Practical: Start a Fellowship – Kickstart seminar in The Netherlands, June 2018

Practical: Start a Fellowship – Kickstart seminar in The Netherlands, June 2018

are we all inside yes you there awesome so the idea is this there are just some basic principles that we find in the Bible when the Bible speaks about being Church from the Bible we cannot copy a model of to say this is how church is on churches when you 1/2 a building – when you come together 3 when you have a group there’s not any definition so because the Holy Spirit wants it to be free you know we are the body of Christ the body can sit on a chair and depending on the chair you can sit on different ways you adapt to your environment we move we’re flexible so the body of Christ needs to learn to be that way so there are some principles and we I just want to give you now an example of how to start this is not a method you need to study and memorize by heart and be you know this is not so strict it’s just a tool something that can help you to make it easier something that can help you do you have the first step so don’t get traumatized if this is if you cannot fulfill all all of it I just want to show you a little bit what are the principles of this and we’re going to do it the Bible speaks in acts 2 you know we know a lot of acts 2:38 repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins and you Jesus Christ and usually the Holy Spirit but it continues verse 42 they were continuing steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine so that was teaching fellowship the breaking of the bread and the lord’s table the Lord’s Supper and prayers fear came on all of them wonder some miracles took place all who believed shared everything they sold their possessions and distributed to them all they went to the temple there’s the place where they evangelized long explanation later and they break the bread from house to house share their food with gladness simplicity the fruit of the Spirit praise God and having favor with the outsiders and the Lord added to the church so you see here the first model the first church ever in history Church of Jerusalem thousands of people they did not live in one house people sometimes think that they live together they didn’t you cannot put 10,000 people in one house but they shared everything they had everything in common that’s Jerusalem you see here Corinthians in Greece when you come together not if you come together when you come together so it was frequent each one of you each one all of you so that’s why we’re gonna do this in small groups because if we have a large group it’s gonna take the rest of the day small little groups each one has a sound again worship praise a teaching a tongue spiritual gifts a revelation lately that the leading of the Holy Spirit interpretation gift of the Spirit and let all things be for building up everything we’re going to do now is going to be so that everyone in the group can move up one step we’re not doing it just to be entertained or to become more smart to become more theological no we just want to become more effective and the last one Hebrews 10:25 the favorite verse the second favorite verse of all the pastors first John 3:16 God loves you just the way you are false teaching and Hebrews 10:25 you have to come to the meetings on the Bible but here the writer is encouraging a persecuted church that was giving up to persecution giving in to persecution and they were denying Jesus and going back to the synagogues and he doesn’t let us draw near with faith let us hold fast to our the confession of our faith and let’s consider one another to provoke to love and good works so that’s what the writer is telling these people in this horrible two moments of persecution how do you achieve all these three things not forsaking meeting together but exhorting one another so much more as the day comes closer so that’s the context of it it’s much deeper than that but so here you see a little bit of what was the heart of the church in Rome this letter to the Hebrews was a the church in Rome Church in Greece and the church in Jerusalem so very fast what are these principles then in acts 2 you see that there was teaching there was fellowship there was the Lord’s Supper that was prayer there were miracles and wonders there was an effect on the outsiders they had favored the way that the financial needs were covered you see the fruit of the Spirit gladness implicit of heart humility loved the Lord added to the church there was growth in numbers there was praise also 1st Corinthians you see that there was frequency everybody had something to share there was praise there was teaching there was the gifts of the Spirit and there was growth spiritual growth edification and in Hebrews you see that they came together with a goal to encourage each other don’t give up go on go on go on so what are the the six principles that we’re going to practice right now are these ones the first one is teaching there has to be teaching in that in a healthy Church there has to be learning people need to know what they have to obey before you obey it bless you before you obey it you need to know what you have to away so there has to be teaching then you have fellowship with one another they pray together they did the Lord they covered the financial needs they came frequently together everybody shared so that was fellowship between brothers they learned to forgive each other and to work together as a body team players there was also fellowship with God they every day every time they come together they did they broke the bread and drank the wine they prayed together they praised God together so you see that it was fellowship with the Lord come on what’s next there goes you see edification you see the fruit of the Spirit enacts to simplicity gladness of heart first Corinthians song revelation interpretation so there was certification spiritual