Professional Fellows Programs

Professional Fellows Programs

The Professional Fellows Program brings emerging leaders from around the world to the United States for short-term intensive fellowships. It’s a pure exchange of knowledge and experience and culture. It’s an opportunity to work in an American organization. To, you know, see how things are done here. I didn’t know the United States, I didn’t know this culture. The biggest eye-opener for me in this visit is basically the understanding of the system of the U.S. government and getting involved hands-on and visits to a lot of location that really supports the understanding of the government system and how the majority or the legislative is run. I was lucky to work with a higher level person like the director of the board and to job shadow her and accompany her to different meetings and to different negotiations. As I’m a journalist, communication person, they gave me some work related to my profession which was very nice. This program is very important. I think it’s very beneficial first of all for the colleagues here to learn about different countries. Being able to network and to make a real cultural and professional exchange is very rich and empowering not only for your home country but also for the host country. Definitely as part of the program there will be an out-bound project when my American supervisor will come to my country for two weeks. If relationships are there then we will probably have more mutual understanding among each other. Through this program we, the United States, are building a network of professional leaders around the world.

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