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  1. Make a video about Gulbahar Sultan,another Haseki of Sultan Ahmed I.The next season in the series she is shown as a conspirator….

  2. I don't if we can say Ibrahim don't slave Atike just for love xD. Her objective was clearly to make angry Kosem so yeah….if Atike wasn't her full sister she didn't have to be forced to serve her haseki contrary to Ayse, Fatma, Hanzade and Ismihan Kaya. But i don't think it was for personnal live, i mean Ibrahim was clearly mad

  3. I think she either was Kösem's daughter and had a bad relashionship with her for some reason, either she was the daughter of another concubine, something I think is very likely..

  4. Nicely done! Her bad relationship with Kösem makes the show slightly inaccurate but it still doesn’t mean that she probably wasn’t born to Kösem.

  5. The Official Channel of Magnificent Century: Kosem and Magnificent Century in english is now out in HD!

  6. another reason to believe she was not Kosem's daughter is because she is buried in his brothers mausoleum and not in hers father's Ahmed like Kosem's daughters? *0* i love your videos!!!♥

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