growth people were not stagnated on one level they were becoming more mature you see also that there was an effect on the outsiders there was a focus on the outside the evangelize they went out they reached more people there were miracles wonders and the most beautiful effect there was multiplication the Lord added daily says act for daily the Lord was adding multitudes who had to be saved so these six points are to me this is what I want to reach that the people I’m helping they get instruction they get teaching they get fellowship with one another and with God they grow spiritually so they become more skilled in what they do they know better how to cast out demons and all those things they focus on the outside they evangelize they reach out to sinners they love the lost and the reaction of our Lord is that he adds people to that to our lives that we can move we can train so those are the six things that I want to reach with the people I train that’s what I want to have if you read the Bible you will have you will see these six principles in different places like I show you here you can see how Jerusalem was very different from the church in Antioch very different from the church in Galatia very different from the church in Greece very different from the churches in Asia may Asia Minor very different from the churches in Italy but nevertheless all those churches had the same so we don’t need to burn our heads trying to copy models because the Bible gives you a lot of models I just want to give you one model that you can start with it and the Lord may change it and shape it and use it in different ways so and what I’m gonna teach you is not new is not my discovery I’m learning this from other people that are effective and are bearing fruit and I think it’s something we can use maybe some of you know about it already maybe for many of you it’s new so you have your little groups yeah you have your little groups maximum for people per group we’re gonna have a mini mini tiny tiny tiny mini squeezy Church moment normally when you have a group of disciples at home the first step has to be led by the spirit actually all the steps have to be led by the spirit this is not a technique that if you apply the technique you will be successful this is not this is not marketing this is the life of the body of Christ so if Christ is not the head it’s not gonna work if you don’t pray and seek God’s heart and you have a heart for the lost this is not going to work it’s God the only one who brings revival it’s not the technique not the method not the right doctrines is the God so see God first once you see God first your gonna find disciples people around you who have a hunger who want to grow maybe you have disciples around you that you brought to salvation that you baptized and you share the gospel with amen maybe you will find disciples that you didn’t bring to salvation that you didn’t share the gospel with maybe they are in the church next door that you are not even part of but they are really seeking God and they have hunger maybe they are disciples that were kick-started in a kickstart weekend or went to a piteous School in with the last information but they are not being discipled by no one and they’re still babies they’re still fighting their flesh and they need training so it doesn’t matter where they are at what matters is you have people near you that need to grow and are weaker than you that you can help so you find those people don’t tell them sit on my living room I’m gonna teach you something invite them to eat get to know them become their friends first see if you really are more mature than them maybe they are more mature than you so share share with them but let’s imagine that all of that has happened already and you have these people and you you speak with these people you know I try different things and I I told some times people okay you want to be disciple I want to help you and they say yes we want to do it okay let’s do it and then they had their first trial they failed back in saying or something happened and then we didn’t come anymore they only came when they have good testimonies to share but they were doing bad they not come and that’s exactly when they needed to come so if I tell them okay you have to come they will never come so the last thing I tried that is working I use told the people that I had in my heart to do this with I told them okay listen let’s do this four times let’s come together four times four weeks in a row one time per week if it works awesome we continue if you don’t really like it off you’re not learning anything new we stop what’s the friends there’s no problem but we don’t do these meetings together let’s try it four times and if it’s really working we grow we continue until you become I remain so with it before times and four times anyone can survive four times when there’s a commitment you know the will come and then they come and we do it and after four times like man it was so good we want to grow we want to continue this is amazing and we continued and we’re continuing till today so that’s a good tip maybe if you have people around you and you know if you make an unending commitment nobody will commit to that and if you may not know commitment people will not come so make a short commitment let’s start with a couple of meetings I see how you feel let’s see how you combine with the other ones if there’s no issues or difference of vision and doctoring and the way that we can do this together so once you have that you have the little group let’s imagine just a group that you’re sitting now with a good way to break the ice and to get closer to each other in our hearts is to share our testimonies for the first meeting you have so you get to know what’s in our hearts sometimes you see a person that is really business guy wearing Armani and you come with your clothes from the the vibra and you feel intimidated