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  1. Trying to decide which fits better with the Whistleblower…

    Exodus 23:1 ESV

    “You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.

    Deuteronomy 19:18-19 ESV

    The judges shall inquire diligently, and if the witness is a false witness and has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.

  2. Because they are attempting a coup in the United States if America. And a fake whistleblower is being used to do it.
    And the craziest thing is that it’s a whistleblower who wasn’t even there AND all the info was released by Trump the next day.

  3. As a country that purports itself to be a Christian nation the United States must severely discipline all US citizens who've gone into other countries, tinkered with those nations' elections, politicians, economies, committed actions that grossly, negatively effect the lives of those nations' citizens.

  4. Its striking to me Bret Baier would want to face an accuser at Fox if he was being fired for a supposed breach or violation, yet he wants to protect some ones identity for a complaint against Trump.
    A little two faced Bret Baier.

  5. Something here doesn't pass the "smell test": If the "whistleblower" was banished from the White House for leaking (Felony?), how in hell are they still employed by the U.S. Government? They "went back to work at the CIA"? How is this possible?

  6. This man speech the real truth! The Democrats can’t lie or cheat their way out of this one! Radric to ourselves, all the backbiting the sniping and everything else just keep to ourselves! Because the truth will be brought out! Our president will not be impeached!

  7. The whistle blowers name and having him up here doesn’t mean anything anymore. The Democrats are going the other route now the back channeling down by Rudy Giuliani and his Ukrainian connections. Joe Biden announced he was running for president April 25 by mid May Rudy Giuliani was contacting people in Ukraine about investigating the Biden’s. Rudy Giuliani had contact with two men have been arrested Rudy is under investigation. As you noticed Rudy Giuliani has disappear from TV. So whistleblowers name everyone always has an important because the information he gave was correct

  8. Hes right on this! I think this hack whistle blower whos lawyer basically called for trumps impeachment in 2017. In a tweet he listed CNN will help with impeachment. When yates was fired he states in a tweet "when one falls, 2 of there's will fall" impeachment.. We know the so called WB hated trump worked with obama and Brennan who's been pushing for trumps impeachment. American people see through this scam, hoax!! Its a coup period

  9. We are 3 years into a coup to overthrow the President of the United States. All bets are off. The rules have changed. The Democrats changed them. Put the name of the person making these accusations into the public sphere and let the chips fall where they may.

  10. Because knowing who the whistleblower is will make Trump’s deal with Ukraine NOT matter??? Republicans really blow my mind!! Let Trump face his accuser when Trump agrees to sit in trial next to him/her!!!

  11. Reading below Comments shows you don't know why the Whistleblower's is being sought. It's because the minute he's "officially on record" as whistleblower – Schiff and him will have to "officially" answer questions. Schiff knew about this prior by contact to his office and once that is "public record" Schiff must step down and recuse. That's why Trump is asking for it daily and Schiff is trying to hide it. No worries people – it'll happen.

  12. Many Americans know what political violence is all about… Political violence is provoked with psychotronic weapons… read Project Soul Catcher Fox News and figure out how to become honest reporters.

  13. The whistleblower is SO unnecessary at this point.- the substantiating evidence since the whistle blew has taken on a factual life of its own. Trump is a traitor. Paul is a suppository minion . The party of Trump is a cult. The GOP is dead…

  14. Rand Paul like his father is one of the few true patriots we have. This country has a congress filled with immoral people and some are even criminals like Adam Schitt.

  15. Stop giving this leaker credibility by calling him a whistleblower. This political operative and “plant” has been placed in the White House by the CIA to collect classified information, without the need to know(which is illegal), for months or years specifically for the purpose of finding anything never Trumpers can use as dirt on Trump. He has more in common with Benedict Arnold than any “whistleblower”.

  16. I request an impeachment and judge Gary Paden Judge Drew Judge Reed need to go to prison Gary Payton needs to execution chair wrongfully having my grandson murdered

  17. Do it please do. It’s ok to hide when it’s a stupid democrat or Democratic Party corruption ploy. But when it’s republican everything has to be transparent.

  18. I agree that Biden should have been investigated when he was VP, now it doesn’t do anything. So are we saying we are going to Investigate Trump because his kids are making money while employed by the government? Biden is a citizen now, the president should have never even mentioned his name, period.

  19. The Democrats are a joke. This is a bad political play, with bad and stupid actors. This leaker has committed treason. Should be hung.

  20. Baker is definitely a democrat. No doubt about it. His wife is one and he was actually treated well when he went on The View. If that doesn't scream fellow democrat I don't know what does.

  21. ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ERIC CIARAMELLA? COME ON FOLKS "WHISTLE BLOWER"? HIS NAME IS ALL OVER THE WEB!!! …we citizens can stop using the fake term and call him by his name! Let Schiff protect Ciaramella. He's the one who turned this crap into the circus it is.

  22. If someone accuses you of a crime and tries to get you legal consequences for whatever you're being accused of, then you have a right to face your accuser. Why does Donald Trump not? Is that an exception in the law?

  23. You guys are all idiots. It’s the “investigation” process. The whistle blowers name is not allowed to be publicized. Just like when a cop says it’s an “ongoing investigation” I cannot comment. The name will come out during the trial process. There you go that’s how it works.

