Rand Paul: The whistleblower needs to be subpoenaed

Rand Paul: The whistleblower needs to be subpoenaed

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    The real reason they want to subpoena the whistleblower

    is so they can publicly crucify him.

    His reputation is in danger. As well as his life.

  3. Rand is a little stupid and should realize that the whistleblower will not have to answer any questions, if other White House officials are allowed not to answer subpoenas. The whistleblower has not been credibly identified, which shows this Senators extreme ignorance of his statement. The American hero will never be known or rewarded for turning on the light to expose some more of Trump's wrongdoings. The mobsters can play a distraction, but Trump will still have to face the consequences of his actions. The truth that the whistleblower is not even an accuser, but only provided the information to the proper intelligence authority, that is the accuser of wrong doing here. The whistleblower made no charges against Trump, but the House of Representatives are the ones bring the Impeachment Inquiry.


  5. Shame on you Rand Paul. You have completely sold out all of your values. Yes, let's just publish the whistle blower name and address and watch him/her get killed. You're an idiot The whistle blower complaint is well documented. The evidence found in the inquiry is really all we need now.

  6. Ron Paul Great Senator The Good American people have alote of respect for this Great Senator we need many more like him God Bless Him

  7. Libertarian man of principles Paul is after all a spineless Trump arse-licker. Who'd have thunk it, and all for avoidance of an Old Kentucky Home primary rendering. Representative of the state of American politics in 2019, I guess.

  8. Rand Paul was one of the few Republicans I respected… He's political garbage now just like the rest of the no balls having republicans

  9. The transcripts from last week from Vindman, former Uk ambassador and Taylor. Not looking good. Mulvaney, Rudy, Perry and Pompeo should be next. Eisenberg and Ellis. Never mind the whistleblower. There's nothing to hide here! Lol

  10. U have a right to face ur accuser. Jennifer neocon rubin needs to recise herself from the country. In sure there is a nice place back in commie troytsky land of ur heritage.

  11. Voted with Democrat Communists against Trumps Bill to build the wall and funding. 12 senators some above doing it again.

    🔛 means 2 time traitors +
    1. Marxo Rubio Florida term up 2022
    2. Rand Paul of Kentucky term up 2022
    3. Mitt Romney Utah🔛 term up 2024
    4 Mike Lee Utah term up 2020
    5. Roy Blunt Missouri term up 2022
    6. Pat Toomey Pennsylvania term up 2022
    7. Lisa Murkowski Alaska🔛 term up 2022
    8. Susan Collins Maine🔛 term up 2020 aspirations for governor.
    9. Roger Wicker Mississippi term up 2024? Wth
    10. Rob Portman Ohio term up 2022
    11. Lamar Alexander Tennessee🔛 term up 2020
    12. Jerry Moran Kansas term up 2022

  12. Whistleblower should be firsthand witness. Secondhand or thirdhand is dangerous in being possible gossip and might not be factual.

  13. We have whistle blower protection laws. You people are ridiculous, your willingness to openly call for laws to be broken in the name of your "dear leader" is disgusting. The WH has already substantiated what the whistle blower said. Kiss your orange Jesus GOODBYE LMFAO

  14. The Whistleblower is a Friend of Adam Schiff so he has Brown Knees and White Teeth!That could be a Lot of People in DC!Whistle for Lemmiwinks and I think You'll find out Who IT IS!

  15. "The whistleblower needs to be subpoenaed…"
    That's RIGHT! Get all the Damning Evidence in the I'mPeachment Hearings and Testimonies… Gordon has flipped, a few more will flip… and the rest of you criminals can go down with the ship.

  16. Does this mean that those who Treasonous Trump won’t let testify under subpoena should testify or are we going to be typical Hypocrites?

  17. Why do these people care so much about the whistleblower when they have witnesses? What is this obsession with the whistleblower? I don't get it.

  18. Kentucky should be so embarrassed by the republicans who represent them ! Vote these idiots out before they drag your state thru the mud with trump

  19. So, I always find it funny when someone who is a libertarianrepublican like Rand Paul here, and loves to talk about the constitution, and acts as if they are the great experts. However, that's not quite what Paul did here! 😂. It seems to me that the ones who rant and rave about the constitution, are the ones who seem to either just flat out don't know anything about the constitution, or know roughly all about the constitution, but misrepresents what the amendments truly are. In this case, Paul is about half right. Where it is true that one has the right to confront their accuser, it truly only applies in a criminal case, and there have been actual criminal charges levied. Trump has not been accused of a criminal act by the whistleblower! The whistleblower is not coming forward to say Donald Trump committed a criminal activity. Merely the whistleblower was concerned about the actions of Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others, who seemed to be doing something not so much criminal (not yet), but unethical while the POTUS may have abused his power/authority as POTUS for his own PERSONAL gain and not that of the countries! So, just know that people like Paul, Lindsey Graham, and those at Fox are trying to use this as a way to lie to the people! It's only a half lie, but they are hoping that a majority of the people who support him and only watch State TV(Fox news) won't know truly how the 6th amendment works!

