President Trump joins ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’

President Trump joins ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’

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  1. Great questions Trump continues to amaze me fighting the dems with one hand and running our country with the other.

  2. Trump is the best president or prime minister in history .
    I am 74 years old and I feel like I have the wisdom to make judgement on him and he is making all the other politicians look like junior school people.
    My father guarded Churchill during the war and I was proud to be put in charge of the divisional fire station in Margret Thatchers home town in England when I was only 27 years old and I later moved to Canada a great country but with shitty politicians with no balls like Trudeau.
    I find that I enjoy watching trump than watching Canadian politics and I would like to find a politician of Trump standard to vote for..

  3. My father is a veteran in his 70’s and he said with tears in his eyes two days ago that Trump is his favorite president and he added and I really liked Reagan but Trumps even better

  4. The devil worshiper Democrats are so angry that our President is changing the country from the wickedness the Democrats have brought to our Great Country.

  5. What is the f***ing problem? Any US president is supposed to engage with or meet with all other reps of other countries, especially when there are US citizens that are from other countries that are already here in the US. We do not discriminate or have picks or choices of which countries that we will meet with and not meet with because of personal emotional bs.Cuba, as well as Switzerland, Italy, every continent, but without selling out our country, and refusing to put our own country first. Just as every other country has the right to respect their own culture and build up their own country and we all respectfully visit/interact, help each other, respect each others culture, live and let live without overstepping others healthy boundaries. What about Americal first before taking over/care of other countries? Which we as Americans will always be there for other countries anyway.

  6. I love just listening to the voice of our President. I hear honesty,and truth for once. God Bless and love you President Trump!

  7. Just about EVERY common man knows the lies perpetuated ag trump by the MSM, schiff, pelosi. Yet the msm is painting a holier than though picture of pelosi schiff. Who r they trying to convince.

    . FREE ASANGE !!!

  9. Unfortunately the mainstream news, includes print, radio, internet etc are owned by six companies who are elite globalist intent on one world government modeled after China. These people are evil and serve the evil master.

  10. I heard the democrats and deep state are planning an assassination of our POTUS on the 17th. They hurt one hair on his head they are all dead. I won't be doing it, I'm too old and sick…but patriots will.

  11. I love Trump and like Janine, but I kept wanting her to stop interrupting and just let him talk. Fortunately, the President doesn’t allow the host to steer the conversation.

  12. Dem lost many times their credit and faces. Dem got dirty money from enemies. Think about all thier money deal connect with Clinton, Biden, Obama and Kelly.

  13. Obama should be in jail along with Hillary. God Bless Trump let's pray that Trump finds a way to bring real justice and uproots the corruption in the Democratic Party.

  14. Every time the Democrats have or had dirty business with other countries they turned it around blaming others of what they’re doing they’re dishonest disgusting menace to America

  15. dems should have to repay thier corruption colussion hoax witch hunt against potus they should have to pray us tax oayers all back thier money they earned in the life times dems & those all dems sins democrats came into existance… It is the demis have since this party was created they have never been for constitution & freedom to all they only want devission and wars & rumors if wars etc…

  16. Would Love to Have Mr Donald Trump for our President in the UK. America is so lucky to have Mr Trump For President. I know lots of you Do! God Bless.

  17. 12:47 ( she happens to agree with him ) Judge makes it sound as if she has lots of disagreements with Him. Is the judge flipping sides? Will the judge be the next one to pursue more false information about Trump.

  18. Mr. President Donald Trump, very smart with courage and integrity…a true world leader…
    Donald Trump 2020
    Ivanka Trump 2024
    Ivanka Trump 2028

  19. I want CNN to do some follow up reporting on the Stuff the BIDENS were up to. Stop this inparticial reporting. One AMERICA based on truth and justice.

  20. By the way, we don't need the attention or the permission of the media to prosecute these creeps. The media is irrelevant so let' s stop making things up!

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  22. Obama is stocking his nuclear office in the rental office. I think the WH iz bugged n Obama has a Cartel tunnel inside going. Inside

  23. Hello BEAUTIFUL LADY JUDGE PERRIO ! I always love to listen to you every weekend. Your so good with the PRESIDENT TRUMP. Maybe it’s good you could maybe help him. I am so proud of him. But we still stand behind him. Thru good. Or bad. We have not going too either.🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  24. Mr. President. The people love there people's president, we know what they are doing to you. You are innocent, we just want you to do your job. Love from Texas

  25. Schiff made up a parady. But you see Trump released the call and the Democrats didn't think he would! Ha! He outsmarted all of them especially Schiff, Hillary and Pelosi believed the parody Schiff made up! How naive is she?!

  26. just look at the women with greasy hair sorrounding the female Ambassador (of course nicely dressed and proper) and Shiff, it's like the could wear a Tshirt with "I'm a rabid communist".

  27. Wow the president joining this Judge and TV Show? I listen to the whole video, Trump is very angry and upset on the whole process Adam Schiff and Pelosi did start on him.
    I hope Pelosi, and Hilary and Biden will be conficted for there crimal offence, they should get a huge fine or sit for some months. The Wallstreet and George Sorro and Hollywood which are also incredibly corrupt they want the power back. Mean while both also democratic party and republic parties allow the policy of regime change and paying contracters to fight in countries. It is true. Also Obma has silently agreed with the coorperates and the military policy. This part of Trump i like he is direct, but okay he makes also money of the CIA / miliarty industry.

  28. Devils advacate…Mr Trump answers the question before she is done even asking question.WHY … BECAUSE Wants to keep repeating his talking points AND AVOID THE REAL QUESTIONS! ANYWAY TRUMP ABOUT THE 50/28 TROUPS … ?

  29. Thank you so much Judge Janine!󾓦 I know he's not the easiest to interview…he truly just needs a platform so he can be heard. He IS just a good ol' boy…even for a Yankee,♥ And I'm so glad we're not expected to play footsie and mince words anymore about the worst of the democrat party. They Are Evil! They lie and lie and mislead and lie some more. It's just unbelievable! And when they started just blatantly doing it…the sheer audacity of them! It throws people for a loop when someone just to your face LIES…the shock of it literally renders you speechless! That's how they've gotten the power they have. But NO MORE! NO MORE!
    I love you President Trump. You will be remembered as the greatest President EVER!

  30. Why haven't we heard so much as PEEP from King Rat, Barak Hussein?
    Because he is the most guilty of them all!!!!!
    That's why.

  31. The judge is out to lunch.
    Trump is a world class
    Criminal liar loudmouth
    Who will soon be Locked
    Away. Plenty of Walls
    Surrounding him 24/7.
    Most likely he'll have some
    neighbors he won't like.

  32. "We defeated ISIS " ,tell it to the kurds.What a perfekt human being.Another point:granting of Chinese trademarks to his daughter, Ivanka Trump is no conflict of interests, obviously.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰✉✉✉✉💼💼💼💼🈹🈹

  33. Thank you Judge Jeanine for that nice interview with our beloved President! I am thankful and blessed because I am where God has planted me. The greatest country on earth and with the greatest President in the history of my lifetime! God bless you and continue to be a mouthpiece of our Predident Trump!

  34. Donald the good thing about you releasing the transcript is you could call them out in about 50 years or more I personally believe they will never get in again being so dirty and against the people and there will

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