educated and I’m so uneducated but when you show your testimony as you see that they love Christ and the jewel of Christ as well and are your brothers so our first step and it’s also training I’m going to give you eight minutes so that in your group everyone shares his testimony so don’t spend more than two minutes make your story short when I wasn’t known short before Christ I was like this like this like this I met Christ and now I am like this like this like this okay so I give you eight six minutes let’s say six minutes show you testimonies with one alone okay so now I just did it so you get to know your group a little bit in case you didn’t and also a little bit training it’s always good to learn how to share our testimonies short because of course our story every moment is so intense for us but you know people are not interested in the details the day I got saved I’m a mom made a soup with carrot was it carrot you know to the point how you failed how your life was how it is now so that is the part of getting to know each other now maybe of course after one meeting you know each other already but it’s nice that before you share the Lord’s table the Lord’s Supper you have fellows you know who you’re sharing the Lord’s Supper with so now take your bread on your wine you have no I’m sorry normally I would always start with the Lord’s Supper because that brings the focus to Jesus otherwise we still chit-chatting about your what happened last week and your job and your mother-in-law and you know we shared the good and the bad and joke you know you just chitchat and time goes by but you do the Lord’s Supper then it’s like okay focus now the Lord is here we’re gonna focus on him so it’s always a good way to start and it’s a commandment also that we should do it every time we come together and if he returns when we eat it we announce his death and we will keep on doing it until the day we do it with him and his table wow we’re starting to do now we’ll finish it with him in person so do the Lord’s table very often as often as you come together as church so now you know each other a little bit and what I’m going to do a little bit is the discovery Bible study this is not new exists for a long time and there are many versions of it if you check in online you will find a lot of information because it’s it’s many groups have used it in different waise I just want to keep it very simple very basic so it’s easy to copy okay if you find it too basic then you can go deeper but I there are three sections in this look back in time look up to the Lord and look forward in time now we’re going to do the loop back section together this section is to check how the people are doing this is the shepherding moment you want to know how the people in your fellowship are doing so when you’re going to tell each other right now and look at this that I have not taught anyone in the group to be the leader of the group because in the Bible when Paul planted churches which is actually not how he said it he said he made disciples he didn’t plant churches but when Pope made disciples he never put leaders until the church was functioning it was the last thing he did many times he left and when he returned a second time then he appoint a leader oh he sent someone so go to that city visit the church give them my greetings and appoint leaders that have this and this and this and these qualities so leadership is the last thing you do you don’t need to be a leader or a theologian to do Church so the first section we’re going to just check how your relationship with God is doing and this is the two things that I want you to share with your group if you have a good testimony something that is nice that glorifies God has something in the last week or weeks happened in your life that glorifies God that you can share with a group or maybe the opposite maybe there’s something in the last week or weeks that you need prayer about you need prayer for some difficulty you’re facing a hard time your husband doesn’t want you to follow Christ or or you lost your job or I don’t know you’re being attacked in one side or another so if you have a prayer need or you have a good testimony to share those two things okay you get it remember eight each one of you has to participate so don’t talk too much there’s always one talkative person in every group okay so I give you again seven minutes is that good so now you have shared with the eight with each one in your fellowship what you can glorify God about in in your last week or weeks and or maybe what you need prayer for that has happened to you in the last week or weeks it’s a very nice moment because you can like this you can praise God naturally it’s not like okay we have to play three song three songs right now five minutes per song then you can just praise God because man this what a amazing testimony this man resurrected his grandmother also she died she that’s powerful man God is gonna bless let’s praise you and we can praise God that’s really real praise no praise because you must but praise because you really appreciate what he’s doing there was nobody can sing we are not musical doesn’t matter praise is not music music is music if you can praise the music awesome if you can’t praise with music then then glorify him with your words raise up holy hands and lift up your hands in the air and say god you’re also you’re amazing we worship you it doesn’t have to be music or you can pray for one another and then the gifts of the Spirit will start developing because you have your sister who is going through a very difficult time here has been asked asked for divorce Wow or the man found out that they’re gonna fire him man is horrible and you pray for those people you lay hands on them with your brothers and you pray with love genuine love and then God gives you visions or prophecies or words of knowledge and you know so I want to give you two