Psychic Princess Tong Ling Fei (通灵妃) Episode 11 [ENG SUB] 1080HD

Psychic Princess Tong Ling Fei (通灵妃) Episode 11 [ENG SUB] 1080HD

it`s already raining. are they going to redecorate it or what? Lady Ye, do you think that these are enough? Do you think that you would need more items for us to fetch for you? Let me see I think I`m still missing a few more items there`s some cobblestone near the cloister`s corner go and take some over don`t tell me that he know what I`m planning to do? if he says it like this was he pretending go not know just now? that despicable scum she even knows how to play kungfu! the princess consort to prince Ye is so overwhe iming! this kid truly surprises me this woman truly wants to help lanshuang I need more what are you doing? thanks for your help even though you have a bad personality most of the times but still, there`s a nice side to you sometimes now, the banquet can then continue.That`s great you`re indeed that woman that I like, extremely inteligent I would have never thought that Lady Ye knows about martial arts doesn`t seem like a lady from a rich family I really admire you you`re that distinguished guest at my father`s Mansion revert hey what ar you doing? where are you bringing me to? put me down greetings to lord Ye and lady Ye they have such a good relationship bastard Ye there are people watching us what crazy antics are you pulling out now? Put me down. So what if there are people watching us? Put me down I can walk on my own greetings to lord Ye and Lady Ye wait a minute, I`m not going in, I`m not going in what are you trying to do? I think I reminded you more than once right? you are not allowed to defy me such a bad memory you have so what? Let me go bastard Ye stop wasting your efforts. You scum, I said I don`t wanna go in there You weird, perverted bastard! Let me down damn it, you let me fall again change your clothes No one is allow to look at your wet appearance other than me this guy you two, go and quickly help lady to wash up after that, bring her back to the banquet noted lady Ye is really admirables indeed what a elegant scenery, not bad Lady Ye arrives so beautiful it`s practically the descending of celestial fairies the effect is not bad it`s such a great thing that the birthday banquet can continue greetings your majesty alright be at ease you came at the right times since you have helped princess lanshuang I will reward you do you have anything that you would like to have? well, I actually don`t have anything I want I`m pretty happy that I can help out so that the banquet can continue on well said Lady Ye you re really different from the rest as such when you have thought of what you want you can bring it up to me anytime thank you, your majesty please come in. Let the banquet continue lord sun. Then I shall take my leave thank you Lord Li There`s whereabouts of your Aunt Xue. What? If you want her to be unscathed you better remember what you have promised me, don`t act recklessly and create chaos I got it let`s go sister Ye, please hold on for a moment what`s the matter please accept this why do you want to give me this? thank you for such a precious gift like the JI Zi Lan flower crown I really liked it. thanks to you and you great idea, my birthday party could continue thank you for making so much amazing memories for today even though this gift cannot be compared to Ji Zi Lan but this is my most favorite item I hope hope thank you for your gift, IÌI cherish it sister Ye she has such a cute side to her let`s go my lady, let me help you My Lady, it`s lord Ye and Lady ye thank you Lady ye why do you thank me? you`re that lady who`s pouch got stolen forget about your cross dressing experience the jade pendant inside the pouch is something my father left for me it`s the most important thing to me I´m happy that I can help you there`s something wrong with the pendant, it might be possessed by an evil spirit My Lady have you brought ningyu pills with you? I have already had my lady take some of it but the pills have already seems like this evil spirit has caused severe damage to her body Xin’er don’t spout nonsense, I’m already much better May I check your pulse, if you don’t mind? what are you doing? what can I do by just checking her pulse? I have never heard of ladies from rich families learning about medical skills you have never heard, but that doens’t mean that I don`t know about it I have a way to treat Lady nan`s ongoing illness please don`t fight Lady Nan, could you allow me to take a look at your jade pendant? of course if it wasn`t for you I would have lost it a long time ago damn it, if I remove it directly, Lady Nan`s jade pendant might be destroyed I can only suppres it for now after you go back, bring along with you a thread of bodhi beads Bodhi beads and it would be fine? also, you need to relax when you`re feeling much better, you can come and visit me I’II find a way to get the toxins out of your body if that is so, then thank you Lady Ye for your hard work what is your motive exactly what? your dad took bribes, bent the law, framed the faithful and honest causing Wan’er’s father to sacrifice himself withouth supplies during a battle stop acting innocent and don’t play possum with me I’II make him play for what he did even though you’re his daughter taht is only if you stay and abide the rules of the Mansion and that stay away from Wan’er oh I’m sorry, I can’t do whatever you said about stayng from patients what are you saying? I’m not my dad, I’m myself if I’m certain that I can treat her illness then I cannot ignore her and leave it to be. tha’s my principle we haven’t met nor understand each other before however if you’re gonna put you guards up when you’re with me “gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure” then up to you someone bring Lady Ye back to Qingyou Pavilion without my ordens, Lady Ye is not allowed to step out what? are you addicted to supervising people? My views about him had changed today at the princess’s birthday banquet but this crazy person shoved me into confinement the moment we came back I’m not happy oh, so you went to attend Princess Lanshuang’s birthday banquet he didn’t say anything and took you away that worried me aren’t I’m fine now? don’t worry so much I’ve yet to take a look at the Princess’s present let take a look at it it’s a whip I’m so excited! unknowingly, I’ve walked here my lady, slow down a bit you’re so domineering take a rest what a comfortable experience, next time I must thank the princess since lord Ye brought you to attend the Princess’s birthday banquet does that means that he cares about you? don’t mention to me about that demonic pervert somenthing about him caringe about me? he d better not get cocky whenever I see him he makes my blood boil! I can’t wait to just turn him into steamed fish but you’re Lord Ye. Ye’s wife after all you can live harmoniously with him after all marriage is about interacting with each other have you forgotten how he treated us? I fear people with such weird personalities like him, | can’t wait to just get further away from him how can I even interact with him properly? I mean it’s such a great thing that we aren’t exactly interfering with each others life but Lordy Ye is your husband can you two really not interfere with each others life? no problem fine I’ll see how you will not be able to interfere with my life? how can I do something like eavesdropping too?

