Profit Glitch Scam – Review (WARNING!) Profitglitch 2017

Profit Glitch Scam – Review (WARNING!) Profitglitch 2017

alright guys what’s going on happy new year this is my first review on 2017 coming into 2017 super strong and a profitglitch reason why I’m doing this review specifically on this company called profit bleach because I i was approached part you know a bunch of people I kill what’s up making money in this you know it’s a crazy Bitcoin mining that new launch your in this this amount of money and and to be quite honest okay I’ve been in this industry for eight years I’ve seen it all like quite literally I’ve seen it all and profit glitch to me after doing a thorough research North came to a conclusion that it’s not worth it because it’s just like any other money-grab out there but to confirm my own conclusions do all due diligence and follow my buddy Sean Walters and he’s he’s really good is it honest transparent marketer so you’ve got to profit glitch follow you you know so shout-out to Sean Walters I’ve been following my bought a software is in the past real the jet transparent human being but sean has done a really good job of exposing profits and and he did he never called him a scam right so he just came up with all the exact same things that I came up with but I just never said it publicly and profitglitch review you know going to their website ok first thing i did get someone’s pitching you like your profits you make mad money this is that right and so I’m like okay i’ll take a look at it right so I want to bunt to their website and right away I know this profitglitch scam little thing right here this is optimized press this whole system is built off the vice pres and I wordpress plugins so right away that tells you right away that it is built on wordpress it’s not built on a custom Bitcoin mining scripts now before we get any more laterally into this is digging into their website and using a lot of information that Shawn got Bitcoin mining mining is is condom a myth it’s a profit glitch review myth it’s like almost a mythology out there like it yeah is it real how do you can you prove that is real in my opinion it doesn’t matter how long websites go along online for I just to be quite honest I just don’t believe that Bitcoin mining Israel and the reason why i say this because it did even if there has been successfully long-term websites that have been online the process of of offering bitcoin by bit by bit by bit to people profit glitch scam for their Bitcoin mining script investment is just the process of running a script that drips and the little bits of pti bit going to them right so you don’t need actual technology behind the scenes to do that you know what I see when easy photos and stuff like that it’s really easy to fake photos ok you when you see these rooms filled with all these like a parent you know like servers and stuff like that profit glitch you know it’s they think about it i can go out there and then duplicate and buy a bunch of fake shit and just take picture of inside hey check on my server room right point being is that it’s very easy to buy script have a cross script created by really good programmer who knows how to drip in certain amount of money based on math so if you come in with like one bitcoin and they say you’re going to get two hundred percent profit glitch return than what they do is they just drip into hundred percent over a very long period of time and how it works is basically they’re just taking these people’s money and paying these people with the men with it with their money right so it in a sense it’s got the Ponzi like I mean it’s not a Ponzi well it is upon you can I get anything involved right I’m not getting anything in value for your money all you’re getting is an investment that they’re basically just profit glitch using this side of the their money to pay you with taking their money to pay you with their money and then dropping it into you at a very slow pace and then making claims that the dude Bitcoin mining so our Bitcoin mining or these types of things like kind of Ponzi’s scams it depends right like I mean you know scam alright so just scan you give someone money and you get nothing back in return profit glitch they just run off with your money at the scan right you getting money back if you’re getting something in return you’re not really getting scammed right it’s just it’s kind of like a embellished term that gets thrown around a lot so it’s really I guess it’s really profit glitch up to you to kind of base your own opinion about these things on facts now going on profit glitch proper glitch Sean shallow waters e he did a really good job of exposing i watched all his videos and I really enjoy watching people who do really good reviews and sean has really good reviews if you don’t know me back i can pretty much do review on any company that I want her ranking within 24 hours Sean he exposed a lot of things that they’re using their using a wordpress striptease and wordpress affiliate profit glitch product plugins and they’re even has gone as far as taking images from Genesis mining and putting it on their website and pretending like it’s their own it’s their actual servers since then they’ve taken that image down so sean has been a really good job and reason and one of the things that they tried to do is they tried to get sean’s well video taken down set up complaining to complaining to youtube that there are you he’s using their trademarks and stuff right so while we’re at their website right profit glitch now you know i’ll probably block out some of their their logos and stuff like that but you know i’m gonna give you my honest opinion here it doesn’t matter if you promote this thing or anything they’re all profit grabs I mean like quite seriously is the process of recruitment it’s this running the hype train approval programs like this that really give absolutely no value and just make claims and it’s just affiliate commissions that are being paid out the people right so if you actually dig deeper into what people are actually learning from this in a Bitcoin miners get paid like maybe ten cents here twenty cents here fifty cents here really nothing you’re not really getting paid anything right so it’s kinda it’s a profit glitch lot of BS this is the whole different type of of you know elaborates i’m not going to call them a scam but at this point I mean they’re not even really paying affiliate commissions they’re not responding to support tickets they’re using really she you know they’re just running it on WordPress using affiliate plugins basically just paying out affiliate commissions and then using pretending like oh yeah we got a Bitcoin mining service so they don’t have a profit glitch Bitcoin mining service pull BS in my opinion is a scam I mean I wouldn’t be putting a dime into this program i wouldn’t go and get my ninety-seven dollars i want to be doing none of that stuff quite honestly this thing’s gonna die now because it’s been exposed sean has done a really good job of exposing and three of his videos probably going to come up with a 40 i am you know if they start getting more emails as more complaints the owners of this website are nor to be found on the website there there’s no terms of service just know you privacy policy there is absolutely profit glitch nothing does not even a support link you click Sign Up they have no terms of service nothing so it’s it that’s it that’s all you’re really you’re joining the company and there’s did you not agree to any terms and so basically what they’re doing is is there is no term or contract between you and that so even if you start generating all this commission they don’t have to pay you because there’s nowhere on their websites that says that they’re going to pay you ok it’s just a video which can be bought at fibre for five dollars and that’s it would also is there is nothing else here that says AKO you know you’re gonna make money you’re going to paint this in this or you’re gonna get that it’s just a lot of images so technically speaking because they’re using Bitcoin to once you’ve given your bitcoin bitcoin is gone you’re not getting it back you’re not getting a refund is there is no refunds when it comes to Bitcoin if they’re nice they’re honest transparent human beings and you exercise your your Bitcoin refund policy with them since they say they have their often a 30 day refund policy you know maybe you get your money back if you’re lucky but you know my opinion stay away from this company’s therefore this website and I mean I can call a spade a spade right so do your homework I mean quite honestly I just stay away from me to be wanting more videos you wanna have any questions give me on facebook if you guys got any questions about any companies i’ll give you my honest opinion about them but to me profit Lynch

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  1. And why in God's name cant you call it a Scam? For God's sake Why cant we call it for what it is ? The website is full of s***. My $97 is gone, voom, into a black hole and we are being polite by not calling it a scam? They even go as far as sending emails to the chosen ones ( The ones whose accounts were activated), threatening to de-activate their accounts if they go about spreading false information about them and a lotta them like Paul Thank you.

  2. I signed up for this scam and did a dispute with my bank on my VISA card. They are not appealing my dispute!!! Crooks!!!

    My own fault for jumping at it and not doing my due diligence! They now claim their website profitglitch is under reconstruction and are trying to tell my bank that I signed up under Buyers Beware!

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