Praca, biznes, pieniądze…

Praca, biznes, pieniądze…

Hi, I would like to welcome you as usual from Germany. I have already loaded my trailer with a 57m/187ft long wind blade and as usual I must wait until the night Today I would like to talk about the subject I have talk to you sometime ago – which is running company I have seen that you have commented a lot – which I was expecting a little bit. After all everone at some point think about becoming an enterprenuer! I have started my own company in 2013 because as every YouTuber I must pay taxes from my income from YouTube But in the last video I was`nt talking about this company but about transport company because this is my dream company for you dream company might be something very different but I think all of us is being stopped from doing it by fear. We worry if we succeed Running company is easy only according to stereotypes in which one only earn lots of money… To find clients, to produce and then to sell all the papers ine must deal with, accounting and then waiting for the money so today I would like to talk to you about swaping an invoice for the money This video and the previous one is recorder thank to I wanted to be honest with you that is way I`m talking about it In the previous movie I wanted you to share with me your problems – when you are running your company or your fears when you affraid to start your own company Maybe you don`t know – but where should you know from everytime I receive an offer to cooperate first I check the service or product my self I decide to cooperate only when I`m sure that this product or service is good quality and it is something I would use my self or I have no problem recomending it and about 50% of the offer I reject because I don`t like the product or service I either think it is useless or bad and I don`t want to lie to you I can afford it because I earn my money as a driver. I can afford this kind of choosing. You are my viewers and I do respect you and I don`t want to sell you some rubish – and I receive many offers like this I have decide to work with because I think that this is great service and I might to use it muself sometimes in future. Second – I think this might help you a lot in maintaining cashflow in your company and third – I haven`t find any cheaper offer that ING finansowaniefaktur has got What microfactoring is? Microfactoring is a way of funding company When we issue an invoice we send it to the bank, then bank get the confirmation from our client once client confirm it then bank send us money for the invoice straight away First time I have heard about factoring it was 10years ago during the cours for certificate to become transport company funder back then I though that noone is using it Now when I started to work with I have decide to talk with my friends that runs small and big businesses and turns out that most of them use it often they like it and they do recomended using it That was the most importand reason I have decided to start cooperation Lets talk about the details How does factoring look like in real You go to and you do register it takes about the same as registering in a shop You enter your tax number, system downlaod all your detail then as attach picture/scan of your ID then you transfer to given bank account 1 PLN just to verify your details as soon as bank receives 1PLN bank decides about aproval and they send you 1pln back to your account How do you change an invoice into the money Once we have open and verified account in We send the invoice to the bank as soon as bank get confirmation from the client and we do always can push a little bit our client to confirm it bank transfers the money Which meant that if we send the invoice in the morning there is great chance to receive the money by the end of the day Why it is good to registere at first of all it is easy and quick procedure, it does cost you nothing it is not bounding agreement and in case of a need you have already open door to get the money second most imoprtant you don`t need to be client of ING bank to use the microfactoring You don`t need to sign any agrremnt involving amounts of invoices that must be purchased Decision is up to you – you decide whetner you will use it and how often to use it if ever So when you open the account you don`t have to use it unless you want to do are free as I bird Third – I haven`t found any cheaper offer on the marke Everything is transparent and clean If you are not usre about it then just go to then at the bottom you will find calculator you don`t need to register to check the prices Check it our your self go to scroll down to find the calculator as you see it – it is simple, two zippers First zipper is the amount of invoice you want to receive second zipper is the time your client should pay you lets start form average invoice not to small of big – let say 10 000zl I can`t get it 10 000 and the due payment: 30 days at the bootom yo can see total cost with VAT lets change due time to 14 days and you can see how the cost changes let say it is big amount with 14 days time due it is about 1000zł but when we change timing to 30 days it changes again it looks like this when we change to 60 days then you see the cost I know this is thousand polish zlotych that doesn`t walk on the road but the truth is that running a company is a business not charity and everyone must earn Life of every businesowner is build from good times and bad times and when the bad times comes and it is hard to maintain cashflow then this kind of a tool is very usefull Myself few times I had to call and ask to get my invoice paid but in my case this kind of busines is my second type fo income so in case of problems I can always use money from my salary No one runs company only to use personal money to fund it yet it sometimes happens if there is no money to fund it it is easy to loose cash flow and get into big troubles because when there is no money we can`t order basic product to produce and create on time, when we late we might loose our client one think when we loose small client but when we loose big client then we might easly close the company down Trust me, I know what I`m talking about because 90% of my friends are enterprenuer and they did all kind of mistakes before then have succeed well, I went bankrupt with my first company I think I told you about most important thigns There is one more thing Myths sbout factoring – and myths are to be busted so lets started to talk about it Factoring is for big companies only It is not true, it is available for small company and sole trader companies whats more the small companies have often most problems with cash flow often because of lond due terms 30 days, sometimes 60 days and whats horrible longer period! It is very long time Thanks to microfactoring you can get the money much faster thanks to this owner doesn`t have to worry about money for the fuel on the road Microfactoring gois in hand with a lot of paperwork and proceedures it is not true, it is online service and doesn`t require delivering of lots of paperwork or financial statements small company doesn`t have to deliver any complicated documents Procedure is easy. Bank judges the invoice and the client but the client doesn`t have to deliver any documents Number of factoring companies just like ING doesn`t require to sign an agreemnt which means that the business owner chooses the invoices he/she want to use the businesowner decides whether he want to use microfactoring often or rearly Microfactoring is expensive This kind of service become more popular on the market which means that it become less expensive best price on the market is about 3% from the total invoice and it depends on the lenght of the payment due time client before decided whether to use microfactoring upfront know the cost of using it which is very important additionally client and businesowner doesn`t have pay any extro fees the only cost is given upfront to the businesowner cost of the service can be included as cost of running company and in total will be calculated Bank ING doesn`t have any hidden cost but becarefull I`m sure you will find on the market many others that will have hidden fees In order to get microfactoring I will undergo simillar procedure to the one ofgetting loan Company that deliver this kind of services doesn`t do so deep checking and they don`t need financial history Company that use the service doesn`t have to delivered any documents this rule is applied from the beggining to the end of cooperation Companies that provides factoring doesn`t ask the purpose of use the money You do what you want to do with money That would be all in this eposide I talked so much that night already came Lives is brutal and it is good to have options Sometimes solution to the problem is much easier than one would think and it is within the reach these are the reason that I have recoreded I do really like that I don`t have to sign an agreement at the moment I don`t need factoring but if I need it I have already options I go and I will get it but so far company doesnt ask for food 😉 This is way I recomend to register. You will find link in the description box or go to I would like to remind you that there will be specialist from ING to asnwer your comment under the video Thank you !