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  1. Thank you so much for the English Subtitles, the Ads Free and everything. This Anime is one of the BEST!!!! Blessings!

  2. Thanks, ive finally seen all the episodes from 1-11 that has English sub in it, I can’t wait for the next episodes , I really love watching this anime series ???

  3. After hearing it many times before and having all sorts of reactions to it, I officially embraced that intro song ? and added it to my playlist

  4. Chinese anime as a rule seems to be sub par to Japanese when expressing complex emotions, but the scene of the rain in this episode gives me such hope for the future! I just love how you can immediately tell the emotions the two leads are experiencing even though there is no actual dialog. You can totally feel the hesitant respect and admiration when experiencing each other's abilities as well as the blossoming camaraderie when they work together to create the awning and they each realize that, "hey, there might be more to this person I'm married to that I initially thought." It makes me hopeful that any time soon Chinese animation will be able to catch up and add even more value to the international anime pool, and that non-Japanese works such as Knight Fantastic Night, The One and Noblesse will make it into the screens as well.

  5. Sono l'unica italiana che si sta scervellando per capirci qualcosa? …. Ma questo anime è un adorooooooo

  6. Can anyone suggest me similar Chinese anime? I have watched adorable food goddess and demonic king chases his wife…. anyone know of any other beautiful anime with Eng sub?

  7. His sister is definitely much more loveable than her own sister, but seeing how her stepsister mom is a snake..can't expect much huh.

  8. I've been blessed by the sight of Lord Ye blushing, getting jealous, smiling and eavesdropping in the same episode.

    I can't get enough of him. :3

  9. can someone please tell me the name of the manwha playing at 19:00 with the guy riding a flying bamboo stick?? I dont understand Chinese writing sorry 🙁 and Thanks!!

  10. The opening is a masterpiece I don't care what you say. Hahahahaha
    Is that a blush? I swear it's a blush.

  11. 중국말과 영어로 되어있어서 자세히 무슨이야기는 모르겠지만 꼭 변역이 나오면 그때 또 보고 지금은 이대로 보는 재미도있어요@[email protected] 한국에도 나왔으면 좋겠네요 ㅠㅠ재밌는거같아요..

  12. I don't have words how much I love Yunxi, someone recommend me any chinese animations with a daring female lead like her

  13. That " no one is allow to look at your wet appearance other than me" hehehe my brain is so pink????

  14. ugh am I the only one who can’t stand lord ye??? he is so rude to lady ye. he literally locks her up 24/7 and yells at her for every small thing. I wish she’d just beat him up already ugh he’s such an asshole, he makes my blood boil whenever he comes on screen. just cos he is good looking doesn’t mean he should have a free pass to mistreat lady ye smh she deserves better

  15. She’s shows whosed the boss around her father stepmother and stepsister is jealous of her and wants to ruined but no avail the father mother little stepsister loses the battle constantly

  16. El principe ese es un forro de los que abundan en este tipo de historias, que sé yo, un tipo decente desde el principio como interes amoroso ¿Es mucho pedir?

  17. I like the female lead but I do not like the male lead and he has to many wives I like to see them with only one love not a harem

  18. Her request to the king could be for her to remain Lord Ye's wife after her true identity is revealed.:) My prediction.

  19. She's a great fighter and great with the Whip! If she Hones and Masters that Whip and her fighting skills who know's how awesome she can be!!!!

  20. Watching his wife playing with a whip, one that’s dangerous because she might hurt herself and two, what a big pervert….. -.-

  21. Wow, Cool story, I love that kind, I wanna see those more episodes I think so it has more right, plz share me the link plz plz I wanna complete I don't wanna watch half like that, plz someone share with me???

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