Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

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  1. Prince Harry was also at the meeting of African leaders. He hosted a dinner to benefit a charity for children with aids. This charity was introduced to him by his mother Diana. Prince Harry path is to fulfill his mother's legacy and that is what he is doing.

  2. Now she can tell him go find a job we don’t have public funding . You can’t get all you want , be careful what you wish for !!! Don’t play games Meghan you can’t win the Queen !

  3. They never gave the impression they're camera shy, where did you get that from? It's the racial slurs and unhinged criticism anyone has a right to protect themselves from. It did come from heavily regulated and controlled royal coverage media, from the very thing that was meant to protect them, therefore any other media coverage would seem better than what they've been having up until now.

  4. Happiness is all that matters. However, my opinion is if they are going to live like ordinary people they need to lose security or pay for it themselves.

  5. Megan wants to be in Canada and then America because she wants the paparazzi to document her every more. She crave the attention. Look how happy she is… smiling for the camera. Diana 2 wannabe…

  6. Hahahaha Meghan looks so free and happy! Great money shot! I bet they're having a party tonight. Good for them.

    Poor William. Bet he wants out too

  7. Smil…….look at me!!!!!!!. I thought she wanted a private life?😂😂baby dangling😂 those two guys behind? Canada paying????😂

  8. Wait till their children grow up and realize what are exactly their suppose to be royal status. I believe they would tell their parents "WTF were you thinking? Are out of your minds?" lol.

  9. Who took the photographs and uploaded in media. Was it on MM’s instructions and if not then is this the definition of privacy. Paradoxical MM

  10. Good job Harry to get away from all the pomp and uncircumstance you do not need. Since you are 4th removed from ever being King why go through all that stodgy stuff. Enjoy Canada and America and life existence from Daddy and Grandma.

  11. Eventhough this is tough descion but still happiness matters and this media should leave alone this couple alone to leave happy and their security issue.
    They have chosen ordinary life.

  12. They will have no problems in Canada!!! Welcome Prince Harry and Megan and Baby Archie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am happy they are here !!!

  13. Cool leaving the royal money train…
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at wallmart shopping , Remember to say hi…

  14. Look at Meghan smiling and looking directly into the camera. Private? Candid? And who is paying for the two guys walking behind her?

  15. they not coming back. they hate to be around toxicated people who rubbish Meghan…Harry will never let toxic people to have a glimpse of Archie Harrison.

  16. note the security guards. two no less. on secluded area. Yes. you will pay with the help of tv and speeches. they will be very rich. and in time Harry will return to. dad and being royal. Megan will be rich.

  17. My prediction: Meghan will leave Harry. Probably will send him the wedding ring in the mail like she did with her first husband. I give it between 1 to 2 years. Harry has always had mental issues. Meghan, being a narcissist, took advantage of the situation. Nobody knew of her before she met Harry. She was just a B rated level actress. Now she is worth more because she married Harry. Harry had more to lose by abdicating. So sad. I think Meghan couldn't stand the fact that Kate would always be above her in terms of hierarchy. Why is it that the monarchy aides were quitting? And the fact that she made Kate cry because of how Princess Charlotte was dressed at Meghan's wedding? Also, what kind of woman sends her husband the wedding ring in the mail when she wants a divorce? What kind of daughter has no respect for her father; a father that put her through private school. When Harry and Meghan were engaged, Harry had never even met Meghan's father even once! That is weird!

  18. They should just leave them be. That goes for her dad and half sister. They're just trying to profit from her. Instead of supporting her they trash her. So shameful. Meghan and Harry have every right to do what they want.

  19. I know this is a little off topic but did anyone else notice the blazing fire behind the new york anchors?? WTF was that?

  20. Welcome to Canada love birds. We are glad to have you here. I hope the government of Canada will help you with the child benefit😘

  21. Can Canada plz build a wall so American media doesn’t blow this up? They literally are wanting privacy but yet this blows up.

    And oh ya, America will pay for it as well.

  22. She wants privacy… then she frequents Hollywood, celebrities, celebrity life and married one of the worlds most known prince. Ok, Meghan I believe you. 🙄

  23. Meghan, and Harry, they did nothing wrong just tried to fit in with his wife and biracial wife. they didn't do anything and you know they didn't. and then after that they got stripped of everything that you had given them. but they're going to make it you know what because believe it or not right when's every time. because when God is in the mix they're going to be okay.

  24. She looks really happy, and he looks Canadian!
    Go for it, you two, and pity the poor Wills and Kate, not to mention Diana.

  25. Poor Harry . Megan took he fulllll advantage from the royal family now she will be known person by this propaganda few months and Megan will divorce Harry

  26. Vous n'avez pas remarqué que William veut remplacer Harry? Sa façon de s'habiller de se comporter. Il ne l'egalera jamais. Ils sont partis mais les gens veulent savoir ce qu'ils font oh mais c'est de l'obssession ça.