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  3. Pani Iwonko, podkręcone włoski, podkreślone błyszczykiem usta, spuszczone ramiączka bluzki? Kokietujemy odbiorców ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

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  5. Co jeśli klient potwierdzi fakturę, bank przeleje nam pieniądze, a klient w ustalonym terminie płatności np. 60 dni nie ureguluje należności wobec banku?

  6. Iwona ich wünsche dir alles gute, aber ich muss dir sagen es wird immer schwerer weil es immer welsche gibt die alle Preise Kaput machen. Ich will auch Geld verdienen und nicht nur das ich Arbeit habe, und ich glaube es wird immer schwerer. Einen schönen Abend noch Iwona Grüße Uwe.

  7. Kobieto ogarnij się!!! Oglądałem chyba wszystkie twoje odcinki z pełnym uznaniem i ciekawością.. Nigdy nie przypuszczałem że tak nisko możesz <upaść> aby się podjąć reklam!!!. Co brakuje ci pieniędzy?. Przecież 99,5% oglądających ciebie to zwykli ludzie. Co ich obchodzi faktoring. Odcinek jako oferta skierowana do osób prowadzących firmę-działalność gospodarczą. Ilu masz takich oglądających ciebie ? Takim sposobem bardzo szybko stracisz wszystko. Pozdrawiam i niestety łapka w dół.

  8. Thank you for making my day beautiful, you changed your hair style, looks nice. May you have GOOD LUCK in your company.

  9. Pani Iwono, a co jeśli ktoś nieureguluje płatności faktury ? Co wtedy ? Bank będzie żądać zwrotu od nas, czy sam podejmie odpowiednie środki tj. Sądowe i komornicze, a jeśli komornik też nie da rady odzyskać to co wtedy? Pozdrawiam Panią 😉

  10. My beautiful friend Iwona, no doubt you are a genuine talented truck pilot in the world, I pray God that your truck business is going on and on, always be happy, always drive carefully(THIS IS MY REQUEST FOR YOU)take care, God bless, I love you a lot, waiting for your reply, bye bye

  11. Na poprzednim ledwo wytrzymałem, teraz już odpuszczam po 2 minutach. Jak tak dalej pójdzie to z żalem, ale zrezygnuję z subskrypcji 🙁 Wiem, wszystko się, kiedyś kończy;) Pozdrawiam:)

  12. Very nice presentation. You are well spoken and you made this easily understood. I trust you so that makes it easy to listen.

  13. Pozdrawiam Panią Iwonę.
    Prowadzę działalność w Niemczech i próbuje to z polskim rynkiem połączyć.

    Jak by Pani miała ochotę na współpracę proszę podać.

    Pozdrawiam Artur.

  14. I would recommend extra caution before handing over so much critical information, as in research research research until your completely satisfied.

  15. Temat był interesujący, ale jesteś tak piękna, że ​​będę musiał obejrzeć film więcej niż raz, aby wszystko uchwycić. We have factoring too by here. But companies people in Panamá aren't reliable. They use to take off even worker's salaries and it's no means to stop corruption. We have judges, prosecutors and a whole judicial system, but what is not here is honor. Few companies are managed respecting our laws. Here they don't even respect human rights treaties.

