PumaPay News – Business Console and IRONX

PumaPay News – Business Console and IRONX

my name’s Christina Kiera giggle and I’m back with another Puma pace 60 second updates the business console MVP launched on Friday and was delivered as promised in q1 the business console will enable businesses to register with Puma pay set up their pool payment billing models thus generating QR codes which will be used by customers to scan and approve payments the business console is the cornerstone for integrating businesses to the protocol from this weekend throughout April we have commenced the onboarding process of our early adopters more to come on this over the coming weeks in other news PMA is now listed on the digital asset trading platform INX the INX exchanger now’s the limited public launch on the 28th of March the prepaid token is trading against the USD and this is also available as a funding option this means traders can fund the trading account in PMA to keep up to date with all things perma pay follow us on telegram Facebook and Twitter

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