would be me and I I’m totally self aware of that me like it would be
cool at the toy one like just a little one that I couldn’t do much damage with
I I do think it would be a lot of fun no you could be the spotter nice to have a
spotter when you’re drowning so okay so maybe I can do that I can be the what I
don’t know I’ll to figure something I can certainly edit the drone footage for
sure and I just think drone video is bringing vlogging to this like every
vlogger on YouTube now uses drones for like daily vlogging which is really cool
I just hear you know what though a lot of these people are especially when you
get bigger they’re paying people do the editing in fact there’s this service
people are starting to use called vid chops and you can pay someone like 800
dollars a month to on to edit unlimited videos like it’s interesting so
apparently you like drop I guess during the beta it was $500
at this point I’m lucky I can’t justify paying someone like I could put out more
videos but at the same time I’m like the reason I’m doing this is so I could do
the editing myself but during the beta they were offering a monthly
subscription for five hundred dollars you can only submit one video at a time
but as many as you could basically when they were done with your project you
could submit another one but you Dropbox some of the footage tell
them what you want and they send you back a finished product I’ve heard
people using it and they liked it now after the beta ended it they upped the
price to $800 but it’s good that’s actually pretty cheap for month I do
think there’s a lot of opportunity for people like us in that space because
there are a lot of youtubers that are making enough money where they get
outsourced things like editing or graphic design or some of the producing
you know there’s a lot with that and I do think there’s you know for people
like us there’s some upper definitely some ways to you know transition out and
do something else but uh it’s funny like you see these people like Casey Neistat
and they’re making these like film quality but yeah if you haven’t checked
them out Casey Neistat is one of the better vloggers there’s
also a guy named Devin Supertramp he has made some of the coolest videos I’ve
ever seen in my life using drone like he has he did like a Superbowl ad with Papa
John’s and Pepsi I’ll send you the link after this and I’ll link it below I
don’t even like football at all but this was like the coolest so they had the
premise of the video was they they were in a plane they actually had to so he
has like a behind-the-scenes video where he talks about setting this thing up
they had two planes one to shoot the other plane and they made it look like
all these retired NFL players were skydiving out of the plane and throwing
a football to each other and then they land in a stadium it was like the
coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and this guy shoots on like
an $80,000 camera set up for something crazy but there are some people that are
doing some amazing things and it’s it is funny how everyone is now using drones
for like rant you know like time-lapse shots or
the video testing I stood on dude oh you probably saw this viral video it was a
few years ago snowboarding with the NYPD so but like I watched his behind the
scenes video and they had to time the drone with like them snowboarding behind
the car like it was just great like others I have so much appreciation for
people who are making those kind of videos it’s so cool and you I just you
and I from that standpoint you you know how much it takes to just make a video
sometimes and and just making the video that elaborate I mean I just have such a
more appreciation after now editing and shooting and do all that stuff and
seeing that that makes me think wow and then that is a good thing about I think
having these platforms is you can do whatever you want you know if you wanted
to make a rate like that’s something you could never do it at a news station they
wouldn’t they wouldn’t let you do that but there’s so many things you can do on
your own that’s just so exciting I don’t know it’s just very cool well what’s
your favorite social media platform right now I you know it’s funny I have
an Instagram page just for myself and news and everything you have your work
Twitter your work Facebook your aren’t you all that but I had just my own
Instagram account that’s that’s the only one that I have for myself I haven’t
even created one for my business now which I probably should but that is what
I can get lost on and just thrown out and be like you know you know drooling
person just all these Photoshop people in photos and you’re like everything
looks so perfect I go let me just get that wrinkle off my face you know and
post it you know but it’s I just you know Instagram is just it’s it’s just
such a visual medium you know it’s all pictures and videos and I just couldn’t
get lost sometimes because you’ll see something that comes up in your feed
that says what’s new and happening and they’re not necessarily people who are
your friends so you just find it from people that way or I I try and I try and
