Ray Edwards at Bethel Church, Heaven in Business “Sacred Work” Conference

Ray Edwards at Bethel Church, Heaven in Business “Sacred Work” Conference

(light music) (audience applauding) (chuckling) – So it begins. So I just had a picture come to me that I felt like I was
supposed to share with you. So I’m gonna do that first. I saw you and me, we were
working on a swing set. Anybody ever put together
a swing set for your kids? That’s a very peaceful,
(audience laughing) soul nurturing, diligent job. And I saw us working on
this swing set sweating, and grunting and saying
very colorful things. And then it’s like the camera pulled back. We were trying to build
this little playground and I saw Jesus over at the open gate of Disney World doing this. – [Audience Member] Yes, yes. – And yet we just kept
working on the swing set. So maybe we should think
about stopping that. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that’s what you’re supposed to do. Let me know how that turns out. I’m going to Disney World. So I was gonna talk
about Matthew 11 today. Shae stole my talk. That was, was she awesome? Were you blessed by her? (audience applauding) And I realize, God was
speaking to me while I was, I honestly had a moment
of, oh I was gonna do that. And I felt the Lord say
to me, I’m still working with you on that. So, this is for you, this is not from you. – [Audience Member] Wow. – I got a, I had a prophetic session. My wife and I had one yesterday and one of the ladies spoke to me about, she said I see you sitting at a desk with a notebook receiving
downloads from God and you’re writing them down and you’re in a season where
I believe he’s saying to you, you’ve gone to many teachers
and you’ve been very humble and respectful but now it’s time for you to learn directly from me. And that wrecked me
because just a week ago I got a phone call from a friend of mine who’s a very well known
entrepreneur who said, I have somebody who
wants to come visit you. And it was a very busy week. I was grinding. Ugh. (audience laughing) So it was very difficult for me but I knew, this guy
knew I was a Christian so I had to give the nice response. I said, tell me more. (audience laughing) And he said, he wants to come meet you and talk to you about his new startup. And I said, great! Inside I’m thinking, please
God don’t let him come. But he did come and I just kept thinking, what does he want? This is where God
revealed to me a mindset, a stronghold that he
wanted to release me from. What does he want from me? So, I show up at my
office 10 minutes before this meeting’s supposed to happen. Because I, of course,
being very gracious said he can meet me at my office
at this specific time. So he’s standing at the door. Internally I grunted again. Externally I smiled, hey. He turns around, he’s like Ironman. There’s a light coming
out from under his shirt. Literally, there’s a circular
light under his shirt. And I said, the most intelligent thing I could think of at the time. Hey, Tony Stark. And he laughed and he was wearing the technology that he
was going to tell me about and he’s building this startup. It’s a multi million dollar, fully funded, debt free startup in the
medical science world. We spent the next hour
and a half together. He proceeded to tell
me how they’re working with a company that’s in the Forbes 100. I’ll leave it at that. And he’s got mixed emotions about that and we were talking about
how that was gonna work and God just lit up something for me and I said, you know I don’t know if you’ve thought of this but, and I gave him an idea
that I heard from God that was totally ridiculous. I know nothing about this guy’s business. I know nothing about the
other business that’s involved other than it’s huge. And he just sat there
with his jaw hanging open. He said, I never thought of that. I need to call some people. We need to rethink the whole
way we’re doing this deal. This is what I came here for. And I had asked him earlier,
why did you come here? He said, just to talk to you. Okay, what he really said was, because I’ve been told
you’re the godfather. (audience laughing) I’m thinking, I saw that movie. That’s not a flattering comparison. (audience laughing) So we parted as now friends
who are gonna stay in contact and he left and I realized there was, he came on total faith. He told me the first
thing out of his mouth when he sat down at my
conference table was, I’m a total Jesus freak. I’m like, okay that’s
a point in your favor. So is my whole family, so is our company. So we connected on that level. We prayed together. And I just realized he flew from a city on the other end of the country to see me for an hour and a half then he got back on an airplane and then he left. Because he wanted a word from God. Not from me, but he was directed to me and I was directed to
him so that could happen. And I told my wife
about this and she goes, but why’d he come to see you? (audience laughing) I love that woman. She’s with me today, Lynne? (audience applauding) Soon to be 35 years. (cheering) So I think what I’m gonna
do is something unusual. I have a few points I’d
