Protests flare up in Tehran after Iran admits downing Ukrainian jetliner

Protests flare up in Tehran after Iran admits downing Ukrainian jetliner

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  1. It was a Russian weapons system. Russia probably told the old POSt ayatollah to "fess up or die". An incoming missile? Duh, and I got STD from a toilet seat.

  2. Iran arrested a Uk diplomat at the UK embassy in Iran for starting the protests. Today iran has got the army dressed as civilians attacking the Uk embassy.

  3. I love Trudeau's response it was clear, compassionate, selfless, controlled and politically justifiable. Saddly if it were Trump he would have gone on a rampage of insults and threats! Canadians can we trade?

  4. LOL Iran were probably reminded by the Russians what happen to them when they shot down the KAL flight in the Far East- total international cancellation of EVERY INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT to Moscow- Soo the Mullahs confessed- anyway this is not too surprising Iran’s air defense network command would shoot first since the command staff was overhauled after the embarrassment of the IAF’s F-35 Recon flights which Iran did not detect!
    YES the President is SQUEEZING the Mullahs- about time!!!

  5. The war won’t even be fought by Americans. It will be fought by the Iranian people if the protests turn sour.

  6. Protests NOT covered of course by CNN, MSNBC, etc… they are just as bad as the Iran's government. I hope the protest grows to the whole country and they overthrow that government! The Iranian people don't like their government but the fear of being killed for speaking out is real… they are good people and don't want to live like they are living… good for those students that takes balls! I watched Indigo Traveler on YouTube and he toured Iran and all the people welcomed him and don't agree with their governments views towards America.

  7. The regime wanted one passenger dead, but mullahs decided that everyone must die to accomplish their murderous vendetta.

  8. Protests look like the anti-Trump demonstrators. Good effort people, get Trump out, he's impeached and putting US citizens at risk all over the world.

  9. How many "protests" have there been so far this past 6 months? China/Hong Kong, India, Iran and others.

  10. What a historic moment for the good Iranian People. Their destiny is now in their own hands. They should take it. The World wishas you well. May the Almighty bless what happens now.

  11. John Kerry. Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton. Should all be on trial and hung for treason. Theses folks empowered Iran with BILLIONS in cash in the muddle of the night.

  12. And where is the American left on what is happening in Iran in the streets? They are not to be heard. No statement of support from Cortez or Omar. And all the others (Pelosi, Waters, Maddows, Matthews, Chuck Todd, Lemon) are silent also. Why? Because they support the Iranian government, not the people of Iran. Why would they assume such a stupid position? Because the Iranian government is anti-Trump, and any person or entity that opposes Trump gets their applause … that's all that matters to them. I am hugely surprised that, so far, none of them are accusing Trump of instigating the demonstrations and illegally interfering in Iranian affairs; and then using that as another excuse to impeach him. There has never in the history of United States been as corrupt a group of people as the Democratic Party and their toadies in the leftist media are today.

  13. In a country where 70% of the people are younger than 30 yrs old, the leaders of Iran (pure dinosaurs) are crazy if the think they can restrict and contain the beautiful and talented people from reaching their full potential.

  14. People should protest to get rid of theocracy 🙄 but of course if they did so , they’d be killed . How ironic

  15. This entire situation is unfortunate but again reveals the brilliance of Donald Trump… AND the dishonesty of the American press as a whole.

  16. Iberals claim its Trumps Fault.
    Well, see what you made me do is a 4th grade explaination without logical merit.
    Fuk you liberals, ya just are not getting what it means to be a American Patriot.

  17. Iran and other Democrats thought President Trump would instantly over react and launch return missiles. In fog of the battle they could blame Trump for the downing. But Trump didn't over react. That doesn't stop the dark side from trying to place the blame President Trump anyways.

  18. Iranians are protesting asking to kick british ambassador out and close the british embassy that they call "spy hole". the numbers are large and heading from tehran university to british embassy and back. Iranian are outrage at foreign interference and now with evidence of britain had a hand into causing violence and riots. So far the British agent president rouhani and his americans and british spies the foreign minister only launched a complaint with Britain. I think it's time for the iranians to kick these western stooges out from government and put a patriotic anti-westerner into power.

  19. Deaths of more people.
    These people are sick.
    These people are EVIL and stupid.
    Sow good things. Reap good things.
    Eat your vegetables and bread in peace.
    Love yourself and others.
    Show MERCY and kindness. An eye for an eye renders 2 blind men that both fall into the ditch as neither can see where they are going.
    Therefore have a guide that has eyes to see….and is a good man.

  20. Omore and the commonest mainstream media sitters nothing wrong over there they hate American general protested against us boy too baggy gotten stupid you can't that check stuff and look at it now doesn't look like that to happy with their government that it just time so I gotta say about that we did a great thing the next time they must with us we're gonna bond their ashes back in the stone age

  21. Know you as a crossfire and a because a president trop the ringing people didn't do that we done I was one arm missiles right I don't know how many times in mainstream media are gonna lie and get away with it this a pockets I double standard and them trying to divide our country not enough it really is maybe we need to change how the 1st amendment's written so don't protect people like that now and shift another cricket "SOB" in our country now government

  22. It is just so sad that some individuals/leaders think that violence and war is the key to attain peace and power over each other, but this is the result. Innocent people are paying for it. That is no peace at all

  23. Has anyone thought that this could be the elite evil Rothschilds way of getting control of Iran's central bank! All the countries we are currently at difference with are the countries the Rothschilds don't control!!! We are doing their dirty work!!!

  24. USA : thats our enemy..
    TARGET HIT!!!!

    what is that???!!
    is it U.S. warplane?!!??
    is it aLIEN!???
    is it a bird???
    shoot it so we could have a good look..
    aiming… aiming..


  25. Some are now saying in iran, my Iranian groups in Twitter, that it is the end of the regime or the end of the people. There has also been a crack down on womens clothing, laws and music is banned. It's a push by the mullah government to basically become an ISIS compatible state. The Iranians are not having it.

  26. Arm the citizens asap, so they can slaughter eachother. It's all their governments are good for. Radical pieces of subspecies shits.

  27. Liberals before Iranian people goes against Solemani: Solemani did nothing wrong

    After: Well actually, I take that back go Iran go!

  28. There is no Iranian government. Just a bunch of murderous scoundrels and thieves! Why, how they are getting away with it boggels the mind!

  29. The regime is running out of America $150 billion dollars to compensate for the victims. They rather spend on their beloved nuclear bomb to keep them alive instead of investing in the people! ⭐️

  30. This sad episode reminded me when the US shot down an Iranian civilian plane and nothing happened, US simply said oh well, and that was the end of that. Today it was Iran's turn.

  31. A Persian revolution by the young people wanting to return to the the pinnacle of free, open and accepting culture of the former ancient Persian Empire has been brewing behind the scenes for DECADES. The Iranian people aren't "bad"… they are one of the most hospitable, open and accepting cultures on the planet. It's the barbarians that took over as the leaders that are. This shoot down may be the Iranian Tiananmen Square that brings it to a head…

  32. How does a country mistakenly shoot down a commercial airline that doesn’t resemble any military or hostile aircraft???? It seems deliberate.

  33. This shows the regime can't be trusted to have peashooters let alone nuclear weapons…… they're decidedly incompetent

  34. Pampered rich college kids of Iranian intelligentsia. Wouldn't be surprised is these 'protestors' weren't encouraged, or funded by CIA and Mossad.

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