QGIS Tutorial: Filtering based on attributes in QGIS [EN]

Hello, I am Mr.M from GIS4Dev I this video I will talk about How to filter by attribute table in QGIS Firstly I will show you how to filter with equal and not equal I will open shapefile All about how to open shapefile you can click on this card Click “Open data source manager” at the top left of screen In this case I use “world.shp” It contain boundary, population an continent I will give you this shapefile below this video Click “Add” and close this window For filtering based on attribute I click on this layer Select on “Open Attribute Table” Click at “Select features using an expression” If you want to know a field name or value you can click this It will show you a list of column in shapefile In this example I will select all country in Asia I double click at “region_un” You can click “All Unique” to see a unique value in this column Type “=” And select “Asin” Click at “Select Feature” button, It will select feature based on expression Close this window and close attribute window A yellow colour is a selected feature Now, I will show you how to use not equal operator Right click>”Open Attribute Table” Select feature using expression I will write expression Show all continent except Asia Type “region_un” And give operator “!=” Give value “Asia” Click “Select Feature” close window and close attribute table A yellow is a selected feature Secondly Filter with operator less than and grater than For filter using an expression Do the same step as previous example This example I will show you The country who have population greater than 10 millions Expand “Fields and Values” I will use the estimate population column “pop_est” You can see a simple values by click on “10 Simples” Double click at “pop_est” And give an operator “>” 10 millions Click “Select Features” QGIS will select feature based on your expression Close this window and close attribute table The yellow colour are countries who have population greater than 10 million Now, I will use new expression “pop_est”100000000 “AND” operation will combine both expression together Yellow highlight are results of the expression I will change an expression a little bit From “>” to ”

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