like to share with ya and then based on what I share if you’ve got questions I’m just gonna do a lot of Q and A or this is
gonna be a very short session. So if you have some Q’s pop into your head you can write them down and I
will answer them specifically because I’ve developed a belief that so often we come to things like this and we have specific questions we want the answers to and we don’t ask because we’re embarrassed to ask. And I wanna encourage you to release that embarrassment and just ask whatever the question is, even if
you don’t think I know the answer because I probably don’t. I’ll just tell you that in advance. But I know somebody who does. And you all do as well. So this may be nothing more than an exercise in you letting go of your fear of what other people think to ask your question specifically. About nine years ago, I may
be wrong on that number, I had my coming out day. I’m just enjoying the reaction right now. (audience laughing) I came out as a Christian business person. Publicly on my blog. I had, for those of you who don’t know, which is probably almost all of you, I’m known as a copywriter
and marketing consultant. So I’ve had the great privilege of serving and working with people on their copy and their marketing campaigns. Many of whom you would have heard of. Some of whom you wouldn’t have heard of but it’s been a great privilege for me and I’ve really enjoyed doing that. I still enjoy doing it. I’m working with people teaching them how to do it for themselves now more than I do it for individuals. But I had built a pretty good business. A very high six figure business and my son had graduated from college
and decided he wanted to go to a ministry school
in Redding, California. We lived in Spokane, Washington. Still do. And I looked up this ministry school on the internet. (audience laughing) Feathers, gold teeth, manifestation, cult. So my wife and I drove down in our RV that holiday season
prepared to rescue our son from the cult and take
him to a deprogrammer to get him straightened out. We were here for awhile. We audited classes for a week to see what kind of weird
stuff he’d gotten into. We joined the cult. (audience laughing) My wife will testify that’s the fastest I’ve ever given our testimony. (audience chuckling) So, went back home, God said to me, I’d like you to give me your business. And I said, Lord
everything I have is yours. He said that’s funny, ’cause
I see your name all over it and I don’t see mine anywhere. So I wrote a post on my
blog that I was convinced would be the end of my previous business. It would be my entree into the
business of being a pastor. God said to me, that’s not
what I have in mind for you. I have enough pastors in pulpits. I need ministers in the marketplace. So I made the post, it blew up, it became the most popular post on
my blog for a long time. My blog’s at RayEdwards.com
and the post is called, If you want to see it sometime, it’s called, The Secret of My Success. The secret is Jesus. And it caused a big stir. I got lots of negative feedback. Almost all of it from
Christians who wanted to correct my doctrine. Since I was obviously a
prosperity gospel preacher. And I was so naive at the time. I didn’t really understand
what the prosperity gospel was. I did quickly learn to
ask them the question, so you prefer the poverty gospel? (audience laughing) That doesn’t seem like it
would go over very well. So an interesting thing happened. I began talking more and more about Jesus and I began to get more and more people who were not Jesus followers
attracted to our business. Because I did it in a way, I wasn’t trying to be proper, I was just trying to be respectful. Telling people, you don’t have
to believe what I believe. I’m not telling you that. That’s not my job to decide. It’s not my job to convert
you or convict you. I’m just sharing what’s
happening in my life. And I have a lot of
practical business knowledge you might want access to and they did. And time after time we put on conferences in the marketing and business world and we have people show
up who will come to me at a break or after
the day’s over and say, you know I’m an atheist, but I love coming to your conference because
you have a way of teaching. I love your team, I love
the atmosphere here. Or I’m a Muslim and I don’t believe any of that stuff you say about Jesus but I like hanging out
with you and your people. I had one gentleman tell me,
it was like he was angry, he’s like, you know all this Jesus talk. I’m a staunch atheist. And I normally wouldn’t go for that. But for some reason
whenever you talk about that stuff I feel better. (audience laughing) You might want to inform your faith. (audience laughing) So I am a slow learner. I don’t say that out of false humility. I say it out of truth. I keep having to learn the same
lessons over and over again. Anybody feel me? Every major advance in our business has come as a result of my listening to the illogical voice of
God telling me what to do. Every major pit I’ve fallen into has come out of me coming
up with my very own logical, proven, tested plan. Why do I have to keep learning this lesson over and over again? I don’t know, but I did. We went through the school
