Relationship & Dating : How to Flirt With a Co-Worker

Relationship & Dating : How to Flirt With a Co-Worker

Hi, I’m Art Malov from New York Dating Coach
in New York City, and I’m the author of Park Bench Dating. In this clip, we’re going to
talk about how to flirt with the co-worker. And it’s actually not that hard. You will
think, you know, “Co-worker, who does that?” But reality is, thirty percent of people meet
their significant other or date somebody at work. And so, sometimes we spend so much time
at work that we have no time to go out. And actually, so dating at work is acceptable
now days, and I suggest to do something about it. For example, you can flirt simple as that,
“Oh, how’s…did you get that memo? ( I did ) Oh, my God, yeah. It was my favorite memo
ever. It was so exciting, seriously, it was a…it touched me to the bottom of my soul.
It was so good, about the globalization of China. Oh, it’s just so good.” So you see
how simple that is. You know, we talking about boring stuff, you know, nobody likes memos.
But it can make it fun, you can, you know, joke around. And it just kinda, it’s, you
know, make…make her laugh, and you have a good time. And that’s how you flirt with
a co-worker. This is Art Malov, and it has been how to flirt with a co-worker.

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  1. Jessica seems disinterested in all of these videos with this guy and like she doesn't want to be there.

  2. Yeah, if you through that line at me, I might chuckle just because I don't want to hurt your feelings. Inside, I think you are a desperate idiot and I feel bad for you.

  3. Hi Art – I wanted to thank you for this great video! I tried some of your techniques on my co-workers and I think it worked great! The only thing is that now my HR department wants to have a meeting with me about "appropriate work place conduct." Can you please upload a video about how to flirt my way out of getting fired?

  4. 1:05 – "But it can make it fun.. it can.. you know.. joke around and just kinda it.. you know make… ahh make her laugh and.. ha you have a good time and that's how you flirt in.. with a coworker"

    It's that easy 😉 the more you know 😀

  5. Holla! Nice video you have there! Hope you wont mind me sharing.. have you done business with " Vidadsmedia Dating Tips That Work " (search on google)? My brother had some dealings with them and was impressed by their extraordinary knowledge on dating tips!

  6. I followed the instructions incorrectly and ended up faxing my boss 6 pictures of my anus. Do you know any good lawyers, Art?

  7. "that memo touched me to the bottom of my heart"

    * 30 seconds later *
    "obviously memos are boring and nobody actually gives a fuck about them, but women are easy to mislead"

  8. This works! I followed the experts directions to the letter and ended up fuckin the bifd right there in the office! Fuckin magic! Jedi mind shit.

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