minutes so you can pray for one another just just for the person next to you okay otherwise it will take too long just 30 seconds prayer for the person next to you so this is just a little sample of how the first part of your getting together can go you share the Lord’s Supper with your brothers and sisters they share their needs or their glorifying testimonies and you pray for one another so that the Holy Spirit can minister so you see that this is not just a cult 1-2-3 program God is ministering your praising God you’re inviting the Lord in your midst within supper and you love one another and you pray for each other’s needs or praise God together for what he has done in the last week so it’s very nice nice thing to do it doesn’t have to be this way but it’s just a nice way to do it you know it’s like Torben said on one time you know like when you sit together at the table with your family to eat you don’t have a strict program but there’s some sequence ok the father prays or the mother prays or the children pray you cannot go to the toilet while you’re eating ok clean after yourself if you want some water ok go pick it up yourself or or I pick it up for you there’s some little things we do so there’s not all wild chaos and the kids are just throwing tomatoes at each other you know so we don’t want church to be a chaos we want to be as effective as possible so normally this can take a long time when you get together you are just now four people and men how difficult it is to keep the time I never put time when I of course do it in real life I don’t put time and this can take up to one hour you know so it’s important also that the one Moni facilitating that the church gathering that you keep a little bit in control that nobody knows that nobody speaks for 45 minutes so we exercise the gift of the Spirit we worship the Lord we pray for one another we had the Lord’s Supper and we know how our brothers and sisters are doing maybe sometimes sins need to be confessed maybe somebody fell in sin if it’s a sexual thing it’s better to separate men and women to go to different rooms and then the ladies talk to the ladies and the men to the men if it’s necessary you know so you can get more creative now the second part the luke app so now we have looked back in time what happened in the last days now let’s look to the Lord so what I want to do with this lookup section is that the people fall in love with the Word of God I want to take people out of YouTube out of Facebook out of books I want them to fall in love with God with with his word that they learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through the Word of God so that’s what I like and then they will learn to test things to recognize the heart of God you find that only his word there’s no other place so if the people are babies maybe you need to take more the lead but if they are not babies I want to teach them to eat by themselves so that’s why this is called discovery bubble studying yourself because I want to teach them to discover God’s heart in his word so what we do usually we choose a portion of a scripture I like to do it in context so you know not just one verse but so that I know what’s going on yeah if you’re true if you’re working with people from poor countries many times they have a difficult time reading so you can tell them mind you know days before so they can prepare and read slowly at home in Europe is not really a problem people are good readers a good thing you can do is that once you have read the story to let each one retell the story in their own words to see how much they get because sometimes we have our religious glasses you know we have been so many years in church and we have heard so many false truths the Lord wants to bless you does he really always is that so for example no you can do all things in crisis strengthens you yes I want to be a musician no I’m speaking about money we have learned you know accept Jesus in your heart I don’t need to accept in he needs to accept me Lord please can I follow you we have learned many things the wrong way so it’s better to when you read the scripture when you make your disciples or your brothers read the scripture okay so can you retell it in your own words just to be sure that they are understanding what is written and not just listening to the voice of their pastor in their heads and of course this part I need to pray so that God shows me what I need to what portion of the scripture I’m going to choose I’m not going to go to revelations 19 because I will get crazy or read Leviticus and you know or to read the numbers you know because all the genealogies like ma so I want to read something that helps them that builds them up but are they babies then are the youngers what are their needs so I need to pray and to see what God is showing me to read with them and then I prepare some reflect if questions so I am NOT going to be actually teaching anything actually the one leading the meeting should not be speaking he should be quiet you know sometimes we have a conversation about things and I just ask them questions so that they understand what is written I was one day in the house of Louis and he has his his house group and he invite them it was very nice to see how God is working there and they were reading Romans 14 and in Romans 14 says you know received the weak on the faith but not to discuss about opinions so then they stopped and they said what is the weak on the faith so one said are the weak in the faith is the person who is not saved no no no a week in the face is the person who doesn’t pray for the sick no no week on the faith is the person who backs late so you know that and I I have the answer but I don’t say what I know so I tell them okay why do you think that I don’t know okay okay it can be that you mmmm some of you are right okay let’s see check the second verse verse 2 and there’s because the weak