be a vegetarian I try as much as I can so I started clicking on one person’s
Instagram and then it took me to another person’s and I learned more cooking
stuff on that person’s and it took me you know it’s like that that
never-ending chain that you can get stuck in so I like it and I hate it for
that one it is definitely a bit of a time suck but it’s a fun especially the
food photography accounts like wow this is and the things people are doing are
incredible like you just realize how talented people are right folks out
there that are like their photography is amazeballs
they’re making like I saw found this lady’s account even yesterday it was
like sweet oppa Lita or something she makes like crazy cakes but they’re like
awesome and she makes she makes them sells her own sprinkle comment like she
makes like her own sprinkle mixes and sells them online like she had one
called like the rock clam cake it was purple in black it had black frosting
and it had like like just super cools like silver sprinkles rainbow sprinkles
you know there’s just so many accounts that are fun and they’re just there’s
just so many interesting people and I think that’s something that social media
definitely like opens you up to that you didn’t know it was out there I guess my
favorite but he he’s a fisherman on a boat and I guess they are in this area
they just have these oddest oddest fish and animals that they bring up to the
surface and I’m always showing somebody I’m like look at this Levi eyes and you
know so that’s it just you see things that make you feel more connected with
the rest of the world even though you haven’t left your house so I’m like
alright I’m in my PJs but I’m this is getting exciting here well what are you
can you share your social media handles your website with everybody and I’ll
link it I’ll link everything my my website is use big red my company name
is called big red meat it’s named after actually my brother named after me I’m
like I’m not flexing I figured it was after your hair color but I wasn’t shoe
man actually I feel like people ask that and I’m like
I would never be myself you know I just feel like that’s so like get over
yourself so it’s actually named after my brother passed away in 2008 blaming red
hair so we’re a bunch of redheads such a nice tribute very yeah it’s uh it’s a
long story behind it but I named it after him I always knew I was going to
do something and named it after him I’m glad I got to tell you that cuz I don’t
want people think I named it after year after year because I didn’t know she had
reddish hair in your photo so I was like okay that makes sense but so my my
business name is called big red media and my website is use big red comm USC i
GRE deep calm and actually if you go to that it links to all my social media all
right let’s do my LinkedIn my Twitter which is Renee stole TV to tell you to I
can’t remember if my Facebook is for a nice total TV to but it should be but
it’s all on there and then I’m on Instagram and you know I’m a private
Instagram but I’m pretty open to if you want to find me on there I’m nipple day
and I ctle underscore an A and a y so alright and uh I know her and we touched
on this a little bit earlier but um what do you think do you have any ideas of
what the TV news business could do to stay relevant in to survive you know
Jennifer I know we would all I asked somebody that he’s like no I would do my
own news thing if I knew that I was like what you can sell he’s like no I would
create my own thing you know I have a friend who is doing something that I
think is gonna be more popular she works at basically a virtual news station and
she she anchors the news and the new I’m not I’m not a hundred percent sure how
it works I just saw that she was working there in some details from her social
media but it seems like basically they anchor any you know some some towns are
small and they don’t have a local news station or sometimes you know you
downsize so much because the cost is so great that you don’t have enough people
to work so maybe you just want to have that
anchor base there and then have the reporters go out and do their job and
that saves them from having the higher an anchor so so that’s the premise of it
but it basically you can be she’s the anchor for so many different cities and
she does the news and it gets sent out and I’m sure it probably looks like it’s
there in that city so I think that might become more prevalent the virtual
newsroom and like we were talking about before these stations need to get on
YouTube they really do they need to do more with YouTube they need to have
their know more than just their package being on YouTube they really mean you
tap into that market and figure that out yeah and I think I’m TV stations need to
create relationships with people and I feel like many of them are not doing a
very good job of that like they post stuff on Facebook there
are some journalists I’ve seen doing a great job on Facebook with interacting
with people I think we there’s other ways to do it too and just to create
specific content for the platforms rather than just burp out whatever they
