Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change – Trevor Murdock

Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change – Trevor Murdock

In previous generations we could use
data about the history of the climate to plan for the future. Today though what happened in the past is
no longer a good guide on its own It would be kind of like using what we know about temperature and precipitation and Prince
George to design a building in Vancouver. In the coming decades considerably
warmer temperatures will be experienced throughout the province. By the 2050s
we’re looking at something like double to triple the number of hot days
compared to a 1971 to 2000 average and on the flip side we’re looking at days
below freezing being reduced by a month or two fewer days in the central interior and perhaps nearly disappearing on the coast. In terms of heavy rainfall we expect
those sorts of days to be more intense and more frequent All of these changes in temperature
and precipitation together mean increased risks of
wildfire flooding and drought. This is why we need to start planning now for a
change in climate. It means things like foresters deciding which types of trees to plant farmers thinking about which types of crops
will be suitable here engineers designing bridges for the conditions that will actually be experienced. These and other professionals are going to
need to learn how to use future climate information to make sure that we’re prepared.

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