on the faith believes that he shall not eat certain food and shall not work on certain days ah they said also the weak on the faith is the person who has a lot of rules for himself you got it just read always in context if you don’t understand one verse read around it the answer is always there oh okay reading context cool and then I said so so are you weak on the face me yeah are you weak on the face what do you mean who’s a week on the face the person with a lot of rules do you have a lot of rules no one guy I remember who said yeah I don’t eat pork okay you don’t eat pork so if I give you now don’t shave Buddhist I give you a sausage but at worst a cool River store with Palmas Mayo oh I have no idea how many times I have eaten that so that if you if I give you now a pork meat and you eat it and you figure out it was pork would you feel guilty before God no no I wouldn’t so why don’t you eat pork I just don’t like it so it’s not because of your conscience is just because you don’t like it yes so are you strong in the faith of your weak on the faith oh then I’m strong yes you’re a strong oh I’m strong I’m strong in the faith so you know I’m not teaching things we just read and I just help them to understand what is written you see the point so this is a very beautiful section because here people learn to understand what God’s heart is and you will learn a lot yourself also I have learn a lot because you know my brother see things that I don’t see i over read but they these words look what he’s saying saying these like oh wow wow that’s cool and you also learn yourself so let’s try this out a mini mini tiny section of this we have time until 1:00 so we can relax a little bit not really so I give you ten minutes okay and I want you to read together act to hold on let me see what I was again I had it here somewhere you’re gonna read Acts 2:36 [Music] 247 we have read a little bit about that thirty six to forty seven Acts 2:36 to 47 so just one of you reads the text aloud or you all in silent whatever you like and after that I’m going to keep it open just see what you see that God is speaking to you through the text what are you learning there ten minutes so of course now if I would be leading your group I would ask you okay what are your conclusions what do you what do you learn about God here what do you learn about Jesus what are you learning about the gospel what do you learn about evangelism what’s the question I asked you today and you will see different things sometimes people will come to the wrong conclusions and then the leaders panic false doctrine relax the Word of God is speaking every time somebody comes with the wrong doctrine just ask them why why do you think that how do you see it where do you get that from well this verse mostly it has they having here listening to teachings and you know all the false doctrines are taught they are not discovered in the Bible usually it’s a teacher who picks a verse from here and a verse from there and a verse from there and mix it with his experience and he says this is what I’ve seen and I see it in these verses and people believe it so Frankenstein theology you know an arm from Deuteronomy with a leg from axe with a chest of Romans so when people come with wrong doctrines don’t panic love them they’re your brothers I hope just ask them why why do you think that if if we’d get if it goes into the flesh the people get angry and you know this flesh it’s okay the Bible says when you have an issue it’s better to take the offense than to seek for victory it’s okay you believe that it’s fine I don’t agree with you but it’s okay let’s see let’s use it use what you believe I use what I believe and let’s see the fruits of this in the future the fruits shall speak right so don’t panic you don’t we are not there to control everybody so you know after this you come up with conclusions okay I see here that the gospel was preached like these I see that the the response to the gospel was what eyes repent or I see that the church they had a genuine love for each other that I see that there were no needs in the church and you know people come with different conclusions with different ideas awesome until here this is just head knowledge of course I’m teaching people how to see the Word of God through the right questions and if there sometimes I have to give information then I will give it but I want them to learn to find the answers not just to learn the answers now the last part look forward is the most important part while all these parts are important but to look forward is when we look forward in time okay in the coming week or weeks how am I going to use what I learned today how can I do what I’m seeing now either something I need to change either something I need to apply either something I need to repent off to stop you know depends on what you have found in the water in the lookup section now you go to the practical side I told you discipleship is about obedience not about knowledge so what will you do with what you have learned so in this section you make a commitment everyone makes his own commitment okay I see that I I don’t know that I should focus more on the people that I’m talking to to bring too obtuse him I’m not just the repentance or I see that I’m isolated I don’t open myself to my church to my brothers I do my own thing and I should start trying to really open up to people I even don’t like you know you it can be thousand millions of things but let that guy speaks to everyone if they say I don’t see anything well let’s pray that God shows you something you can do and if there’s nothing they can apply okay I’m fine and when people make a commitment okay in the next week where’s my marker yeah in the next week I will do this disease so then when you come together again in the look-back section you can ask them did you do it last week you saw that you had to evangelize in your job another