Pure Profit Pro Review 2018 | Pure Profit Pro Business Team Bonuses

Pure Profit Pro Review 2018 | Pure Profit Pro Business Team Bonuses

Hey everyone, this is Dan froelke and welcome to my pure profit Pro video now now this is my pure profit Pro review 2018 and if you’re not at least making $1000 a week in your home based business right now then for sure you want to watch this video very closely and And see how you can lock arms with me, and I can show you You know how to create a wonderful income with pure profit Pro Okay, so I’ve been in pure profit role, and I consistently make two hundred fifty Five hundred one thousand dollar instant Payments, okay write to me because after all this is a member to member program, so we get paid remember to member That means when you join me You pay me when people join you They will pay you directly so there’s no There’s no a wallet to worry about No one’s gonna write you out any checks you don’t have to wait for that stuff. It’s just a member to member program and I absolutely love member to member programs in fact my whole channel here is Is all about member to member programs like pure profit row So what I wanted to show you now, this is an overview Now I have a complete review out there one of my youtube videos And and I will have that as an option at the very end of this video if you want to watch that But in this video, I want to show you exactly what you’re gonna get when you join pure profit Pro and You know how awesome this is to have a complete business in a box you don’t have to go out and get anything else There you have everything right here to make a six-figure per year income and that is the truth So and then towards the end of the video, you know I want to show you when you lock arms with me how I can help you and What added value didn’t I’m gonna give you and that’s going to be at the end of this Video so watch it all the way through it isn’t gonna be very long So just hang in there with me and then at the end of the video. I’ve got some very special team bonuses that You’re gonna get absolutely free when you join me in pure profit Pro ok So let’s go right into my back office and and again. I’m gonna show you around a little bit You know because chances are you are looking at pure profit Pro on YouTube right here or? You’re on my list because I’m gonna give this to my list So I just want to explain to Exactly what you’re gonna get alright alright So I want to share with you in the back office of pure profit Pro and again. This is my pure profit Pro 2018 review I want to show you Exactly what you’re gonna receive when you join Me in pure profit Pro alright, so uh as you can see here. This is the dashboard Right here. This is your your back office. You have just three very simple links here You’ve got your capture page link your website to our link and your join page link okay and again This is a complete business in a box There’s there’s no reason why you cannot make a six-figure per year income if you work really hard using this system Right here, cuz you have everything alright, so What I wanted to I want to talk about your products because well, okay, so let’s go here. There’s a getting started guide Right here your step-by-step easy instructions right here Plus I’m going to work with you one on one to help you set your system up so You know that’s that’s kind of a no-brainer right there. I’m gonna help you get started I’m also gonna gonna plug you in to my training site alright has all my resources Everything in there, but I’ll get to that later. I’m I’m getting ahead of myself here, so So you got got the getting started guide? Here there tab You’ve got your emails so anyone who joins you you can email them back and forth so that’s kind of cool And you have your products now This is what I want to do I want to emphasize the product says a lot of people just kind of gloss over the products and they’re more interested on the opportunity however a pure profit Pro is Completely into the products all right We are into the products we emphasize the products because that’s what we sell all right we sell informational e-learning Products and courses okay, and they’re all in these three different product levels, okay and In depending upon where you join it, okay? So there’s a 250 dollar? pure profit Pro Product level there’s a 500 dollar product. Level and There’s a 1,000 dollar product level all right, so that’s the income that you’re going to receive okay? People who purchased the product levels, that’s what we’re selling here So I want to emphasize that pure profit Pro has real products there Okay, so these are elearning products. They’re their personal development email marketing YouTube marketing Instagram marketing so they’re all products that are you going to help you out in the long run? And they’re gonna help you build and sustain your online business and I just can’t emphasize it enough where I mean these products are valuable and They’re really gonna help you long term, and you can you can earn as you learn right so Anyway through the three products are right here your products are going to be here And what else I want to emphasize You can confirm your payments all by yourself. You don’t have to wait for anybody confirm You do the confirming because after all this is a member to member program. Okay, so when a person joins you they’re paying you okay, so you don’t have to wait for a wallet or You know you don’t have to wait for anybody sending you a check or anything like that. You’re paid instantly Real time and that’s what I love about memory remember programs. They’re awesome in in you know to be honest with you I never had a breakthrough Online until I found my first member to member program, which is about but four and a half five years ago So ever since then I I never looked back and I always join Member to member programs, and that’s what this youtube channel is all about okay My experiences with member to member programs, so anyway. I was kind of getting off on a tangent there But okay, so you can confirm your payment you have all your resources right here You know and I have my own resources When you join me I’ve got some great SMS marketing resources that I’m using with pure profit Pro You’ve got all kinds of lead. We’ve got scripts How to close sales success tips in oh there’s actually a two thousand dollar a week Plan that they have here, and it’s a very easy step-by-step plan and it really makes sense Once you read it and to be honest with you making two thousand a week in pure profit Pro is very realistic Now again you have to work hard and you have to take massive action, but that is very realistic Alright, I want to show you something that That I feel is very valuable and it’s really going to help close your sales. Yeah, it’s going to help convert your sales Okay, so we have the capture pages right here. Let me Show you the capture pages real quickly? Alright, so there’s two capture pages But pure profit Pro has Something that is really going to help you Convert sales, and it’s an optional bridge page now. If you don’t know what a bridge pages. That’s okay so what a bridge page is it goes in between your capture page in the sales presentation and It highlights you okay? It could be your story, so here’s what happens I’ll just you know it’s probably easier for me to show you than to explain it to you, so Here’s a capture page right here. Let’s go to my capture page Alright, and let’s just enter look. Let me get this down all right. Let’s just enter in An email address right here right and we can do it do any All right now, so this is a capture page and what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna Take you to a bridge page alright so when a person enters their information there Alright so and this