of ministry the first year, my wife and I, we prayed
for lots of people. We saw people healed
miraculously from small, medium, and huge problems. One of my good friends was
healed from stage four cancer after we prayed for him. It was a total miracle. He has the body scan showing his body full of cancer before prayer. Showing his body devoid of
any cancer after the prayer. He told me the story of
sitting in his doctor’s office who had told him you
need to get your affairs in order, you’re gonna die. And his doctor said, there’s
no cancer in your body. And my friend said, how is that possible? And the doctor said,
well it’s not possible. This is what you’d call a miracle. (audience laughing) So it’s 2011, September 24, it’s the day, or September 22. It’s the day before I’m supposed to speak at a healing room’s
international conference in Spokane, Washington. When I say speak, I was supposed to give an announcement about the offering right before Bill Johnson talked. (audience laughing) So the day before I went
to my doctor’s office for a small problem I’ve been
having with my hand writing. And I went to a neurologist. And the neurologist said,
you have Parkinson’s disease. And my response was, oh great. Because tomorrow I’m going
to this healing conference. This is gonna be a huge testimony that’s gonna launch me
into my healing ministry. I didn’t say that to the doctor. I thought that would scare her. So we went, I got prayed
for by a lot of people who are well known in
the healing movement. I did my announcement. I can’t remember a word I said because I was totally terrified because I kept looking
down at Bill Johnson sitting in the front row. I’m like, don’t say something wrong. I love Bill. By the way, my favorite
take away from yesterday, I think I got this right. You can’t enjoy the fruits
of one kingdom living out of the laws of another one. (sighing) Have to soak that up again for a minute. So, I was not immediately,
there was no immediate evidence of my healing and things got worse. And I ended up going into,
spiraling into a huge depression. Angry with God, all the
cliched stuff you hear about that happens to people. It culminated in us running away in our RV into Glacier National Park in October in the cold pouring rain. If you wanna go somewhere to be depressed, go to Glacier National Park in October. Everybody’s gone, all the
leaves are off the trees, everything’s dead and closed down. It’s rainy, and cold, and dreary. The only reason you
would possibly go outside is so your dog’s don’t poop in the RV. (audience laughing) Then we ran all over the
country in our RV going to different healing ministry sites. We went to IHOP, we went to Toronto, we went to International
Church of Las Vegas. Got prayed for at various places. Came back to Redding, did not get healed. I was getting more and more depressed. Coming up with more explanations
of why I’d not been healed that were not good ones,
they were ones I thought of. And one day my wife, here
in Redding at the RV park, not far from, it’s not far from here. It’s that way. She pulled me close and she said, I need to have a talk with you. Please, in advance, I’m
asking for some grace. Forgive me for what I’m about
to repeat that she said. Which she will deny she said. But she has her facts mixed up. She said, I need you to pull
your head out of your ass. (audience laughing) (cheering) I would love to say that
I immediately changed, repented, and became a
renewed, revived person. That’s not the way it happened but I would love to say that. Over time I saw more and more of the wisdom of what she was saying and I’m not claiming any perfection now. I still have off days. Actually it’s more like off hours now. It used to be off, it was off months, then it became off weeks,
then it became off days. Now I think we’re down to off hours. Where I forget who I am, whose I am. And the fact that even
though my body still exhibits the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and even though I am
healed, it doesn’t matter. We’re here temporarily to do something. We were all sent here to do something. What matters is, do we do
what we were sent here to do? Do we do it with joy? Regardless of the circumstances. Because everybody in
this room, I promise you, has a circumstance that
they’re not happy about. And I’m not belittling your
circumstance or your pain. I’m saying, suggesting, gently,
maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe that’s not the important part. Now, what I’m about to say
does not mean I’ve developed a theology to explain away
not being healed, yet. I know that at the very
least when I step into the full consummation of
the kingdom, I’m healed. I expected it before then. So I go to bed every night,
if that’s not the day, thinking well, one day closer. I woke up this morning
thinking, maybe today’s the day. That’s my model for how to deal with that. So in one of my periods where I was a little off track, just
a little over a year ago. I had gotten into this idea of following other people’s blueprints that had worked for them
to get them to work for me. And that was not working out really well. And so one night I found
myself going to bed saying, Lord, I got nothing. So I’m ready to receive
