r/idontworkherelady | I Found my TWIN in another Business…

r/idontworkherelady | I Found my TWIN in another Business…

ady, I don’t
live here and I didn’t call you XL
This JUST happened. I’m over at my parents’ place and on my laptop when the house phone
rings. My dad gets it and I hear a conversation that goes something like this: My dad: “Who’s this?… You called us… No,
you called us… no, you called us… no one from here called you!”I was half-listening and half working on some
code at the time so I asked him what that was about. He said some lady was insistent
that someone from here had called her and she was demanding to know who and why. He
was more bewildered than anything at this lady’s insistence, and a bit annoyed. I told him a telemarketer probably called
her and spoofed our number. I shrugged the call off and went back to coding. I thought that was the end of it until the
phone rang again about 2 minutes later. He saw the caller ID said “private caller” and
gave it to me and said, “Here, you take it. You have all the answers.” I took the phone and started the call. Me: Hello? Lady: That was very rude of you to hang up
on me while I was talking to you! Me: Uh, I have never spoken to you before. Lady: Well whoever I was talking to! You’re
very rude! Why did you call me? Me: No-one here called you. I think what probably
happened is a telemarketer called you and spoofed our number and – Lady: Don’t you return phone calls!? I get
100 calls a day I don’t have time to spend my time returning all of these! Who called
me from here? Me: Lady, again, no one here called you! You
were talking to my dad earlier and he already told you – Lady: (starts ranting more or less of the
same, getting louder and louder) Me: (Finally losing my patience.) LADY! No
one here called you but I can see why my dad hung up on you BECAUSE YOU’RE VERY ANNOYING!
This isn’t an exact word-for-word and I think
there was a bit more I’m forgetting but it’s close enough. Jebus, I could hear the “I want to speak to
your manager” vibe in her voice and was 99% sure her name was actually Karen. Too bad
for her this isn’t a store and I have no problem hanging up on her. If she’s too stupid to believe no one called
her and expects a more satisfactory answer she’s in for a world of disappointment. I don’t work here because the place is CLOSED.
L Not certain this story is quite a fit, if
not, please feel free to tell me to go to heck. A close friend of mine used to run a motorcycle
junkyard and repair shop. His father started the business, they were active for a really
long time, their family owns the land, and my friend lives in a mobile home on the property
the shop / yard was at. But eventually there came a point, between eBay and other online
stuff, where it was costing just about as much to keep the business open as they were
making, so my friend shut the place down and sold off the entire collection from the back
yard in one lot. I needed shop space, the repair bay wasn’t
being used any more, so I asked if I could rent the shop space. We talked it over with
his mom (who is the legal owner of the land and building) and came to an agreement as
to terms regarding rent and utilities. I and my shop partner moved in. There is a sign in the front window, next
to the side door that leads to the shop bay, which states “$FORMER_SHOP_NAME IS NO LONGER
IN BUSINESS, AS OF $DATE”. For the first year or two, it was kinda funny,
if a bit aggravating. People would stop by nearly every day, park directly in front of
the clearly visible sign, come into the shop where E. or I were working, and ask if we
had a part for whatever motorcycle. In fact, someone came by today, and did the
exact same thing. It’s no longer amusing. On the 31st of October
this year, the shop will have been closed for SIX YEARS. That’s right, the sign clearly
states that the shop has been out of business since October 31, 2013. No, dude, as a matter of fact, I don’t have
“just that one little part” for whatever Honda you have. No, I won’t go check, because the
bike shop is gone. Kaput. It is an ex-shop. They don’t stop by every day, any longer,
at least, but still. The shop has been closed for nearly six years. It’s not in the phone
book, or the online phone directories. It’s not even on Google Maps any more. And they
always park right in front of the sign. *facepalm* Sorry I don’t know where the fish seasoning
is L
Short and sweet. I had just gotten off work at my serving job and stopped at Publix (a
chain grocery store) for some dinner. My uniform was a blue button up and a red apron. The
publix uniform is green aprons and polos. So I’m on the phone with my sister walking
through the aisles when I notice a lady staring directly into my soul, with her arms crossed
and tapping her foot. I kinda lowered my phone and looked and her and she walked over to
me. Her: Finally. Where is the fish seasoning. Me: Oh I don’t actually know, I’m sorry Her: what do you MEAN you don’t know??? Me: Well I’m not sure where it’s at. Maybe
over in that aisle? *points to aisle. * Her: Seriously?? I was just in that aisle.
You need to show me where it is. And it’s seriously so rude to talk on the phone like
that, very unprofessional. At this point I stop an actual employee who
was walking by. Employee: Yes ma’am , can I help you? Me: Yeah she’s looking for fish seasoning. Lady: Yeah and I ASKED your employee but she
was too busy talking on the phone to help. I’d really like to speak with a manager
because it’s poor customer service to be chatting on the phone while at work. Employee: She doesn’t work here. Lady: What? Me: Yeah I work at insert workplace. Lady: Well it’s still rude to talk on the
phone like that. I had to wait for you to finish your conversation before asking for
help. Next time you should be aware of your surroundings. Just because you don’t work
here doesn’t mean you can’t help me. Not as crazy as others, but still blew my
mind. I don’t work here, but my doppelgänger does
XL TLDR: I don’t work here, but my doppelgänger
does. Usually I just read but while sorting some
clothes I remembered a story form a few years back.Sorry in advance for bad spelling and