not only on the streets you had never talked to your colleagues they don’t know yours you’re a Christian and you said okay I need I see I have to talk to my colleagues about Christ so that you come next week together did you talk to your colleagues about Christ not like Detroit like a brother and I was in know like I didn’t there was so difficult okay why what was difficult we want to pray for you we’re gonna help you what was the most difficult what are you so afraid of yeah you know this guy and this girl you they tell their stories and you help them by the hand step-by-step if they fail you help them to conquer their fear to conquer their you know whatever so then then you have this type of ship so this last section is really important because here they have to put the word into practice what God revealed to them not what you told them to do but what God revealed to them that they have to do here they make a commitment that they will try it in the next week and when you come together the week after in the look back in the beginning you ask them did you make it and if they did it praise God if they didn’t pray for them help them give them advice you see so now I just give you three more minutes the last three minutes so that you can tell your group what are you going to do with what you have read right now in the coming week so this moral of discovery Bible study is not a formula it’s not a magic formula that will make you fruitful it’s just a tool so that you can hit all the things you need to hit when you come together as a church there’s just one rule and is to never get out of the Bible when you’re doing this with your group some inevitably people will say yeah I heard somebody teaching that is or I read the book about that video somebody know might be true might be not true is that written on the Bible have you found it like that on the Bible or not so that we keep our minds protected from the traps of the devil and remember this is Bible centered not teacher Center so if you are the one with more experience if you are the fat sheep the older sheep then try to be quiet and try to give opportunity that everybody speaks and that everybody thinks that everybody takes part so now with this I hid my six principles that I found on the Bible there’s instruction there’s learning there’s fellowship with one another we pray for one another we hear our stories we share our lives there’s fellowship with God we do the Lord’s Supper we praise we exercise the gifts of the Spirit there are certification people are growing because next week they will have taken a new step in their walk with God a step that God revealed to them not me there are focus on the outside because in that coming week they will have to share to share what they have learned with someone to testify and if this working out all well and these babies are growing then God will begin to add people not to the group and that’s the last thing I want to say if you have new contexts somebody comes hey yeah my neighbor she’s really open and she wants to hear the gospel so I’m inviting her for the next weekend no no no don’t don’t do that it’s not a drama I mean sometimes you might have to okay yeah but better if you buy in those new people you can go to those people and try to start something new there or disciple those people and of course there’s thousands of variations but it’s better that you keep your group pure in the sense that if the everybody starts inviting their new contacts you’re gonna have a church again you know a traditional church in a short time you have 20 people now what happens if you have already a group at home if your fellowship at home is 20 people yeah if we all if you the 20p you know we have our fellowship is my wife me and two other couples at home and when we read the Bible we read one chapter and it takes us four hours between the look up look back look forward there’s about three four hours and it’s beautiful we don’t feel the time right you know he’s part of it and you know it’s great so if you have 20 people you will be there three days so if you’re a very large group you don’t need to say okay we’re going to cut the group just when you come together do what I did with you today okay make four or five little groups and go together through it okay so there’s much more to say but just focus your mind right now your next goal is that the disciples you have or the brothers you’re working with to just get together and start trying to get this group set up so that it works and after that you can invite us and we can go and help you to multiply and to go to train more people and so on does that comes later so what I hope this helps you it helped me a lot in my own walk with God and let’s do it

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  1. What exactly do you mean by the Lord's Supper? I know what that looks like in a church organization but what does it look like in the Last Reformation movement?

  2. Thankyou for this great and helpful teaching to start a fellowship. The 6 principles are very essential. I heard of the discovery bible study before, and have done it only once. It's very good.

  3. Fabian – so, I understand that we do church at home ( I guess small intimate churches meetiung at home is more effective in developing strong relationships than following the model of "big church") – my question is, what happens to our children when we meet as couples. You have 5 children, right? When you meet as four couples, who looks after the children and what do they do?

  4. Praise God! Thank you Fabian for sharing what you have learned. The visuals are helpful tools. I took screen shots to share and reference. Bless You?

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  6. awesome! fabian is a really cool young man! love listenin to him talk, he does very well! 🙂 Hugs to ya dear brother!

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