  27. This story is so dull now.. so a man moves out of his home.. he's middle aged..😄😄 lots of other important issues I'm sure that could be talked about….side note; maybe if there's less talk they wont get the attention they might move back .😁 maybe Buckingham palace should throw a huge party?..😂 make them think no one cares…😁

  28. She don’t have good behaviour.she should come to uk and say bye to Charles and others .
    Megan proved her family background and past life

  29. I'm so glad she's suing the tabloids for those photos of her walking yesterday… And she can sue for a ton of money since they stepped away from the RF…. THE MEDIA DOES NOT GET THE MESSAGE, KEEP SUING THEM FOR MILLIONS ON EACH OCCURENCE…

  30. Meghan Markle Pursues Legal Action over Paparazzi Photos with Archie..

  31. I'm not from Canada but from what I read is the tax payers dont want to have to pay for their security and what not.. if that's true then the government who invented them then they should pay for their security and what not .it would upset me too if that was going to happen..

  32. Britain!, moves on with William, Harry is done with your racist bullied normality. English is the founder, the root of racism, you will remain racist.Go read your history again. No one is surprise except people that have not read your history. Canada will be good for them, I remember when I was barely see racism, Canadians are cool people.

  33. Harry and Megan be happy with each other and don't listen to what people tell you both make a beautiful couple people are very jealous of your marriage and it's not fair love is love God bless you both your in my prayers

  34. I hope the British people turn on the media for forcing Harry out! All they had to do was be fair to his wife but they couldn’t. I don’t blame him and I wish them peace and happiness!

  35. How are they going to earn a living? Most people could live on the money they already have in luxury for the rest of their lives and leave a fortune for their children. The media keeps bringing up a lot of non-issues. Maybe they can make a living off of all the money they make from suing the idiotic media in Britain and the US.

  36. If she wants her private life then quit calling out the press to photograph you walking your doll. Come on what mother carries her child like that with one strap falling off her shoulder. Now they want to sue for this pic . Be gone already. You could have been so much more not only for the UK but for America instead you’ve become a disgrace.

  37. Oh, British press was so bad and they could not stand to this media attention, but somehow Canadian press following them on private walk is ok? Well we have never seen pics of Meghan walking her dogs in UK press?

  38. Can someone please tell Meghan she needs an ergonomic carrier for her baby, what she has the baby in isn’t good and comfortable for him or her, for that matter.

  39. K mala decision de separarc de la familia real ya k meghan brillaba x sus looks y no podremos ber mas estilos bueno deplano

  40. So happy for them . This is what's life is about not being fake 💖❤👪 enjoy new life in an most beautiful city of Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦

  41. At least Canadian Media always respect Ex-Royalty , but U.K media always disrespects ex-Royals with the exception of Prince Andrew getting what he deserves. But the prediction that this couple will be back in the U.K, it will not happen because Canada is a great big Desolate place to live in peace for life and Harry and Meghan will greatly love their new private life’s.

  42. That baby Archie is older than his reported birth..I honestly don't believe that's their baby..This white baby was chosen..I'm a hopeless romantic and I just don't feel any sensuality of family, lineage, money, love with Harry and Meghan.. You know all the things that make a soap opera..Now the elegance is gone with Meghan wearing sweat jogging pants…I believe their departure was plotted from the beginning so that William and Kate can get their rightful attention as William will one day be king..

  43. Who took the pic of her walking the dogs? Why is she smiling for the photographer? Is she sharing ger privacy now?

  44. They should've moved to Dubai for sometime until this media high hype reduces. Paparazzi is very controlled here.

  45. Happy days for Harry and Megan. Who in their right mind would want to be apart of the awful hypocritical family anyway. .The whole thing will fall apart when the queen is gone. ..he's out just in time. …both of you be greatful you got out …

  46. The ROYAL FAMILY IS PROTECTING PERVERT PEETIE PEDOPHILE Prince Andrew they are GLAD of FOCUS on Harry and Meghan. Prince Harry has the WEALTH to PAY for his OWN PERSONAL SECURITY himself and Meghan and Baby Archie have many POSSIBILITIES. Harry can Make Money from PUBLIC SPEAKING he can INVEST IN BUSINESS VENTURES they can LIVE in Switzerland Andorra Monaco France Belgium America. If Canada becomes a PROBLEM Harry and his Family has MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR THERE FUTURE HE HAS STEPPED OUT ON HIS PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH IS WIFE AND BABY SON.

  47. I don’t get why people are after them. They are going to give up their salary from the British tax payers.. Not like it’ll save the tax payers any money, but at least they’re trying to be independent.

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