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  1. You know the problem about Asia is that we hate each other. Secretly. So it’s really easy for the west to interfere

  2. Did the fat assed Coward in Chief back down from North Korea again? They launched missiles and he pats their leader on the back.

  3. Obama talked to world leaders always about diversity and apologized for America and President Trump is working with leaders about jobs and progress. Countries let in millions of immigrants and look what is happening, the immigrants are taking over and having lots of babies and getting more freebies.

  4. Don't come to Japan.
    America is the enemy of the world.

  5. As of April 29 the Washington Post has cataloged 10,111 times Trumpo The Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

  6. Japan makes quality things everybody desires. They earned it ! Let’s learn from Japan how to run our factories

  7. .. Scoundrel Trump .. 5 .. That's right .. 5 Viet Nam War .. Draft Deferments .. The 5th .. For Self Healing .. HEEL SPURS = LIAR = COWARD = TRAITOR .. ONLY FITTING .. THAT THE COWARD IS NOT AT .. Arlington .. No Cowards Buried There

  8. Oh joy. Our President is once again overseas parading his ignorance. And playing to his equally ignorant base back home.

  9. Donald Trump swore when he was running for president that he wouldn’t even have time to golf anymore because he’d be so busy working. Well, the numbers are in, and the “hard-working” Trump is actually more in love with leisure than he is with work. Taxpayers have now shelled out over $100 million just for the President to go play golf, and a lot of those costs go right back into the President’s pockets

  10. Trump: Want to lose 20 more years? Let's make a deal.
    Abe: Really?
    Trump: Missles Jets Bombs Soldiers Bases
    Abe: Sure, why not?

  11. Trade wars will make Americans become very hardworking, work overtime, life quality declines, and the environment becomes bad. Most monopolistic things such as systems, software, and digital services will be affected. 5 years later will produce a result

  12. "This trade war has destroyed our reputation as a reliable supplier and has left farmers with swelling grain stores and empty pockets." – The National Farmers' Union

  13. Japan is still deeply connected to its traditions and culture. They show respect and honor…not like the Me Me Me Americans.

  14. 3:20 President's trophy? President of what? Japan doesn't have a president for Sumo tournament to have a President's trophy.

  15. Salute 🦊 fox news Hannity Tucker juged Jeanine Pirro congratulations 2020 is for the Legend Donald J Trump 😍 God protect Trump and his family Victory MAGA🤗🤩🤗🤩😀

  16. She should work for cnn putting words in his mouth he never said he did not agee grrrr twiating words bad journalism

  17. It's kinda weird that MSNBC doesn't have any news coverage of President Trumps visit with Japan's new Emperor? Maybe it didn't really happen?

  18. I Love how Trump always upsets the Left
    and he's not even trying loL
    Bookies are now giving Odds that Comey or Brennan will
    see jail time LoL
    Ohhh man this is better than Game of Thrones 🙂

  19. The U.S. government should compensate Japan for the atomic bomb attack in World War II.

  20. Who the fck is this douche kidding? If he were in DC that fat fck wouldn't go to Arlington cemetery! See we have the abi,it's to remember. Last time the FCKING RAIN kept him from paying his respects. KEEP IT FCKING REAL WITH FACTS AT LEAST

  21. That so called royal family needs to address their tattoo discrimination and admit they forced samurai to participate in murdering themselves. They are not my god and i find their government offensive.

  22. How's that Farmer's Socialism/Voter Buy Back Program going? Can''t wait to get Barr's Summary, Part II with that Declassification-Falsification scam.

  23. A Samurai should not be forced tp die on his knees by his own country when he did nothing but give his life to his country. Show me something that family does that reflects Japanese culture instead of Korean culture

  24. Trump is having fun pretending he is royalty. Meanwhile, he doesn't have time to work out an infrastructure deal to benefit Americans. Four days in Japan. Three minutes for Congress.