whatever you’ve got for me to do. My business needs help,
my heart needs help, I got nothing. I slept like a stone, which
has not been my usual. And I woke up the next
morning with a full blown plan in my head about what
to do with our business. The only problem with this plan was it was completely illogical
and made no sense at all and my friends in the
business were gonna mock me and ridicule me. So, I of course immediately
took my plan public because I knew if I didn’t
do that I’d be afraid to do it and I wouldn’t do it at all. And we did a webinar training and I started the webinar
training like this. Who’s ever been in a webinar training where something was sold? An online class where they sold something at the end of the class. Who’s ever been in one of those? Who knows that the way
you start that class is not by saying, I’m here to sell you
something really expensive. If you don’t want that
you should stop watching. That was the brilliant
plan the Lord gave me. (audience laughing) One day, 600,000 dollars. Now that’s what the Lord told me. (audience laughing) That may not be what he’s telling you. And he said good, good. (audience laughing) (murmuring) Yes! So, a little while after that I got a little off track again. I told you, I’m a slow learner. We put on a conference
in Franklin, Tennessee. Some of you were there. Who was there at that conference? One, two, three, four, thank you. It was an amazing conference. It was a business conference
and God completely took over. And I mean, people were healed,
marriages were restored, people were saved and
the guy who was there collecting information for us about what our audience felt
was happening gave me a report afterwards and
said, you need to cut back on all this Jesus stuff. And to my embarrassment, I listened. I thought, well this is
what our audience said. But I had experienced the opposite. So I don’t know if this
ever happens for you but you experience something, you know it, and you let someone else’s voice. I let someone else’s
voice lead me off track. Bill Johnson says, I
wonder how many sentences in this area start with those words. Bill Johnson says, our problem
is not hearing God’s voice. Our problem is being
willing to listen to others. So, thus began my next
sojourn into the wilderness. We had started a program
called The Miracle Factor. And the reason it was
called The Miracle Factor. Oh Lord, help me. When I was born my actual legal, on the birth certificate
last name was Miracle. – [Audience Member] Wow. – I was born Lonnie Ray Miracle. Yes, I’m from the South. (audience laughing) When I was in trouble it went like this. Lonnie Ray Miracle! Get yourself in here. So, I had never shared that publicly but I began sharing it a lot. Because I felt like that’s what the Lord was leading me to do. We started a membership community
called The Miracle Factor and that was about the time my friend came and told me, you need to cut
back on this Jesus stuff. I had other friends who were
telling me the same thing. And it wasn’t going as well as I, it wasn’t a 600,000 dollar thing. So I decided, oh we must have
been off track with that. I’m just telling you the real, I mean I know I should probably, if I wanted to promote
myself better I’d tell you all the miracles that we’ve experienced but I feel like today
what I’m supposed to do, unlike every other day,
is tell you the truth. (audience laughing) Then somebody mentioned haters. I started getting haters
popping up online talking about how I was using Jesus to make money or worse things than that. And one of them really sought to get to me in a deep way and left me a voicemail and it was, I’m not gonna
detail the voicemail but it was very angry and hateful. And it really made me
stop and question myself. Made me stop and say, is
that really what God said? Now does that sound familiar? I may be a slow learner
but I’m not stupid. I realized, oh, this is
the confirmation I need to get back up off my dusty, rusty and get back to doing what I
was told to do to start with. So the next day we opened up
some new mastermind groups called Kingdom Business Masterminds. And I made a strong
declaration about recommitting our business to Christ. We’ve made it more our banner for marching out publicly
than we ever have before. I’ve tended to keep it
pretty, some would say it’s never been subtle, Ray. But now it borders on the obnoxious. I’m not, that’s what God led me to do. That may not be what
he’s leading you to do. So hear me on that. But since we made that declaration and started moving forward,
two things have happened. One, we’ve been blessed as a business and that’s been awesome. Two, we’ve gotten more haters
who’ve jumped on board. And I agree, don’t let your
haters be your motivators. Unless they are. (audience laughing) There’s a small group that
I believe were assigned to me to help me. (audience laughing) And I pray for them, and I bless them, and I thank them for their service. And I mean it. And if you’re watching, God bless you. (audience laughing) So I feel like. One of the questions that’s
bothering some people in this room is, how do I
