President Moon says ‘New Southern Policy’ central to S. Korea’s national development

south korean president when jane held
his regular cabinet meeting today in Busan where anticipation is building for
the special summit with Southeast Asian countries just two weeks from now their
president moon called his mission to boost Korea’s partnership with asean a
national development strategy our packagin has more Prasanna moon teen has
reaffirmed his commitment to advancing south korea’s ties with Southeast Asia
which is one of his administration’s key foreign policy goals Kevin Santiago
Hakeem de acción on Sugino chapada son Johnny Bravo a president and a rope tow
guru Camilla you know Assam gonca I shall
Pamela during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday president once at Korea’s
hosting of his summits with ASEAN and make on countries demonstrates his
government’s devotion to promoting ties with Southeast Asia to release
anticipation for the events and to see how the preparations are going to stays
cabinet meeting was even held in Busan the host city for the summit’s the
president cited the efforts by the administration to strengthen relations
with Southeast Asia they included visits to all 10 ASEAN
members and the enhanced cooperation and diplomacy economy and culture at a pace
not seen before he highlighted the regional
comprehensive economic partnership the world’s biggest trade deal which covers
30 percent of global trade when our separate signed next year hopefully with
India president moon anticipates that idea will further expand free trade
which she says is vital for the co-prosperity William Joey Hana Chan
Sung Jung Hwan oh yeah Shyam will come jinan shemitah is
immense oh I said tag Aaron we are I shall Ghana South Korea you’re gonna
kiss on our wall Sheila bangs on table so so Colin okay you had a question Mita
the korea-asean commemorative summit also drew international attention over
the possibility that North Korean leader Kim jong-un might visit while president
moon dead emphasized the importance of working toward peace
cream peninsula he did not directly mention anything regarding Kim’s visits
he was likely aware of how unlikely a visit by Kim would be amid uneasy
inter-korean relations but the blue house is keeping its door open a senior
Blue House official said Monday that although there are no developments to
share organizers continue to make preparations
remaining open to all possibilities packagin ida news

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