  24. The crime he wants to investigate Biden is his son making money because of his dad's position in the Obama administration. MMMM seems Trump has been swimming in this from his campaign until now… his businesses supplying campaign resources and promoting his products, as well as his kids all running the businesses and seeking investments from foreign governments… With that obvious track record why isn't he calling for a Trump investigation, as if one is needed… with Trump's VP sending the airforce to stay overnights at trump's resorts during refueling stops. Looks like the VP should be investigated too… these are clear violations of the emoluments clause… Trump should turn over the revenue to congress like any other gift to the president. Step up or shut up…

  25. Spoke against Trump before, why does he have Trump's butt sauce on his lips now? This guy speaks just to let hot air escape from his idiot brain.

  26. Remember when trump defrauded those charities and stoled millions from them. Trump stealing food from children ,disgusting.

  27. I think the President's accuser was confronted with his lies by releasing the unredacted transcript of the phone call. No one cares what this person or that persons opinion is, or how they "feel" about having heard what they may, or may not have heard. The transcript is fact, and addresses all concerns. All the American people need to do is read the transcript. That ends the discussion, period!

  28. Eric Ciaramella is not a whistleblower, he’s a leaker. Keep sharing his name, FB and YouTube are censoring his name.

  29. so…is the whistleblower protection act on line? because I believe nobody in politics knows what the law they wrote states….

  30. The US sixth Amendment of the Constitution gives every defendant (ie. Trump) the right of Due Process. According to the confrontation clause, the accused/defendant has the right to confront and cross-examined his/her accuser (ie. whistleblower).

    The whistleblower law was never meant for anonymity, but so that you can file a complaint without fear of getting fired. Without the original complaint from the whistleblower, this inquiry is illegitimate. The only reason why Adam Schiff is now dismissing the idea of interviewing the whistleblower, is because he knows he is in trouble. Him and his staff have communicated with the whistleblower prior to the complaint being filed. That makes him the fact witness according to criminal procedures. But only in the world of the Left-wing Nuts, that a person can be the fact witness, the judge, prosecutor, and juror all at the same time and are perfectly fine with it, as long as the ends justify the means… These people are demented!??

  31. What the Democraps are trying to do , is give a deep state operative whistleblower status , so we can't find out he's nothing but a partisan hack ………….

  32. Rand “I’m all about small government” Paul asking for more government power…don’t be a hypocrite, Rand.

  33. There is not a trial yet…when you get your guy trump in the room for a trial, then they can bring the whistle blower in and trump can confront them in front of everybody

  34. What is ironic is that everyone else in Trump's administration is accusing the President of holding up congress approved foreign aid so that he can seek dirt on a potential presidential opponent. This president has more people under his administration either fired, accused of breaking the law or turning against him that I have ever seen..Either Trump doesn't have good enough character to choose his people who are so questionable or he's behind all of this underhanded stuff that his people are getting blamed for.

  35. What Biden Corruption? He and Trump always trying to change the subject!
    And in my opinion there is no whistleblower just an official had a complaint. Thats was and is the duty of an official when the state is deceived.

  36. "I want it to be more about the process and less about the person"…. despite spending the last week doing nothing other than trashing the whistleblower whose name you supposedly know. You know, despite the fact that you claimed that two weeks ago and were wrong, and are doing everything you can to learn their name.

    Also, every question he asks he refuses to answer and instead insists on talking about the "Biden Corruption". Biden isn't a sitting official. If there is anything there he will have his day in court. This discussion is about the sitting president of the united states. If his only defense of the president is to refuse to address the questions asked, thats really bad for trump.

  37. Not a whistleblower,the call to Ukraine transcripts are out,a whistleblower with 2nd hand info is irrelevant,its not even admissible in a court of law,due process is afforded to all even the president,Schiff groomed let alone lied to the American people about not meeting with the quote whistleblower,and whistleblower tweeted impeachment in 2016,2017 etc. A Democrat liberal,and Edward Snowden should be protected,and julian Assange, they let the American people know the truth about dirty dems and dnc,and fbi,doj and nsa.

  38. This so-called whistle-blower belongs in prison. He/she has committed perjury, sedition & conspiracy to commit treason. It’s long past time to drop the freaking hammer on these absolutely corrupt, treasonous politicians and restore our Constitutional Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Deuteronomy 19:16-20. 16“If a malicious witness comes forward and accuses someone of a crime, 17then both the accuser and accused must appear before the Lord by coming to the priests and judges in office at that time. 18The judges must investigate the case thoroughly. If the accuser has brought false charges against his fellow Israelite, 19you must impose on the accuser the sentence he intended for the other person. In this way, you will purge such evil from among you.

  40. At this point the whistle blower is meaningless when you have several witnesses collaborating the allegations. Several of them being put there by Trump himself, which really brings to light the severity of it all.

  41. He is going to say ERIC CIARAMELLA that is the name he is going to say ERIC CIARAMELLA could be the name be ERIC CIARAMELLA watch them remove my comment because they are asshurt about saying ERIC CIARAMELLA

  42. Always deflecting, placing blame elsewhere, confusing people from the actual facts and topic at hand – Impeachment from Quid Pro Quo, he’s no mob boss and has to follow the law for once.

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