Queen Camilla: Royal expert claims Camilla Parker Bowles ‘SHOULD be Queen’ – Today News US

Queen Camilla: Royal expert claims Camilla Parker Bowles ‘SHOULD be Queen’  – Today News US

 Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles in 2005, nine years after Charles’ first marriage to Princess Diana ended in divorce, and eight years after the Princess’ untimely death Although Prince William and Prince Harry are known to share a warm relationship with their stepmother, there is still a great deal of debate from commentators and the public alike over whether the Duchess of Cornwall should be accorded the title of Queen when her husband becomes King Podcast “Pod Save the Queen” heard from veteran royal reporter Jennie Bond, who was royal correspondent for the BBC for 14 years from 1989 to 2003 Royal ROMANCE: How Princess Anne had ‘torrid love affair’ Kate Middleton news: How Charles and Camilla ‘changed her LIFE’  Ms Bond, speaking in March 2018, said: “I do think Camilla should be Queen ” She continued: “It’s something I often say in my pubic speaking and I find some resistance to it still  “As I used to find massive resistance to the idea of them marrying, then eventually that was accepted  “There is some resistance but I just don’t get that. “If your husband is King then you’re Queen, quite frankly  “I do think she deserves that place and that respect.” Ms Bond added: “I always say, how many of us have made a cock-up of our private lives? “Is this couple to be punished forever for having made a mess of their own first marriages? “I think she should be Queen when he becomes King ” Ms Bond also talked about her relationship with Princess Diana when she was reporting on the Princess of Wales in the Nineties  She said: “I have a great deal of time for Camilla. I had a great deal of time for Diana  “Just because I like Camilla doesn’t mean I have anything bad to say about Diana  “Camilla always has been the love of Prince Charles’ life – that’s what Diana herself told me ”  QUEEN CAMILLA? 88% think Duchess should NOT take title – poll Queen SHOCK: Camilla arrives at Commonwealth in SAME purple as monarch  Ms Bond’s opinion comes in contrast to Express co.uk’s online poll, which was conducted last week. The poll found that more than 55 percent of the 7,620 people who took part believe the Prince of Wales’s wife should not be granted the title of Queen  Around half (54.2 percent) of participants believe the Prince of Wales’s wife should retain her current title instead  Less than a quarter (24 percent) think Camilla should become Queen Consort while just 11 9 percent supported her becoming Queen. Only  9.7 percent support a title of Princess Consort    Before Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005, Clarence House announced that she would eventually be known as Princess Consort, rather than Queen, when and if the Prince of Wales ascends to the throne  Legally Camilla is allowed the use of the title Princess of Wales, as she is married to the Prince of Wales  However, after her royal wedding, Camilla started to use the title Duchess of Cornwall, out of respect to the late Diana, Princess of Wales

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