Pres. Moon visits petrochemical plant built by global consortium led by S. Korean firms

Pres. Moon visits petrochemical plant built by global consortium led by S. Korean firms

President Moon was at the site of a major
joint business project in Turkmenistan,… inspecting a petrochemical plant built by
an international consortium led by Korean firms. The leaders of the two countries said that
their bilateral economic cooperation could be even greater in the future
Shin Se-min reports. An hour and half out of the capital Ashgabad,…
is a multi-billion dollar petrochemical plant -the first such kind in the Turkmenistan and
the largest in the entire Central Asian region,… built by a global consortium led by Korea’s
Hyundai Engineering and LG International. President Moon Jae-in,… accompanied by Turkmenistan’s
president visited the plant as part of his state visit to the Central Asian country. The visiting South Korean leader praised the
workers of both the Korean and local firms for successfully building the complex with
zero casualties or accidents in the 47 months of construction. And he thanked the firms for doing much more
than just building the site. As promised during their summit on Wednesday,…
the leaders assured each other that this plant will not be the last project between the two
nations. Hyundai Engineering says the complex has the
capacity to churn out 6-million tons of natural gas annually and that the petrochemical products
from the plant can generate profits of up to 600-million U.S. dollars for the Turkmen
government every year. “A stroll out in the desert wilderness was
an opportunity for the leaders to witness the progress the two sides have made,… and
a chance to highlight the Korean president’s New Northern Policy that will link the two
countries ever more closer together. Shin Se-min, Arirang News, Kiyanly.”

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