Prison Fellowship Insider: Alone in Battle?

Prison Fellowship Insider: Alone in Battle?

My name is Andre Polito. I caught my case in 2007, but I’ve been in prison for about two and half years. My name is Rick Langdon. I started serving my prison sentence in ’97, but I’ve been on this yard for 12 years now, and I’ve been part of the ministry ever since. Program has been nothing but a blessing. I was already a believer prior to coming to this yard. But as a believer and as someone who’s really trying to strive and just live by the Spirit and serve God, sometimes we get the feeling of we’re all alone in our walk we’re all alone in our struggle, in this war, this battle that we’re in. But being in this class, it enables me to lean on other brothers. It reminds me that I’m not alone in this battle, that there are likeminded brothers who are in this struggle with me. The volunteers, they said that their whole purpose was to raise and create spiritual leaders, and their ultimate goal is to take those leaders and plant them them in churches in urban cities. But also they encourage people who are doing life sentences to participate in the program too, so we can do evangelism work right here in the prison house. As long as inmates are getting out of prison, we need to offer something. Now its up to them to accept it. You can make somebody change, but you have to offer them the opportunity to change And that’s what were trying to do here. Its definitely a positive for the prisons, and more importantly, for the communities.

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