is a bridge page right here is this is a very It’s not real elaborate, but so what you do you go and shoot a video and this could be a welcome video you know It could be explaining a little bit about your story. How you got started online. You know just introducing yourself and Here’s here’s mine here. Let me show you So this goes down a little bit I explained about how I got started online okay, so as you can see this goes on about you know How I get started and I was actually a stone mason Before I started online that’s what I used to do a long time ago and Anyway, that’s the story of How I got started I was a stone mason. I hurt my back injured my back I really couldn’t work anymore, so I reinvented myself and That’s how the whole online started, but anyway That’s my little story right now, but that’s what a bridge page is because you’re you’re just introducing yourself because after all your prospects are gonna spend between 250 dollars to one thousand dollars right so They want to know Really who they’re getting involved with so this bridge page in In my opinion is very important and anytime I join anything I always create my own capture page in my own bridge page all right always always do it because that sets you apart from everyone else in and It highlights you it brands you so what happens after this video. I say, please click the orange button right below, right? and Look what happens okay, so it goes to the main pure profit Pro sales presentation Right here now. I have this over to the left a little bit, but Anyway, this is your sales presentation right here it explains the packages and you also have You can add This in here you, can you can add the like a description? You could put anything in this box right here to this just a little added thing but but anyway, let’s go back I just want to emphasize that bridge page and And again, that’s an option. Okay, you can you can shut it off or turn it on It it’s just an option, but I highly recommend You gotta getting out out of your comfort zone and shooting a video you know for me I Started to have success when I started to shoot videos, and I got out of my comfort zone. I’m I’m Not a public speaker right I stammer around sometimes I stutter around But here’s the thing I don’t care alright because it helps me it. Helps me out a lot it helps You me with sales if I got out of my comfort zone, and I did these videos And it if if I can do them Excuse me anybody can do it Alright, so again. That is an option that the pure profit Pro has that is Really really good, and I highly suggest you take advantage of it. Okay. Let’s slide back go over here to the main Back office here, and let’s see so we got capture pages you have your own autoresponder here with With follow-up emails now if you want to you can You can use Aweber you you can integrate Aweber and GetResponse That’s very easy to do, but you know when you’re first starting out. I suggest you just use the autoresponder within the system It’s good in box as well And you and you also get get follow-up emails now with me when you join me You know I can hook you up to a Weber and I have my own I think there’s about 25 follow-up emails that I can share with you But you know That’s an option too all right, so that’s the pure profit Pro back-office. I’m sure you can agree It’s it’s pretty simple here and and again. I think I’ve set up three or four times You have everything at your disposal right here between this Platform pure profit Pro in in me to create a six-figure per year income okay? It’s not easy. It’s not a get-rich-quick You have to work hard, but I can certainly help you out every step of the way, okay So right now. I want to show you exactly what you’re gonna get when you join me in pure profit Pro After all I appreciate people putting their trust in me So I reward them with a lot of extra added value and that’s what I’m gonna. Show you right now Okay, so these are the bonuses I have for you When you decide to join me in pure profit Pro alright, so you know I really stress all the time that I work with people one on one I Think it’s very important. You know When you join somebody that they actually work with you one-on-one Help get your system all set up To show you exactly we’re their advertising Show you their exact resources and strategies and all that stuff in order for you that have Success all right, and and that’s exactly what I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna work with you one on one So that’s number one year because I because I really truly believe it’s very important For you to work with someone that has a proven track record in their own Business as well as a proven track record in Helping people and that’s exactly what I do. That’s exactly what I asked alright, so Also, you’re gonna get access to my private team training site. I’m always updating this site, and you’re gonna get access to my VIP team training website You’ll get access to all my my strategies all my resources always adding to that all the time so You know that is a great value in itself right there? Oh? And a half some you know included. I just uploaded some brand new 2018 Craigslist training and that is that’s really good training and again, I’m always adding to that and you will have access to that You know for as long as you want Also we have Getting started blueprint, and this is exclusive teen group blueprint It’s designed to help you get everything all set up and teach you how to get into the routine of driving traffic Okay, you have to be very consistent you have to drive traffic Every single day, and I’m going to show you how to do that in in that getting started blueprint also We’ve got the six-figure blueprint guide, and then this guide is gonna help you put together a plan for yourself You’ll also learn various traffic strategies both free and paid so so that there’s a whole theme here you know I have a lot of traffic strategies and You know for for pure profit Pro. I use SMS text marketing and that works very well In all kinds of other paid traffic Ways, and I also have free ways to drive traffic to your pure profit Pro website alright And now this is a brand new thing that I just added It is My weekly team traffic co-op now if you want to put your marketing on complete autopilot Then this is for you. You know if you just don’t have time if you’re working a full-time job If you’re going to school this will help you out and put your marketing a complete autopilot So you don’t have to worry about driving traffic this will drive traffic for you Here’s how it works so the cost is $60 one share for 100 unique clicks and your capture page will be placed in rotation with other members of the team alright So it is in this it’s really good responsive traffic And I highly recommend it even if you’re driving your own traffic You know this is really good to plug in to our weekly team traffic co-op, okay? So that’s exactly how I’m gonna help you jump-start your success with pure profit Pro, and I appreciate you watching this video This has been my pure profit Pro review for 2018 and You know if you got some enjoyment out of this video. I appreciate you giving me a thumbs up. Please subscribe to my channel And and also if you have any questions at all you can put them in the comments below I always answer them or you can get a hold of me With you know my information right below with that said if this all makes a sense to you and you want to look into pure profit Pro a little more all you have to do is click the link below and You will be redirected to this page and watch a very short 11 minute Presentation that explains a lot more about pure profit Pro ok so uh, this is Dan Froelke And I hope you have a great marketing day

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