Real life sultanas – Hanzade, daughter of Kösem

Real life sultanas – Hanzade, daughter of Kösem

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  1. Kösem & Ahmed's Daughter is

    This is Not Hanzade Sultan , This is Ester Hatun

    Burnaz Atike

  2. I really like your videos and your videos are very informative. can you make a video on bidar kadin. she was the consort of sultan abdulhamid 2.

  3. Kosem was identified like total mother 15 children´s ahmed I- Mehmed 8.3.1605 (he was definiteli son kosem), ayse 1605/1606/1608 (she´s definiteli daughter kosem), Kosem 1605-1612(controversial), Fatma (1605/1606 she´s definiteli daughter kosem), Handan (1607? controversial), Gevherhan (1605/1608? maybe daughter kosem, maybe daugher mahfiruze maybe daughter another woman.she has not yet been proven to be daughter kosem, although some sources claim she was or maybe she could been daughter kosem), Handzade (1607/1609? she is definiteli daughter kosem sultan not mahfiruze how some people said, historian leslie perce said that kosem had at least 3 or maybe 4 daughter – Ayse, fatma, handzade and maybe gevherhan), Orhan(?) and selim(1611 – In her 2015 book about Kösem Sultan, Kumrular states that Şehzade Selim and Şehzade Orhan should be added to the list of the haseki sultan’s children. Both of them are mentioned in a letter sent to Venice on the occasion of Murad IV’s ascension to the throne as being currently alive and younger than the new sultan. Historian Erhan Afyoncu suggested that Selim and Orhan may have been Kasım and Ibrahim’s second names but Kumrular does not believe that. The absence of the names of Kösem’s known sons in that letter hasn’t been explained yet, however. on list haseki sultan we can speculated that orhan and selim could be sons fatma hatun another wife ahmed I because she was haseki sultan too. but mother selim and orhan they have not yet been identified), Murad IV (1612 definiteli son kosem), Kasim(1613/1615? we don´t know his birth date every historian said that he was definiteli son kosem sultan in some source she acts as her favorite son another heir to the throne, from 1635 crown prince), Burnaz atike sultan (source yilmaz oztuma said that she was born like twin sehzade KAsim b. 1614, in another source said that she was born 1615 like twin Ibrahim I we don´t know her date of birth it is only speculated some source about atike said that she was born another wife ahmed I, because she didn´t served ibrahim wife humasah sultan. she could be another daughter kosem or another wife ahmed I,has not yet been proven that atike is like gevherhan truly daughter a kosem ) . Sulejman (1615!/1616? we don´t know date his birth, we only know that he was younger than sehzade kasim it is posible that he was older than sultan Ibrahim(1615/1617) according caroline finkle was sulejman son mahfiruze hatun/sultan and own brother sultan Osman II, the mostly historians said that has not yet been proven that sehzade sulejman was trully son kosem sultan), cemre sultan (1616- in some source is another daughter kosem she died young)Ibrahim I(1615/1617 in some source twin atike some source like youngust child kosem. ) we know that she was mother definiteli Mehmed, ayse, fatma, handzade, murad, kasim, Ibrahim, maybe mother gevherhan, orhan, selim, sulejman, atike. the mostly was kosem known like mother fourth sons and three daughter´s but there is no true.There is no general consensus on the number and names of Kösem’s children. The number goes from the six suggested by Sakaoğlu to the eleven claimed by Kumrular; . history said that kosem was mother at least 11 or maybe 12 children, we know that 7 children were definiteli her but she could have had trully more

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