Primerica International Headquarters

Primerica International Headquarters

[MUSIC PLAYING] No other company in the world
provides its sales force with the kind of
entrepreneurial support you’ll find right here at
number one Primerica Parkway. Approximately 1,600
employees work together to provide home office
support like no other. Primerica is proud
to have top level leadership with a
proven commitment to our representatives. Primerica has been doing
business in Canada since 1986 through the Canadian head
office in Mississauga, Ontario. And in New York,
Primerica does business through National Benefit Life. As a leader in term
life insurance, Primerica efficiently
receives, processes, and issues life insurance policies. Last year, Primerica’s
claims department processed more
than 14,000 claims and paid out greater
than $1 billion. Our securities operations
area helps with the invest the difference side
of the business. Client solutions is
responsible for delivering a broad portfolio of products. Our strategic partners are some
of the most respected companies in the industry. Primerica distribution focuses
on recruiting, education, and compensation. The field compensation
department works hard for your money. And they make sure
you get paid quickly. Last year, Primerica paid
more than $1/2 billion to our representatives. The distribution
team includes PFSU, one of the largest insurance
pre-licensing schools with programs in every state. Insurance licensing is
your core support team for all licensing initiatives
except for securities. The Primerica data center is
like the NASA headquarters of the financial
services industry. The system issues 4 billion
instructions per second and prints more than 1,250 life
insurance policies per day. Primerica leads the way in
marketing and communications technology. The Primerica app allows
you to build your business in the palm of your hand. The company’s best
marketing tools go with you wherever you go. Primerica Online is the greatest
entrepreneurial support system in North America. New reps have
everything they need to get off to a fast start. And leaders have access
to incredible resources to help build and
grow their businesses. You also have access to
professionally written and designed marketing tools. The communications department
creates all the materials you need. PFN TV broadcasts live from
the Art and Angela Williams theater. The studio is the home of the
largest private business TV network in the world. The training and
development team creates educational
and training programs to help you take your
business to the next level. Meetings and Conventions handles
more than 30 meetings a year, including incentive trips to
the world’s finest destinations. The Awards and
Recognition team is responsible for the recognition
presented on all of the trips and at the convention,
in addition to the financial independence
council’s rings and watches. Imagine, our unique
interactive high tech tour is a showcase of the
success of our leaders. The greatest honor
in all of Primerica is to be enshrined
in the wall of fame where true greatness is earned. No matter where
you call home, when you visit Primerica’s
headquarters, you’ll find a
place to learn more about the company’s history
and discover why we really are a company of destiny.

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