Prank Encounters | Official Trailer | Netflix

Prank Encounters | Official Trailer | Netflix

Oh, my God. We have reason to believe that Lucius might be
on the property. Oh, guys, what is that? What? What was that? -I don’t–
-What was it? Down! Oh, my… You’re on Prank Encounters. Is this the kid
from Stranger Things? All right, guys, let’s do this. -How are you?
-Good. How are you? I’m dying to get
a new assistant. You’ll be a security guard. Do you feel comfortable
with translating what’s on the sarcophagus
when it arrives? Make sure nothing bad 
happens to Xavier, or else… -That bear moves.
-You’re not Momma. Hell, no! -Oh, my God!
-Go away! Oh, my God. Let’s cue another scare. Are you cool? -No!
-Oh, my God! Guys! I know 
what’s happening. You’re on my prank show,
Prank Encounters. Oh, my God! -Did you know?
-No! Are you serious? No, you guys are 
absolutely crazy. We’re insane. Let’s go.

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  1. Woah look at all these huge hidden HD cameras that are planning towards the people getting pranked. Totally Real BTW

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