operate as a kingdom business and do it carefully without offending? I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna put like a Jesus fish on my door
or some are already there and think I wonder if we
should go back the other way. This is how to answer that question. There’s a two part answer. First, I’ll tell you how it answers if you’re supposed to be
very overt and forward, faith forward as one
of my friends calls it, in your business. Or whether you’re supposed to be covert. I don’t know. Why don’t you ask the one who’s
handing out the assignments? – [Audience Member] Right! – He will tell you. As he told me. And I am following his
directions to the letter. I’m a slow learner, but
I think I’ve learned. I’ll continue to remind myself and in case I don’t my wife’s always there to help me if I need a
cranial, rectal extraction. (audience laughing) There’s a saying that I’ve heard, you maybe have heard it, too. Higher levels, bigger devils. You ever heard that? Do you believe that? No, I didn’t until I started having some bigger devils come my way. I’m like, well now I need to
figure out what to do with this because I don’t believe
this but it’s happening. I went back to my
experience at my conference where the stats are telling me one thing, I experienced a different thing. I think it was Benny Hinn who said, oh yeah I quoted Benny Hinn. (audience laughing) Benny Hinn who said, a
man with an experience is never at the mercy of
a man with an opinion. – [Audience Member] Oh, that’s good. – So my experience of late has been, if you are moving in great strides forward in your destiny, whatever
that destiny may be, for the kingdom, whatever
you’ve been called to do and you sense resistance
coming at you from the enemy that’s probably a sign that
you caught his attention. Which for me it meant, it was a sign that before I was, he was very
happy with what I was doing. He was going to do what he could to help keep me comfortable. I do not want the devil
keeping me comfortable. I did have a scripture I was gonna share. But it’s not Matthew 11. As I was wrestling with
this whole question of whether to just really step out boldly and say, I am a person
who teaches entrepreneurs who are Christians how to take Christ into the marketplace. And just be very upfront about that. I was wrestling with
whether I could openly talk about prosperity in Christ
because that invites, the one statement invites
critics from outside the church, the other statement invites
critics from inside the church. So I was proposing to
invite all of the critics. (audience laughing) And a friend of mine at the table, we were having dinner and
we were discussing this, he said, well Ray, I didn’t
even know you as a copywriter. I knew you as the
prosperity with purpose guy. It’s like 48 weeks out of the
year you’re the prosperity guy and then four weeks out of the year you’re the copywriting guy. So you’re like 48, four. Now I’ve been around
the church long enough to know a Bible verse reference
when I hear one, 48:4. I went searching them out and
I found this one in Genesis. Behold, I will make you
fruitful and multiply you and I will make of you
a multitude of people and give this land to
your descendants after you as an everlasting possession. I said, come on, that’s mine. I believe that’s ours. – [Audience Member] Yes. – So, my recommendation to you is if you feel directed by God
to be very faith forward, don’t listen to any man who would tell you to do something different. God knows what he’s doing. And it may not look like
600,000 dollars in a day. It may look very different from that. My advice about how to do
it, is do it with grace. You know sometimes
people will quote to me, let no corrupt talk
come out of your mouth. Have you heard that verse? Usually they’re quoting to me because they heard me say something salty. (audience laughing) But I think, it’s important to read that entire verse in Ephesians because it says, let no
corrupt talk come out of your mouth but only that which imparts grace to the hearer. So when I’m speaking to an audience at a secular, what most people think of as a secular marketing event where there’s 1500 people in the audience. I will say to them, look
I follow Jesus Christ and I believe he’s the son of God. You don’t have to believe
that to use what I have to say but I’m telling you the principles that I’m teaching come straight from him. And we just move on. And that’s given me more
ministry opportunities than most ministry speaking
engagements I’ve had. And I just encourage you,
just do it with grace. If you try to argue
people into the kingdom, my experience is that’s not usually a successful strategy. If you love people into the kingdom, it seems to me that works a lot better. And if you wanna share Jesus you can, in my experience, you can simply say, well I’m not trying to
tell you what to believe I just wanna share something
that happened for me and you can do with it what you will. Nobody can argue with your
experience of the Lord. They can argue with your theology, unless you refuse to argue, which I do. I’m not interested in debating
people about theology. I know somebody who’s got
theology all figured out. His name is Jesus. This grace thing that Shae
