Rakim On The Secret To Longevity In Music And Business | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Rakim On The Secret To Longevity In Music And Business | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. This man ain't been making no hits. Get Dr. Dre or someone who is still making moves in the industry and are successful. Ice cube, rap producers etc.

  2. Katy has a great voice, I could listen to her talk all day. But I'm not married to her, so luckily that aint happenin.

  3. "Democracy isn't a spectators sport"; those who don't participate get the government they deserve, Trump! Public officials who knowingly fail to protect the country/Constitution, in an effort to legitimize the Trump Kleptocracy, are co-conspirators, criminals who deserve to share the same fate as their cohorts.

  4. Many of you don't know how Rakim revolutionized hip hop with his whole style. It's hard to explain but he birthed a new era in rap where you had to start being lyrically savvy in order to get respect in the game. And he never sold out. That's why the call him the god MC. #RakimGOAT

  5. Rapper needs to shut up and do something! Pontificating about people on social media need to step back? What about rap artists need to step back! Halloween is not for just kids! Check your history of Halloween, it may not be for kids!!!!!

  6. Erik B. was truly a verbal genius and conveyed the urban apocalypse that unfolded as a result of the crack epidemic. I'm from NYC as he is and yet I'd was completely unaware of what "New York City" he was referring to. The Bronx and Harlem were just vague conceptions, I lived in G.Village and didn't know both worlds coexisted. These days I'm always impressed when those who have media access still hold themselves rationale and don't go on a tirade about the unbelievably corrupt state the US has reached via Trump. As difficult as it is, "not responding" to Trump and addressing reality is the most effective route to ridding the nation of his presence.

  7. I see what you did there, Ari, leveraging your show to get as guests both one of your hip-hop idols AND one of the foxiest news anchors in the history of television. Well played sir.

  8. the agena is clear, keep the O.G's out the picture, as the young blood comes in they wont see what their walkin into, They never knew an O.G' Rapper that would tell. #listentoyourteachers. 😉 x

  9. I have to disagree with rakim on one thing. By speaking out and challenging the lies with facts, you can do good. Many people posting online are to lazy to think for themselves and research the truth.

  10. Mc. Jagger surprised me when I went to a concert in the early 2000s .
    It just so happened that I was working that shift as a In Home Care Taker for a quadriplegic.
    Mc. Jagger was high energy moving across the stage in his 60s , had an AWESOME time.

  11. Three great people, in my perfect opinion! I feel a bit star struck just seeing Rakim in this video. Living legend. 🙌🏼

  12. @1:25 – @2:20 I tried to put my hand in, many times and it just got slapped away, every SINGLE time. Now you expect me to take the first set of hands that reached back out? When a dog is beaten it's whole life and someone comes along to help it, that dog is going to snip at every hand that comes near, regardless of intent!

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