Psychology Summer Institute: MHSAS – Minority Fellowship Program

Psychology Summer Institute: MHSAS – Minority Fellowship Program

MFP had come to our university. I’d never heard of MFP, didn’t know what MFP was They needed a volunteer to share a little bit about their research and I said, “Hey I’ll go!” And I got to do about a five or seven minute snippet and I’m introduced to this entire world of minority fellows. It was the first time I’d seen an African American female PsyD. In that room. And I was already a second year doctoral student and it blew my mind because I was like “Oh so we do exist! Like, I have to meet her. I have to meet him and who is that?” Like it was just this “Where -y’all are together in this group! What is this group? I need to be a part of this group!” I feel like my identity as a future Latina psychologist has become stronger in being mentored by so many individuals that are passionate about serving
marginalized communities. When I go back home I just feel very empowered and I
feel like -like I’m not alone in this strong desire that I have of
serving others. Coming here and learning about issues, current issues that are facing ethnic racial minorities and how it affects their mental health. And so I’m being trained on cutting-edge evidence-based practices but more importantly I’m actually able to take that information back to people that are
in my program. I really feel rejuvenated here. Like I get inspired and I get ideas about how I can work with my clients better how I can craft my research in
more meaningful ways. I think that I’ve gotten what I wanted from this and every
session that I go to I end up getting something that I didn’t even know that I
needed. I think we all as Training Advisory Committee members try to provide trainings that maybe we wish we had had. So, real talk about entering
things as an early career psychologist of perhaps an underrepresented group and what to expect and how to negotiate and just a lot of the practical parts that may not be a part of formal training. But I feel
like I’m coming full circle because I was mentored myself and to be able to kind
of bring back some of what I gained in the experience has been such a fulfilling experience for me. When I’ve had the opportunity to speak
to my mentor it’s been a really grounding experience that’s kind of
helped me realize what I came into the field for and which was to help people
and to help people within a specific population. And so a lot of times when
I’m caught up with deadlines and trying to make the, you know, meet the next
expectation. When I have a chance to talk to my mentor, he’s very good about
focusing me back on “Why are you here? What’s the work that you want to do?” I am
excited about PSI in the sense that now I have kind of turned this leaf in my
program I’ve completed all my coursework I’ve -I’ve defended, you know. I’m kind of
at this last leg. So I’m really excited to learn more about early career, you know, what’s next? I’m getting this question quite often: “What are you gonna
do when you finish?” and I’m like “I don’t know!” But I know PSI’s going to help me
figure that out. So I’m really excited for PSI to kind of put me in that next phase and that next step to prepare me for when I cross the stage and become
Doctor Aisha What -what happens and and how do I get there? And PSI’s gonna set me up
for that so I’m extremely excited! When I came to this -to this journey to become a
clinical psychologist it wasn’t like on a passing fancy I really wanted to do
something to help people. And so you know I just feel incredibly honored. I feel really, really honored. If I if I could say anything, like, this is only like, lit the fire in me even more! So, yeah.

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