was talking about earlier. Grace over grind, that’s important. And there’s a, so many things for me
in my walk with the Lord and my walk as a business
person in the marketplace who’s also bringing the kingdom. We have supernatural healings
take place at our conference. In my consultations, I’ve
been on consultation calls with a client that didn’t even know that I had anything to do with Jesus and in the middle of the conversation the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask a phrase I don’t think I’ve ever asked any other human being
except this one person. In the middle of a business
consultation I interrupted her and said, do you have
a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? And I’ve been wrestling with
the Holy Spirit saying, really? Don’t make me say that. But that sentence
unlocked something in her. It was like a key in a lock. And she accepted the Lord on that call. So, I have two more things to release and then I will answer any questions that you have about any of this stuff. If even can figure out what this stuff is because at this point,
I’m confused myself. I don’t really know. But there’s a verse that
my wife latched unto and we’ve been sharing it
back and forth for years now. And it’s this, the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking. And I won’t go into the whole thing, you guys know this already, I’m sure but in this passage in Romans chapter 14, I’m in verse 17. Paul’s talking about, the way I read it, he’s talking about not getting hung up on whether other believers
follow the same rules as you do so that they’re
proper Christians. Now we all know that we’re the ones that are right, but I’m talking about all those other people. (audience laughing) The kingdom of God is
not eating and drinking, it’s not rules and regulations, but righteousness and peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit. In the message translation, which I agree with you about that. It’ll get you all kinds of messed up. God’s kingdom isn’t a
matter of what you put in your stomach, for goodness sake. It’s what God does with your life as he sets it right, puts it together, and completes it with joy. Your task is to single
mindedly serve Christ. Do that and you’ll kill
two birds with one stone. Pleasing the God above
you and proving your worth to the people around you. Your worth coming through
the righteousness of Christ. So I’ve been having lots of
conversations with people. This is a different subject. Just for those of you who need
a marker, a chapter marker. About these things. Everybody have one of these? There’s a fashionable trend these days to say these are the tools of the devil. They distract us from one another. They pour filth and hatred
and division into our lives, into the lives of our children. And while I understand where these people are coming from, I also think that’s total BS, belief system. (audience laughing) What were you thinking? This is neutral. It’s what we put into it
that makes the difference. Imagine if you will that
it’s the time of Gutenberg and they begin printing
books and your local preacher is saying, these books are evil. They write evil things in ’em. Stay away from books. Don’t let your kids have
books, don’t you read books, don’t let people you know read books. Let’s do everything we can
to hold back the books. Well, that’s ridiculous. These are the books of today. This is where the people are. This is where they’re
reading, listening, watching. So I say, let’s invade this place. Let’s own it. And how do we do that? My current experiment is we’re giving away everything we can everyday as much as possible on every platform. We’re currently up to 52
pieces of content a day. Video, audio, images, text. And my goal with every piece of content is to release a little bit
of the kingdom of Christ into the internet through those
channels everyday, freely. And sometimes it takes the
form of an encouragement for somebody who’s having a hard day. Sometimes it takes the
form of praying of people. Sometimes it takes the form
of giving them business advice that’ll help make them money. Because two things get people’s attention, miracle and money. (audience laughing) So why not give ’em both? – [Audience Member] Amen! – Thank you, dad. Somebody once said, freely you
have received, freely give. So we give a lot of stuff away for free. And that’s not totally
unique in the business that I’m in, online education, where we sell training courses and classes and seminars and workshops. People often give stuff away for free but usually it’s a tease, isn’t it? It’s like, we’ll give you a little piece of the puzzle but to learn the real secret you have to pay us. So, we’ve been turning that upside down. We give away the real secret upfront. And if you want the trivial
stuff you may pay us. And that seems to be working well. We’re also working on a
ratio of giving away 10 to 20 times whatever we ask for. So 10 free messages or
pieces of information, or tools or tactics to every one message that says, hey here’s a
way you can come pay us for our products. Because, now that’s what
the Lord said to me. Maybe not what he’s saying to you. I’m just giving you examples