grammar, english isn’t my first language and I’m not a good storyteller. I am a regular shopper at *insert ‘Store’
Chain* and my closet is full of clothes from there. I normally wear black basic and a sweater
or something on top.So one fateful day, I am on vacation in another city far from home,
and got to ‘Store’ to buy some new tops. OP: me, SM: Store Manager, OP2: my doppelgänger SM: OP2 what are you doing? get back to the
mens section and stock up those pants. OP: *continues looking* SM: *graps my shoulder to turn me around*
PANTS! OP: *me, an extremly emotional and sensitiv
person, stares in shock and starts crying* What? Whe- SM: OH DON’T YOU START CRYING, THAT DOESN’T
WORK ON ME! OP: *trying to hold back the tears and speak*
But I… I’m not OP2… I don’t wo- At this point people are looking and whispering. SM: Of course! Yeah! Stop pulling this crap
on me and get to wo- *enter OP2* OP2: SM I’m done with the rest- What are you
doing? OP2 looks at SM, looks at me, I look at OP2,
SM looking from me to OP2 to me. Not only did OP2 and me look veeeeery similar,
we could have been twins (except I have birthmarks on my face and she didn’t), but we also coincidentally
wore the same set of clothes, except the shoes. SM unhanded me and apologized, ‘OP2 started
working there not long ago, so she didn’t recognize the small differences’ I calmed down a bit and just left. Later at
the food corner of the mall the store was in, I met OP2 again.She apologized again for
SMs behavior and told me people already complained about her and that she wasn’t really popular
around the other employees either. We exchanged contact infos and saw each other a few times
after, but sadly we drifted apart. But yeah that wraps up the story of how I
had my very first ‘I don’t work here’ story and found my doppelgänger 🙂 Why Do All Jobs Require Polos?
M About ten years ago, I worked at a fast-food
chain. Since I was making minimum wage, Dollar Tree was a frequent shopping stop of mine.
One night, I was doing some shopping after getting off work. I still had on my blue polo
(with a big ‘ol logo on the sleeve) and black work pants and was covered in grease. Definitely
NOT the green polo and khaki pants of the Dollar Tree uniform. I was in the hygiene
aisle when I hear a voice a bit further down asking me where something was. I looked up
to see a lady with an expectant expression on her face. I told her “I honestly don’t
know.” She gave me a wide-eyed scrunched lip look. “Well if you don’t know, maybe we should
talk to your manager.” I rolled my eyes at her. “You can try…but he’s busy at work
right now.” I walked past her, pointing to the logo on my sleeve. I….I dont work sir -mumbles-
L Hi I’ve read lost of stories on Reddit and
decided to post my own. Just a note there was no Karen and this couple
was very nice about it. Also I pretty shy around strangers and tend
to speak in a low voice or not at all if they speak to me. On to the short story. I had just gotten off work from a Dollar Store.
And decided to head to Walmart to buy a few stuff with my mom. While at Walmart I tend
to walk off without my mom knowing. Since I can easily call her to find out where she
is in the store. I venture off to the electronics section grab what I need then head back to
my mom. Here is where the interaction starts. Just to tell you my job uniform is a green
shirt with black (or khaki) pants. I was wearing black pants. As everyone knows Walmart employees
wear blue vest. I was not dressed as an Walmart employee. While heading to my mom I ran into
the couple. Husband: excuse me miss do you know where
the blinds are? My mind draws a blank for a second, I quickly
start to talk. Me: I….I don’t work….here sir -mumbles- Husband: you know the window blinds Me: I dont- Wife: -she interruptes me but wasn’t rude
about it- she doesn’t work here Husband: -realizes my uniform doesn’t match
Walmarts- oh I’m sorry! You look so professional -chuckles- Me: its ok…dont worry And then we walk off in different directions.
I was figuring why they would think I work here. So I looked down at my shirt. Low and
behold I’m still wearing my name tag. I mentally faceplam and take it off. I laugh at my stupidity
for not taking it off like I usually do. I eventually found my mom and tell her what
happens. She laughs with me. I’m pretty thankful it wasn’t a rude Karen.
If it was I would of probably broke down crying hoping for my mom to come in and save me.
I’m not good with confrontation at all! Not Santa, Just A Customer
L This happened last December. My husband and
I had gone to the blue megastore to look around for some gifts for our nieces and nephews.
We had our kids with us, so we decided to split up. He would take our kids over to play
with/look at the PJ Masks toys while I scoured the arts and crafts aisle for my niece. I’m dressed fairly casually, though I can
see why this guy mistook me. I was wearing khaki pants, a black undershirt, and a short-sleeve
bright blue shirt that had Toothless wrapped up in faerie lights on the front of it. I
was also sporting a Santa hat that said, “Merry Christmas” on it. The store’s uniform has
casual pants and bright blue vests, and since this guy approached me from behind, it’s understandable. As I’m looking at the craft sets, I hear some
guy (SG) behind me go, “Hey, Santa!” I’d forgotten I was wearing the hat, so I
didn’t look around, but picked up the box I was considering to see what was included. SG: “Um, excuse me? Santa?” Confused now, I looked around and spotted
SG, who was in his mid-forties and staring right at me. SG: “Hi, sorry, I was wondering if you could
tell me where the Paw Patrol toys are.” I turn fully to face him. “Oh, sure, they’re
just…” SG has taken a couple seconds to look at my
shirt, my pentagram necklace, and interrupts me. SG: “Oh, you don’t work here, do you?” I laugh a little. “No, I don’t, but I know
where the Paw Patrol stuff is. My kids are playing over there.” Having decided against
the craft box, I put it back. “Here, I’ll show you.” We made some small talk as I walked him over
and collected my kids and husband so we could move on. We wished each other a Happy Christmas
and parted ways.

