Real Estate News from the Title Company You Can Trust – Tech Time: Startups, Stalwarts and Shutdowns

Real Estate News from the Title Company You Can Trust – Tech Time: Startups, Stalwarts and Shutdowns

Hi everyone, it’s Marvin Stone here for
Stewart on Real Estate. In this episode, we’ll talk technology from startups to
stalwarts to shutdowns. Lots of news to cover so let’s get started. OJO labs
raised another twenty million dollars to further the development of their AI-driven personal assistant for real estate pros and homebuyers. Ground
Control by Radical Galaxy Studio takes pre-construction virtual reality
property tours to a whole new level without requiring those bulky VR
headsets. Compass Anywhere now allows any agent to work from any office which is a
real benefit for many of the major metro areas. And Zillow made big news last
month by doubling down on the iBuyer model and just announced their new “Tour It Now” technology that will allow potential homebuyers to tour homes for
sale with an app – instead of an appointment or an agent. Of course this,
is only made possible with Internet of Things technology or “IoT” sensors in the
homes to capture the photos and detect movement. And it’s no secret that the
venture-backed world of real estate technology has become highly competitive. The latest to exit the space is Riley, the firm that sought to provide much
needed improvement in the area of lead qualification. Though tech has garnered
most of the headlines in the last couple of weeks,
RE/MAX and Redfin raised eyebrows and real estate when they announced that
RE/MAX agent scan now boost their business through exclusive access to the Partner
Agent program. Finally, have you seen Coldwell Banker’s new logo? Rismedia
reports that it’s the first big change in the company’s branding in 40 years.
It’s the topic of the town both in-person and online. So that’s it for this
episode of Stewart on Real Estate. For more detail on any of today’s topics
check out my latest post on the Stewart blog at the link shown below. Thanks for
tuning in, thanks for using Stewart. I’m Marvin Stone and we’ll see you next time.

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