from our own business. Giving freely is working well
like Jesus said it would. Cast your bet on the water,
it’ll come back to you 10 fold. It might be in the form
of money, it might not. It might be in the form of healing. It might be in the form of blessing. It might be in the form of peace. It might be in the form of friends. Prosperity, you know,
here’s the scandalous thing about prosperity. If you’re worried about
the prosperity gospel you should be really worried because it’s a lot worse
than you think it is. It’s not just money. It’s health, and happiness, and wholeness, and great marriages, and great kids, and wonderful communities
and a better earth. Like, we get upset with
people who are into ecology. We should be the first people in line to save the earth, the redeem the earth. That’s our job, that’s our assignment, that’s what we’re here for. So, if anybody in this room is struggling with, do I
go all out and just say I’m in business and I serve Jesus Christ? I mean, say it even in churchy language, the Lord Jesus Christ. (audience laughing) If you’re feeling that question then the answer is, yes! When did we become
afraid of the name Jesus? There’s only one group of entities in the universe who should be afraid of the name Jesus and that is not us. If I’m not careful I’ll start preaching. Anybody have any questions? – [Questioner] Someone
told me that there’s an awakening going on in online entrepreneurial leaders across America. Can you tell us anything about that? – Yes. There’s a huge, I would
say formerly underground now coming to the forefront, movement of online business people
who are sold out to the Lord and they’ve begun to
find one another through some mysterious force. (audience laughing) And band together as brothers and sisters and bring the kingdom
in bigger, bolder ways. And they are, I was shocked. One of these people contacted me and said, I’d like you to join this prayer group we
have on Monday mornings. And I thought, oh great a Christian business person’s prayer group. Just what I wanted. It’s the most powerful
group I’ve been part of. It’s wrecked my life for the better. These guys have become, I count on them. I have things happen in
my life, I text them. I say, this is what’s
going on, pray for me. They do the same. They are bringing the
gospel into the marketplace in ways that would blow your mind. There’s one person who was invited into a large organization with his company to provide some training. And they brought the gospel
to a gospel-less organization. And they watched as Jesus
melted hearts and healed people in these totally secular services. They did it while honoring their host without doing anything that would dishonor the people who had asked them to be there because the power of
God is not reliant upon whether or not we speak the magic words. It’s, do we carry the presence of God into every situation? And these business people,
maybe you’re one of us. We are reformers. We are reforming the world of business. We reforming it in the shape
of the one who created it. – [Audience Member] Yes. – At his command. This is the way. (audience laughing) – [Audience Member] Yes, it is. – I have spoken. (audience laughing) Any other questions? – Just raise your hand,
I’ll come over with the mic. – [Ludwig] Thank you for putting it out there to us Christians. My name is Ludwig and you mentioned the cell phone, the mobile device that some people call
this phone, the evil one. Or is used by the evil one. What about artificial intelligence? – No such thing. I mean I know there’s something we call artificial intelligence. Thank you for the question, by the way. I’m not belittling your question. What is, let’s think about what we mean by artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence we fear is that someone has
created a new form of life. Really? (audience laughing) I think you have to get approval from the home office for that. (audience laughing) I think what is known as AI
can be good, it’s neutral. It’s like this phone. Look, this phone is our opportunity to spread this reformation
all over the globe. Do you realize, whatever bad
things we may say about them we have the access, the
ability to post for free our content on Facebook,
LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. There’s like three billion people on the planet we have access to for free! The question is, are we going
to take advantage of it? That’s why we’re putting out
52 piece of content a day and we’re gonna ramp it up
to 104 before we’re done. We’re gonna fill these pipes
with the good news of God. And to your question, I’m not concerned about artificial intelligence. I’m excited about how it may serve the purposes of God in the future. And the examples of artificial
intelligence I’ve seen so far seem very artificial. We got a question back here. – [Jane] Hello, I’m Jane
from Portland, Oregon. – [Ray] Hi. – [Jane] Hi, been in kingdom business work since probably age 14 out of a Kuyperian tradition, the reformers. In Portland though, we hire
Christian business guys to run our business for awhile. They created a Bible
