Queen Royal – The Public WILL accept Camilla as Queen claims Royal expert – ‘She’s now quite POPULA

Queen Royal –  The Public WILL accept Camilla as Queen claims Royal expert – ‘She’s now quite POPULA

 Mr Dampier, who has been reporting on the Royal family for 20 years, made the claim when speaking to Express co.uk. According to Clarence House, Camilla will take the title of princess consort when Prince Charles assumes the throne However, some believe she is likely to end up as Queen consort. Mr Dampier commented: “I think people have warmed to Camilla and I think most people will accept her as Queen when the time comes and she’s now quite popular ” Queen consort is the title usually given to the wife of a reigning king, whereas a Queen regnant reigns in her own right  Camilla assumed her current title in 2005, after marrying Prince Charles. The relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla has been controversial due to the impact it had on the breakdown of the Prince’s first marriage, to Princess Diana  In 1995 Diana was asked on BBC Panorama whether Camilla contributed to the marriage’s end  READ MORE: Royal fury as magazine claims Prince Charles and Camilla are DIVORCING She replied: “Well there were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded ” Mr Dampier argued Prince Charles’s popularity has increased significantly in recent years, but that a minority will always dislike him due to the collapse of his relationship with Diana  He said: “There’s a hard-core of people who don’t like Prince Charles and I don’t think anything’s going to change their mind  “Certainly not those who will never forgive him for what they perceive as the way he treated Diana  “But I do think most people respect him and like him and do appreciate he’s been handed an extremely difficult task because he’s been waiting all his life for this job ” Camilla became formally known as the Duchess of Cornwall following her 2005 marriage  She is entitled to the title Princess of Wales, as the wife of the Prince of Wales, but has never used this title due to its association in the public mind with Diana  Around the time of the wedding it was announced Camilla would take the title of Princess consort, rather than Queen consort, when Prince Charles becomes King  However, it is unclear whether this breach of protocol will prove practical. Oxford University law professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis argued Camilla should become Queen due to protocols laid out in the Treason Act 1351 and Regency Act 1937

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