Rangatahi feature heavily at World Indigenous Business Conference

Rangatahi feature heavily at World Indigenous Business Conference

The Maori population
is a youthful population with a median age of 24. As Rapaera Tawhai reports, rangatahi Maori
were among those attending the World Indigenous Business Forum
in Rotorua, and their message is simple; to create a better future
for generations to come. These rangatahi are encouraging
the business world to listen. There are many ways Maori youth
could take part in governance. Rangatahi have the skills
and knowledge to be able to participate
at that level. They are urging those
at the World Indigenous Forum to allow them to be part
of the decision-making process; they are, after all,
the present and future leaders. This is a result of the work
done by our ancestors, our elders, our parents. They’ve enabled us to participate
in these kinds of forums. This Lakes councillor agrees. She also says that
for rangatahi to succeed, they must be guided
by the older generation. This All Black says you need to know
your identity to succeed. The conference ends this Friday. Rapera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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