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  1. 2:57 yes it's very illegal. The problem is, most of those calls come from country's that either don't care, or don't have laws against it, like India.

  2. The doppleganger story should have charged that douche manager with assault, even if she was an employee you don't lay hands on them

  3. Not legal with the telemarketinger, but it happens all the time. I always check the number. If I don’t know the person, I don’t call back, as it cost money to do so.

  4. I've never understood the impatient foot tapping thing. I tap my feet or bounce around a bit because I have some excess energy but doing it as a sign of impatience has always seemed strange to me

  5. It is illegal for telemarketers to spoof existing numbers. They bother me all the time and I just block the numbers use (but only my cell, my home phone doesn’t have caller id). At one point I kept getting a harassment level of these calls for months (3-6 times a day). And if you’re wondering, my number is on some phone number searching websites, so they could’ve used that.

  6. This Generation is seriuosly beginning to annoy the fuck out of me. Either they have "severe Anxiety Issues" OR they "Break down Crying" as soon as some stranger talks to them. Jesuuuus….

  7. Maybe the Karens are about to die out, or gone scheming something nasty, regrouping, preparing to some major attack, cause I hear less bad and more awesome r/IDWHL stories…

  8. No, it is not illegal for telemarketers to spoof numbers. It is illegal for telemarketers to call you if you are on the do not call registry. However, if a telemarketer is spoofing it is almost impossible to ketch them. So almost all telemarketers spoof.

  9. Here in the US telemarketers spoof phone numbers, however they're all from India or some Middle Eastern country trying to scam you out of shit. I enjoy playing along.

    "Your car warranty is about to expire, please hang on the line and we will be with you shortly"
    "Hello my name is ObviouslyNotDebra how may I start with your vehicles VIN number?"
    Me acting like I'm freaking out "I don't know it, I've never had a car, I'm scared what the fuck do I do?"

  10. Wow So many people are now emotionally incontinent! They can't handle any semblance of aggressiveness or misunderstandings without breaking down mentally and needing rescue from Mom or others!

  11. Story #1 My son got a similar phone call that woke him at 8am. The guy was insistent that someone had called from his number and didn't believe no one called him. My son: Dude, you just woke me up. There's no way that I called you. When the guy continued to argue, he hung up and blocked the number.
    I get spoofed calls all the time. Usually – "Your car warranty is about to expire." Or "Your credit card balance could qualify for a better interest rate."

  12. I used to have a customer who came in every night to do his shopping. He stuck his phone to his ear, pretending to speak to someone, so no one would try to talk to him. He NEVER spoke so we knew he was faking it, he just didn’t want anyone to ask if he needed help. It was hilarious!

  13. I have at least two or three doppelgangers out there based on the number of times people mistook me for someone else. Closest I've had to an idon'tworkherelady moment resulting from this happened one semester during college. I had a really early class that semester and since I commuted I often got to campus really early just as the student center was opening up for the day. If I got there too early I would kill time in the center and often ran into this student who never told me his name but always greeted me and was really friendly. I thought he was just being a nice guy until one day he asked me, "So are you working tonight?" I didn't have a job at the time so I didn't know what he was talking about but it quickly came out that this entire time he was mistaking me for someone else.