  20. the whistleblower should be exposed and President Trump has a right to defend himself from this false accusation!This whistleblower is. It going to ruin the reputation and his future as President of the United States.

  21. come on Sen. Rand Paul please, please you arrogant little f and reveal the whistleblower so we can finish YOU in a court of law

  22. Adam Shiffty & Chuck Schumer along with delusional granny Pelosi all play pass the whistle & blow game at the expense of the US Taxpayer
    so "'We the People"' are suppose to look over Joe Biden & his Son's corruption & financial fraud? No! not a fat chance my delusional Liberal friends, Biden has already admitted live on MSM news to a crime, Biden bragged about how "'He himself "' threatened to withhold funds from Ukrainian & you DemocRats try spinning your corrupted bias Globalist agenda one-eyed Adam Shiffty lead fairy-fables of Impeachment nonsense & Whistle-blower BS, Well hate to brake your delusional DemonicRat dreams of your Insanity, The True Sword of Justice has a sharp point called the Law & 2 razor shape cutting edges called Justice, so the reality come 2020 most of the DemocRat Party heads are going roll for their corruption & partake in the sham impeachment, Ultimately it is "' We the People'" that have the final say in 2020 Vote so DemocRats wishful delusional wishful thinking can take the Truth with a grain of their communist Liberal treasonous salt & cry a river of tears again just like the DemocRats did 2016 only this time you DemocRats will go down in the Swamp with that corrupt Leaky Pelosi ship of pirates & Captain Shiffty. Slam dunk TRUMP VICTORY 2020!!! because "'We The People" say So! USA 1st! We got The Great Trump & Pence card !… read it & weep Pelosi!

  23. Trying to reveal the identity, eh. Didn't Mulvaney confirmed on national TV the whistleblower complaint was true. It was true. Deal with it.

    Several diplomats and military personnel have also confirmed the whistleblower was telling the truth.

    Soliciting a foreign government for your own personal election campaign interests over US national interests and security is illegal.

  24. They will come forward soon! Wait. Rand I like you. But i dont agree with you. Protecting them from trumps krunies.they get threatened or bought off.keeping people safe. Just like you should be .

  25. Defy, deflect, counter charge … everything but addressing the corroborated charges against the president.  Well done Republicans, once again confirming your status of incompetence and subservience to a corrupt regime.  The dominoes are starting to fall …

  26. Hilarious to hear a fascist traitor call for a patriot to be outed so he can be attacked by people who've eaten right wing treasonous crap on Fox-Russia propaganda channel. Fox should be required to register as an agent of a hostile foreign country.

  27. The whistleblower is the American people! Kentucky and Virginia voters just testified! The rest are coming! No subpeona necessary!

  28. When an honest man discovers he has been mistaken through the revelation of TRUTH & FACTS, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!
    Rand is NOT an honest Man!

  29. ANONYMOUS Whistleblower.??? Everyone knows the whistleblower's name. Eric Ciaramella is a Schiff's and Biden servant

  30. Absolutely he needs to face questions and cross examination. You cannot allege what he did and not face scrutiny. Along those very same lines seeing as how this client first sought out and made contact with Pinocchio Schiff he too should be put under oath and face questioning.

  31. The whistleblowers name is Eric Ciaramella, I repeat the whistleblowers name is Eric Ciaramella, spread the News far & wide people

  32. Bet Rand and Lindsey come out of the closet Graham have blown a few whistle's in their day 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😉😉

  33. Trump was a lifelong Democrat until running for president and if you believe he's conservative your either too I'll information serve in the Senate or lying to ride the shrinking coattails. Trump and the republicans have spent money like a drunken sailor selling our country out for their own personal interest

  34. Real corruption is you and every other do nothing member of congregating paid nearly 15000.00 a month when our country has problems that need to be addressed. I'm beginning to see why your neighbor kicked the deal out of you.

  35. Wouldn't it be the irony of ironies that Schiff contrived this sham using this whistleblower to finally impeach President Trump only to have the Republicans subpoena the whistleblower for interrogation and it turns out the testimony of the whistleblower backfires and exposes the dirty deeds of Schiff, Pelosi and the Dems'.

  36. Rand Paul is a fine steward of the constitution. Thorn in the side of all things unconstitutional. popular or not he stands on principle case closed!

  37. That is foolish. The whistleblower merely alerted us to the corrupt action. The transcript of the extortion attempt and testimony from those directly involved offer much more than the whistleblower, who would have nothing to add. The call for his/her exposure is just a desire to get revenge and hurt the patriot who had the guts to report the corruption. It clearly shows that there are more evils deeds that might be exposed and a desire to intimidate other potential whistleblowers.

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