  25. God help the Japanese. They have no idea what a bad deal it would be if they do business with this crook. It's all about money for him.

  26. I see that Don the Con is on another 'diversion excursion', on Memorial Day no less…the Grifter in Chief has absolutely no class & should be impeached ASAP! 🙄

  27. Trade war, already incurred usd 21 trillion of USA dept, still talk about trade war. USA government also not enough fund to pay off the usd 21 trillion interest, so? Shut down government, still not enough money to pay the dept interest? Raise the tax of import, stupid citizens pay for it.
    Not able to start war with Iran, let go Syria to Russian. Stop F22 production line.

  28. I am Japanese.

    This time Trump's visit to Japan is a customer who will officially go as Japan. This time, business such as political talks is not main.

    Because there was also a throne of the Emperor, it is the purpose to invite the president of allies.

    This time, Japan only serves as a treat to the “special customer invited by allJapan” theme of the friendship bond. I think it is the time of G20 to close the talk of the trade.

    The main purpose of this visit to Japan is different.

  29. 🐘👍🔴🔴🐘👍🔴🐘👍🔴🐘👍🔴
    President Trump, the president of Miracles made to happen!!

  30. It was exciting to see the Japanese people chanting, "Baka Trump! Baka Trump!" as his motorcade passed by.
    They are smart people!

  31. If you know anything about the Japanese they won't buy American pork, to them Japanese pork and beef is superior because it's Japanese raised. Trump just screwed over the backbone of the American economy. Orange Idiot

  32. I wonder if he's going to discuss with the Japanese our roughly 70 billion dollar annual trade deficit work them?

  33. What's funny is that here in Canada our government trys to take credit for the tariffs being dropped but trump already made a deal with steel and aluminum business leaders up in Canada he invited them to a dinner for billionaires at his house and all of a sudden all is well. Apparently a Canadian billionaire owns steal tube companies in the United states or Chicago. The globe and mail reported it.

  34. mr. president! So proud you made all with buttoning your coat in meeting with the Emperor. You will also gradually learn about economics. I believe there is some sort of talent in you.

  35. and he goes on to praise and agree with his love interest Kim Jung Un and just says "so what?!" about their missile firings, he attacks the former VP Biden while agreeing with dictator Kim…this sorry excuse for a president is a walkng, talking, tweeting EMBARRASSMENT to the office that he shows zero respect for with his immature childish behavior, his deranged endless tweeting, his daily lies, his ongoing corruption, and his disregard for our Constitution and rule of law…..he just wants to be King Donald and he'll keep on destroying our institutions to get to that level…he needs to go in 2020 and just be remembered as just a bad nightmare in American history.

  36. Someone should tell Trump that his popularity rating in Japan is 24% — they don't love him, they loathe him.

  37. One of Trump's tweets from 2014 resurfaced….Trump tweeting "How come Obama did not bring up the attack on Pearl Harbor during his visit with the Japanese prime minister?…thousands of lives lost!"……First, Trump proves yet again he is the most historically ignorant president in U.S. history, guess he has zero knowledge of the four year long war in the Pacific that followed Pearl Harbor….Second….Trump, did YOU bring up the Pearl Harbor attack while over there????

  38. To our dear friends, American people, I am so honored to have your President come visit Japan and meet our new Emperor! It’s very unfortunate that I hear Pres.Trump has a lot of enemies in his own country but I can tell you he is earning our respect, friendship, and admiration with what he does for his great nation, USA! I wish our friendship will last as our imperial house will, and us two great nations together make the world into a better place for us all!

  39. My entertainment: Watching liberals bashing conservatives under CNN and conservatives striking everyone else who are not conservatives or Trump supporters under fox news…. Hell yeah made my Day

  40. Because that's all he knows. He's a coward. Not going after any criminals. A liver bellied ….

  41. Funny, Trump takes credit for the economy he inherited Obama, but won't take credit for the worst border disaster in 60 years, that he manufactured. What a FRAUD and liar.

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