Remnant Fellowship Beliefs | Gwen Shamblin

Remnant Fellowship Beliefs | Gwen Shamblin

I praise God that you have either found the
web site or that you are visiting the worship services looking for the Truth. What is truth and who has it? How do we know that God exists? What is the nature of God? How can one reconcile the findings of philosophy
and science with religion? What is the nature of revelation? How do we know that God reveals his will to
mankind at all? Which of the thousand religion traditions
are true, and which commands should be followed? What must one actually believe or do to be
considered a true adherent of God’s true religion? I have asked all of these questions and wondered
if there was a church, a true church, on this earth or not; or was it just going to exist
in heaven? I have good news … I have found God’s
church. I have found God’s people, and it is worth
you seeking. It’s worth it. This movement that was founded at the turn
of the century is not a new religion; but it is a continuation of the directives that
were written down by all the true Prophets of God. God introduced this message in the beginning,
as written in the Law and the Prophets and made even more clear by Jesus Christ and the
Apostles. The message that answers all questions for
all seekers and philosophers and all theology and all science is clear, and it is profound
– love God first and alone and foremost, the Creator more than the created. Then love your neighbors as yourself. The Remnant is best defined as a body of worshipers
of the God of the Universe that has found the greatest joy in total submission to this
God’s brilliant Will, to His Holy Spirit and to His Son Jesus Christ. The Remnant is a group of people that come
together to unite on the fact that God’s sanctuary should have those that are pure,
born again, holy and set apart for God alone. The house that bears his name is the only
place that God asked for a small divergent group of people to leave other loves behind
and love, with a passion, only Him – to follow Him only. It is God’s will that His church remains
under His rule for good favor and protection and blessings. So this small Remnant broke away to lay down
rebellion and to get away from the powerful delusion that we cannot lay down sin. The truth is that we all laid down sin as
a choice. And taking this truth and therefore responsibility
and personal accountability has changed our lives and given us a new life with a fulfilling
purpose. So, the Remnant does not teach blind faithIt
doesn’t teach a blind faith that you accept from your parents and never question. No! We teach an experiential faith. You need to base your decision on the favor
and the involvement of God with a holy body of people that is looking for GOD. You need to base it on that. We humbly declare to you today that the Remnant
fellowship of believers shows people the POWER OF GOD. The people in the Remnant all left the established
religious system and joined the Remnant for one reason: their entire lives (health, finances,
relationships and their spiritual relationship with God) were amazingly transformed for the
better! What you have just heard is real and a testimony. We’re better off. These people that you have just heard and
their hands clapping and a standing ovation, these people had tried every religion and
every self-proclaimed medical expert, from Mayo Clinic to the top people in the world. They have spent thousands trying to improve
their lives in every category. They have gone to extremes such as suction-assisted
lipectomies to end the unwanted overweight that was damaging their bodies. They have gone from that to Eastern religions
and tried acupuncture and everything to change their ways. They were not moved by just one theological
debate. No! It was witnessing something so powerful that
they could not deny the hand of God – the existence of the God of the Universe. We know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. We don’t have that question anymore. We know that God exists and that he reveals
his will to us. We’ve found it. Each life has been born again into a happy
and joyful and fulfilled and blessed life. How? From finding the truth about what God wants
for their lives and then putting it into practice. From this unquestionable transformation through
this message that gave them the one, two, three of how to obey God. It’s a truth or a doctrine that they could
not get from any other religious sect or medical help or from the government. At that point their eyes were opened to see
that this message was indeed a resurgence, a rebirth, a restart of the ancient message
that came from the ancient prophets and Jesus Christ. This is the true Church. Your decision or choice of religion of who
you’re going to bow down your knees to and worship is the most important decision in
your life and in your families’ life. You should not settle for anything less than
a true church and leadership and a body of people that offer proof that God is with them
and that the God is the One and True God. It should not only be based on someone else’s
testimony of how God changed them. You should yourself experience the power like
each and every one in here has. God has poured out His Spirit on adults and
children in this congregation, and this Spirit is leading this people to The Truth. No man can produce such astounding changes. I have nothing to do with this. This is God’s hand. Thousands upon thousands of pounds of weight
loss in this congregation; marriages that were on the brink of divorce and now they
are restored; people who were in bad health; they are healed completely. Children that were lost and out of control
are now back under the authority of their loving parents, and so on and so forth. You will know The Truth by the fruit of the
change in your life for the better. When you are broken and tired of being your
own god and boss of your own life that you have not done a good job of, it’s time to
come home to true religion that is simple but powerful. Welcome, seekers, to the Remnant Fellowship
Church. 1

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