  16. haha Iwonko jak byk tam jest napisane na głównej stronie
    "Nasza usługa polega na zapewnieniu Ci pieniędzy bez czekania, nie bierzemy na siebie ryzyka braku płatności ze strony Twojego kontrahenta. Jeśli nie otrzymamy od niego pieniędzy w ciągu 15 dni po terminie płatności faktury, zwrócimy się do Ciebie o dokonanie płatności."

    Wniosek…marne to jest pocieszenie i zabezpieczenie płynności finansowej firmy skoro nie używają własnych instrumentów windykacyjnych.

  17. Iwonko, to co mówisz brzmi zachęcająco; wszystko łatwo, szybko i przyjemnie,
    ale moje doświadczenie życiowe, nie koniecznie w tej dziedzinie, nauczyło mnie, że nie wszystko piękne jak je malują
    i że każdy medal ma dwie strony. Może się mylę, ale jest jakiś haczyk ukryty, ale sam o tym muszę poczytać i porozmawiać na ten temat ze znajomymi księgowymi, bo może mi też to się kiedyś przyda, kto wie, ale na obecną chwilę nie jestem zbytnim optymistą.

  18. Tak człowiek uczy się całe życie, faktycznie czasem lepiej jest stracić parę złotych na rzecz banku i mieć kasę szybciej niż bujać się z jakimś spóźnialskim kontrahentem,już to przerabiałem i wiem,że nie było to konstruktywne. Brawo za podniesienie tego tematu wielu nie wie o takich możliwościach.

  19. Widziałem w swoim życiu już sporo firm transportowych, które upadły,lub działały na rynku bazując na dziadostwie.Jezeli nie masz gotówki na sfinansowanie działalności w transporcie przez okres minimum trzech miesięcy, to się za ten biznes nie bierz.Trzeba dodać, że przy 1-3 ciężarówek nie jest to biznes, tylko praca na wlasny rachunek, polegająca na spłacie sprzętu i utrzymaniu normalnego poziomu życia.Jezdzac jedną ciężarówką za 90cent za przejechany kilometr,przy korzystaniu z faktoringu musimy odliczyć kwotę, którą oddajemy dla Banku za otrzymanie wcześniej swoich zarobionych pieniędzy, więc automatycznie jezdzimy za parę centów taniej.W skali roku musimy się z tym liczyć, że bedziemy pracowali 1 miesiąc,lub 1,5 miesiaca ,tylko na to, żeby otrzymać wcześniej nasze pieniądze.W internetach są chłopcy, którzy promują tezę,ze transport jest dobrym biznesem, ale podpiszę się pod tym, że zwyczajnie splajtują, tylko jest to rozłożone w czasie.To wynika z ekonomii i doświadczenia,a nie z zawiści.

  20. I have experience in transportation and explore more in to your help you. I’m ready for being hire if you want message, will can change my career to work for your company.

  21. Ciężki chleb w transporcie w kraju.
    Trza mieć szczęście lub znajomości żeby zarobić godne pieniążki👍😁😎

  22. I’m sure that some viewers may find this interesting but I’m not one of them. I’m retired and broke.😳😮🤭☹️

  23. Pewnie wiecej zajelo zeby sie tak odstrzelic jak ten filmik warty…Iwona nie kombinuj tylko chyc sie roboty samo niepojedzie!!!

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  25. This is great, all the very best for the future. Microfactoring….good video and content. Keep making such videos and keep making the content.

  26. Mam własną firmę transportową 2 lata i jeden miesiąc. Zawsze chciałem mieć jak dużo kierowców.
    Właśnie zamykam, dziękuję, więcej nie chcę. Podatki i koszty zjadają cały zysk.

    A propos faktoringu, jak przekażecie fakturę do banku, to jednocześnie tracicie klienta.

  27. Wszystko git. A co w przypadku gdy klient nie zatwierdzi przesłanej faktury w terminie? Pozdrawiam 👍🙋‍♂️

  28. Spoko że o tym odpowiedziałaś może nie przyda mi się teraz ale w przyszłości kto wie dobra sprawa poświęcić parę złotych a kasę masz pewną opłacić paliwo czy inne opłaty a tam nie poczekają pozdrawiam

  29. This Factoring system, that you might use sounds very good, fast payment.. Here in America, standard payment time is 30 days, then some companies add a 3% penalty past that point… I have no problem in believing you will have success, and yes there will be some ruff roads ahead, but you have shown that you have the Patience and Intelligence , to surpass anything you run into… Best of Luck in the Future…..

  30. Cześć Iwonko. Dawno cię nie oglądałem. Ale jestes wielka. I uwielbiam twoje filmy. Ale jako polak mam w nosie wszystkich polityków. A w szczegulności Jatka K zeofil. Jesteś super.😀

  31. Ok you verstehen this micro facturing interdit en France et en Allemagne micro computer micro facturing now réalité réalité this travaillo transport and facturation best condition for you and for client this best coordinations for you and client

  32. Mam dość reklam. Po kilku latach oglądania twoich filmów żegnam czule. Ten kanał jak dla mnie dobił do dna.

  33. Iwona not only beautiful but a very intelligent lady, continue to check out all possibilities. I appreciate your information. Always enjoy watching you. ❤ Texas

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