study, it ended up being a division in the company. They actually stole business from us. Now I’ve got a staff very fearful of anything religious and the rules in Oregon are you can’t go to, you can’t speak about Jesus
if it’s a required meeting. And I’m just asking, how do you do the, I feel it’s like hardened hearts and any approaches, I
know I’m sometimes covert, sometimes overt but I’m still struggling with how to make it better. – Yeah, thank you for that question. I’ve been to Oregon, I understand. I love Oregon, the people’s
republic of Oregon. (audience laughing) You make it not required. I mean one of the things that we’ve done at some of our conferences in the past is we’ve said, Sunday
morning we’re gonna have time together, it’s gonna look like church. If you don’t want to be
part of that, don’t come. Now I have to say, we’re
having a conference and it’s gonna be a lot like church. If you don’t wanna be
apart of that, don’t come. Actually what we say is,
we’re probably gonna mention the name Jesus. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to be here and be welcomed. We’re not gonna judge you. We’re not gonna try to
make you feel less than. We’re not gonna try to convert you. But this is gonna come up so if this makes you uncomfortable, you’d probably be more
comfortable not being there. So I’d make it, in that
specific instance I’d make it optional, make it
clear that it’s optional. It’s a situation that’s touchy if you’ve had previous hurts because people are gonna then
feel isolated and separated. Handle it with grace and ask
the source, not the resource. Anybody else? Over here, way up here. Cool, my kind of guy, front sitter. – [Questioner] By the way huge fan. Thank you for what you do, Ray. I listen to your podcast all
the time, it’s fantastic. So my question is about risk and following God radically. So I’m super comfortable
with personal risk, myself, my family. How do we turn that where
I’ve got, my current position I steward the wealth of a whole family and run four businesses for them. How do I steward risk
and radical obedience when it’s not my money on the line? – That’s a great question. Who wishes you were up here right now to answer that question? (audience laughing) I would ask the people for
whom you steward the wealth and I would ask the
Lord, I’d ask him first. Then I’d go to the
people you’re stewarding the wealth for in
accordance with the terms of your agreement and share with them what I had in mind. I think that’s the only way to do it. I may be wrong. You may ask the Lord and he may tell you, oh that stuff Ray told you,
(spitting) don’t do that. I don’t know, but that’s what I would do. Start with him, then talk to them. And that may be a scary conversation but scary conversations often result in great things, so I’ve found. Like one time my wife sat me down. (audience laughing) If you wanna put that thing on the screen with the free gift. So I have a gift for you. We’re gonna put the
slide up on the screen. This is what’s funny to me about God. When I was giving our presentation for our big, expensive
product God told me, just say it right up front. You’re selling something
that’s really expensive. Even though that was
the wrong way to do it. And I felt like the wrong way to come here was to give you something that’s designed to get you in contact with
me so that I could continue to market things to you. But God said, I want you
to share this resource with them and tell them exactly what you’re feeling about it. So this is very uncomfortable
for me right now but we have a free gift for you which you can get at
RayEdwards.com/purpose. Or you can text purpose, the world purpose without the quotes to 484848. And you can get that free gift. And eventually we’ll get around to telling you about something
you can buy if you want it but I really want you to have the gift and I’m really doing this because I felt like God told me to do it. Disclaimer over. Any other questions? Yes, over here. (murmuring) – [Questioner] All right, I’ll talk loud. You mentioned your wife quite
a bit in sharing your story. I’m curious as God has
called you to do some of these radical things have you and your wife always been in alignment? (laughing) If not, how do you work with that? – [Audience member]
Repeat the question, Ray. – So in doing all these
radical risky things have you and your wife always
been in alignment on that? And I said, (chuckling). (audience laughing) Eventually. I have a magic formula for getting into alignment with your spouse that I’ve learned, communicate. (audience laughing) Over communicate. Yeah, I learned it from her. She communicated it to me. (audience laughing) Vividly, sometimes. That’s really it. Communication and
agreement prevents discord. Does somebody else have a question? I think there was somebody over here, oh! – [Organizer] We’re
actually gonna take a break for a lunch real quick and then if you, Ray are you sticking around for lunch? – I will not be here for lunch but I’ll be here the rest of tomorrow. – Okay, tomorrow if you have questions that pop up please feel
to find Ray over here. Thank you, Ray so much can we? (audience applauding) (light music)

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