did in the newscast and just post that and the other thing people don’t realize
is that longer videos do well on YouTube so these minute 30 packages you know
YouTube doesn’t really YouTube kind of likes videos between like five and ten
minutes I’ve been writing and again as you and I as you and I know that
wouldn’t you could never do a five-minute story retention where what
the sweet spot is and for YouTube you can really be more expressive there and
just think of all the stories you did news where you would love to really told
the story but you only had a minute and 15 seconds
and you had to cut out so much and then to me as a journalist at that time that
would just be heartbreaking tweaks I’m like oh I just want to give all the
details and that’s why I like this sort of format of what we’re doing now is
because when you I’m sure when you left your last station they didn’t give you
an hour to talk about whatever you want you know just the business like there
aren’t very many platforms to allow journalists to really you know express
themselves in longer format way you know so I kind of
like I kind of like what this is doing because again we can have conversations
I’ve had I’ve interviewed people that I worked with and this was the longest
conversation we’ve ever had at work you don’t really have time to chit you
really don’t have time to chitchat with people like you know there’s really no
time like occasionally you can have some conversations but they’re not not
usually that long so some people I worked with for a year or two like I
barely I still barely knew them yeah I think my longest conversation you know
that’s about it it’s you know and that’s the thing I think newsrooms are so you
know hurry up hurry up somehow there has to be some slowdown in the sense they
have to take you know read the temperature of what’s going on in you
know the platform world and figure out how to tap into that because who knows
if news is gonna I mean it’s not gonna be the same and it’s definitely not
gonna be the same so you know it’s it’s easy to say that now from this side I’m
sure if I was working in the newsroom and somebody told me that be like please
get over yourself you know I’m busy you know so I I just I don’t know what the
answer is for where this is going and how they can really change what they’re
doing yeah I I think at least if they stream the newscasts on YouTube or on
online somewhere I think like I noticed one station in Fresno started streaming
all of their newscasts on Facebook again I think it’s smart I think eventually
Facebook will start to monetize more so like that’s the thing like there is
money by doing that you know from the ads there’s ads on YouTube you know
snapchat hasn’t really monetized at this point so it but that’s the thing most of
them will eventually I do think it would be interesting if Facebook starts
letting people make more money from ads there will definitely be more video
content there I think the cost sometimes of just when you’re in a newsroom you
you don’t want to adapt to something you until you absolutely have to do
because there’s just so much to do and to keep on you know and that’s just from
my standpoint I wasn’t a manager so think about from the manager standpoint
it’s not just us they’re tough thinking about the
reporters are thinking about their budgets and you know all that kind of
stuff so who knows I’ll be tuned in I know right well I really appreciate you
taking the time out I want to give you the opportunity Renee to ask the people
watching right now any question you would like does not have to be related
news can be literally anything I know I would love to know on my website I I
like to give tips to people who try and do it themselves because I’ve been a big
dy DIY person myself and you know not everybody can afford to hire me for a
video what have you so I like to give tips to say hey if you’re trying to do
it yourself this is how you can shoot a whole video
on your iPhone you know that kind of thing
give me topics I would love to write more about different topics different
things that I can help people out just how to do it themselves and figure it
out so oh that’s a good one so like if you are trying to create videos on your
own your own market yeah what kind of what kind of how-to videos would you
like to see if you’re watching feel free to comment below and I’ll make sure
Renee gets them and if you really appreciate you guys watching hope you
enjoyed these types of videos i’m jennifer moore x TV producer and if you
are also an ex TV news ER and want to be featured on the show let me know in the
comments or you can hit me up on twitter but Renee again thank you so much this
has been such a great conversation and now you really make me want to go out
and get a drone I know that too that too so yeah we did chat about that I you
know I maybe you could post some stuff and stuff on your Instagram oh and I’ll
send you I once you start looking for sowing
accounts on Instagram you know six hours will go by gonna be like you’re like wow
what happened here well again thank you so much and I will see you guys next
time thanks Jen you

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