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  1. Ummm he prob did many things AFTER the FORMER ambassador testified but his “profanity” wasn’t a direct result of her. JHC, you fake news morons wonder why you’re ratings are in the toilet.

  2. REPORTER: Is Guiliani still your personal attorney? TRUMP: Well I don´t know. I haven´t spoken to him. I spoke to him yesterday briefly. ahhh He´s a very good attorney and he has been my attorney…yeah sure. Trump is such a compulsive liar that he cant even answer a simple yes or no question.

  3. محد يزعل ترامب واللي بيزعله بزعلني🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 انا احب ترامب ومريد اشوفه زعلان

  4. It's bad enough that pathologically lying criminal is president, look at the mind blowingly stupid people who rally behind him. Amoral, racist morons and wealthy Rethuglicrooks. America has been forever exposed. Knocked down from the pedestal.

  5. Biden does the same thing while VP, brags about it and it's all right.  Trump team begins  investigation of career criminal Biden PRIOR to him running for president with no quid pro quo and he is burned at the stake.

  6. “ Illegal, invalid, unconstitutional” describes this illegitimate “ president “ who is the result of an illegitimate election manipulated by foreign dictators. Everything he has done should be declared null and void. Impeach and REMOVE! NO DICTATORS ALLOWED!

  7. This is what happens when you leave YouTube on, eventually it clicks over to biased bollacks like this. I think you changed the sound track when the President called out BS on the impeachment, when I heard it live it was rapturous applause, yours doesn't sound like that. Trump 2020, from Australia!

  8. Impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach

  9. The mobster-in-chief seems to think that the written constitution of the United States of America is unconstitutional.

  10. Rather than fighting for your name. Trump; get on your knees a pray for the victims in Syria! You left them to be slaughtered! Where are your dam priorities Stupid Trump! Imbecile!!!!! Your parents failed you!!!!!! And now we are paying for your upbringing!

  11. Trump is illegal and unconstitutional. Dems should go after his finances and business deals. Then he will be wearing orange to match his dumb face. But they won't do that because dems like Biden and Pelosi will be joining him.

  12. Funny. He doesn't even know the Constitution. Go back to your corporation.
    Can't respect a "president" who disrespects the 🌎
    ✌ 💜🇺🇸

  13. There is NOTHING illegal or unconstitutional of a Impeachment otherwise the founding fathers would of never had it within the Constitution. If it was illegal and unconstitutional, 2 other presidents in American history would of never been Impeached and 2 others would of never went through the process leaving before Impeachment was finalized.

  14. After Trump wins 2020 I am going to take him and his wonderful family PEACHES and Mints … We Love You Trump.. 2020 is Ours …Down with Do Nothing Dems…

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