  14. In the story in which the Karen tell the other costumer (she mistook as an employee), to be mindful of her surroundings instead of her phone. The thought that came to me was, this Karen should be the one to be mindful of her surroundings. That way she wouldn't mistake another costumer as an employee …. LOL

  15. What's with managers who think they can grab anybody, employees or customers? Some managers need told off by customers.

  16. FYI in the past when had one of those old cassette tape answering Machine's and as it got older it did "call" people maybe once or twice every year or 2. we found it funny to hear the message of some random person saying hello over and over again somtimes even a short conversation about it most have been a wrong number before hanging up.

  17. At the 3 Dollar Tree I shop at, none wear a uniform. An apron an that's it. They wear all different colored shirts and pants. Maybe it's a manager decision.

  18. They aren’t telemarketers they’re scammers that use VOIP and ghost phone numbers. They’ll even ghost credit card companies and banks claiming thats who they are. I got a call from a credit card company needing to talk to me about my account, I called back and the operator told me they never call customers like that. I also didn’t have an account with that company or any sister companies.

  19. Karen: "You're SO RUDE! Be aware of your surroundings!"

    Me: "It is SO RUDE of YOU to insist that another Customer put their phone away the moment you see them and help you. You be aware of YOUR surroundings!"

  20. Yes, it is illegal for telemarketers to change their number. Most of the people who spoof their number are scammers from a different country. They always give a "generic company name," for their company name, so they can't get in trouble.

  21. Every time I hear a story where the OP has emotional issues or breaks down in tears, I have to skip the story. Too many emotionally weak people.

  22. I think t's more likely that Karen was listening to her phone messages, jotting down numbers to call back, miswrote the number or misread her own writing, and refused to believe the error was on her end. She said she gets 100 messages a day, that's a lot.

  23. It is…but its so simple and easy to do its impossible to pick up on until the damage is done.

    About the only working solution are scambaiters using the same tricks. It can actually be really fun and a great way to waste their time but its a stopgap solution until the enforcing authorities catch up with it as the most prolific are usually in random sectors in India or South Africa that dont really seem to care…

    It took forgoddamnever to get the authorities to actually start going after the scambaiters, it took quite a few people killing themselves before they got off their asses.

  24. Pro-tip: if someone says I don’t know, leave them alone and find someone who does know. Why waste your own time getting worked up and making a scene. Who has the time for all that nonsense? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  25. Wearing a pentagram tshirt and celebrating Christmas???? How can you be a satanist and celebrate the birth of Christ? Answers on a postcard please…..?

  26. A neglected response to a demand to see my manager is based on common beliefs that God controls everything. and is accessible through prayer. "I want to see your manager!" "OK. My manager is God. (look up and raise hands) Dear God, This child of yours demands to see you. Therefore I request that in your mercy, you show yourself to her now."
    I wonder what would happen next. OTOH, one could offer to help them meet God, my manager. Immediately.

  27. Why is it that I've never confused a customer for an employee and yelled at them? Oh! I know!! My name isn't Karen, lmao!!
    edit: I won't argue with people about stuff. I have a word that I use to end all arguments, "Nevertheless…" Works most of the time, not all of the time because you have those people who will argue just to argue.

  28. I think one of the biggest things I've learned about reddit users from these stories is it doesnt take very much to make them apparently.

  29. Laws haven't caught up with tech. While it may be illegal to spoof with the intent to defraud, a tactic often exploited is the "we're not selling anything" loophole. This allows many individuals, marketers, collection agencies, etc. to spoof numbers.

  30. How many people do you think are not very good with any kind of confrontation, as it seems as though nearly everyone who posts a story on your site is not good with confrontation. I have to say that after watching your video's for some time now I am fast coming to the conclusion that most if not all who work in these jobs in the USA are not good at confrontation!!!!! Do they only employ just one or two people who can answer back & the rest who can't to save money?

  31. Number spoofers are the WORST, especially when it happens to an old person and then the old person calls back and I try to explain it to them and they like can’t understand.

    Although sometimes weird coincidences happen because of it. One time I got a call from my friend (my phone said “call from FRIEND” like his contact name) at like 11 PM and I picked up because he never calls, he always texts, so I thought it might be an emergency or something. So I picked up and I went “hey FRIEND what’s up? Is something wrong?” And the person on the other end went “Uh…” and hung up. So I texted him and asked why he called me and he said he didn’t, and even screenshotted his call history to show me. Turns out, since the phone registers the number they’re spoofing as that number, if you already have that number in your contacts, it’ll show up as a call from that contact.

    TL;DR telemarketer called me spoofing my friend’s number, I thought my friend was calling me

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