Psychology Summer Institute: STAY – Minority Fellowship Program

CHARLES: I’ve had the opportunity to come across a lot of
amazing individuals from various different backgrounds, but kind of the same interests. Wanting to help and provide services to
those that are in need and learning how you can help influence one another in
the -our different passions in the things that we truly care about
that are near and dear to us. DENIQUE: Both the mentorship and
the connections I’ve made here. Uh -professionally, personally- have
definitely had the most significant impact on me. I think because it is a career transition
for me, it felt a little bit like starting from scratch. So it has professionally
definitely met my expectations. How open everyone is um is really awesome. I have made some friends locally in
the Bay Area just really being able to brainstorm with people what we’re
doing next what we’re interested in. It’s been a really expansive network
and people come to PSI just really being willing to share what they have to
offer and I’m, I’m hopeful that I’m also bringing something and because I’m
definitely taking advantage of what other people are sharing. TOMECO: I am a mentor for
the STAY fellowship program. This is my first time being at PSI. Basically I was supervising somebody and
she kept saying that “you need to join this team of people.” I really love mentoring students and
I love the network between me and my colleagues. So I look forward to
this great opportunity. DENIQUE: The person I was matched with, my
mentor, had a really similar background to mine. We both had career transitions. So we were able to have some really rich
conversations about what we leverage from our previous careers, what I could
leverage to head in the direction that I want to and personally having access to
the entire network of mentors has been really helpful. Just popping into conversations after
seminars or running into people after dinner. People really make themselves available so
I’m able to just ask questions about, you know, being, being new to the profession
being a woman of color in the profession. It’s a pretty diverse group that I got
a chance to pick their brains on a whole host of really cool things. CHARLES: It’s been very wonderful to sit
and talk with my mentor various times throughout the year, just about my
different dreams and goals and just learning about her, her passions. What she’s working towards and how I can
take some of those elements and pull those into some of the things that I’m trying to
do with my life and trying to just allow the wind to blow. TOMECO: Yesterday we had the opportunity
to meet all the STAY fellows and so during that opportunity I was able to sit with
many students find out their backgrounds or what they’re interested in and to
support them in that area, answer questions that they may have and I’m also learning
from them like new things that’s in the field. So it really helps me as a
professional to help others. MFP is like the best program I’ve ever
been connected to I think it’s, it’s so needed. DENIQUE: I expected the content to be
rich, I expected the sessions to be great. I was really looking more for the personal
connections that would last after that both in the mentorship and in the
professional and personal connections that I would make with people and
that’s definitely happened. CHARLES: I think it’s had it has been a
really great experience for me meeting with staff, meeting with other scholars
has just been really phenomenal. Learning -like I said learning about
different interests different people from different backgrounds. It’s a network. It’s a family that I will continue to
learn from, to grow with alongside of. And so I would just say that, you know,
it’s a really amazing opportunity that I’m very thankful for.

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