Pr. David Wallis – Overcoming Discouragements

well praise the Lord that the word that
I feel God’s laid on my heart this morning is on the theme of overcoming
discouragement overcoming discouragement and I want to look mainly from the life
of Elijah and with this prophet of God Elijah I mean also miracles the power of
God manifest in his life but yet he got terribly terribly discouraged terribly
discouraged and Elijah is is very important to us because the days that we
are living in are very similar to the days of Elijah and in some ways he
Elijah as a role model for the end time believer he’s a role model in some ways
for the church corporately in the last days and we know that the word that the
angel spoke to Zechariah the father of John the Baptist was that he shall go
before him in the power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the father’s to the
children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a
people prepared for the Lord and so John the Baptist his mission was to prepare
the way of the Lord to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord and
you know I believe God has called us as a fellowship to prepare the way of the
Lord to make ready a people prepared for the Lord to raise up and equip teachers
of righteousness in the nation’s you know John the Baptist was not Elijah he
said I he was asked directly are you Elijah he said no but he came in the
spirit and the power of Elijah and he was the messenger of the Lord he was the
voice crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord and we know from
Scripture that Alijah will still come again to this
earth we’re told in the last book of Malachi chapter 4 and the the last verse
that Elijah will come you’ll turn the hearts the father’s to the children the
children to the fathers and the Word of God is very clear that he will come
again in the last days he will be one of the two witnesses together with Moses
they’ll prophesy 1260 days in Jerusalem they’re all Moses and Elijah they’ll
both be killed by the Antichrist their bodies will lie in the streets of
Jerusalem for three and a half days and then the spirit of life will come upon
them they’ll be raised from the dead and then they will ascend up into heaven I
mean and these events I mean they’re not too far away they’re not too far away
and so in the last days elijah himself will come again together with moses and
you know god is raising up an army in these days and God is raising up a
people not only will he come again but God is raising up a people in the
earth today God is raising up a mighty army who will know the spirit of Elijah
who will know the power of Elijah who will see mighty exploits and who will
indeed prepare the way of the lord prepare the way for the coming of the
Lord and it was on the on the Mount of Transfiguration it was Elijah who was
with Christ and Moses and so Elijah portrays something of the glory of God
to be revealed in these last days and the context of his day I mean things had
gone from bad to worse and then worse again and in the the kings of Israel the
first eight kings of Israel they increasing they you know
worse each one was worse than the one before until the time of king ahab who
had done more wickedness than any of the others and it was in the time of this
wicked king ahab who is married to the more wicked Jezebel who was a adulterer
who was a Spiritist who was an evil woman who was a bail worshiper and that
was the context when elijah came and when he prophesied in fact there was 60
years of bloodshed murder suicide a da vitória assassination hatred deception
and then it says that I had he did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all
that were before him and he was married to that wicked princess Jezebel now if
we go to 1 Kings chapter 19 1 Kings chapter 19 well first before in just as
a background to that in 1 Kings chapter 18 from the story were all familiar with
the 450 prophets of Bale and the the challenging a challenged by Elijah and
who’s that who’s the one that’s got to call fire down from heaven and in
chapter 18 Elijah he challenged us he challenged the 450 false prophets the
prophets of mail he called down fire from heaven which consumed the burned
exit the burnt sacrifice it was a incredible miracle of God and here the
fire came from heaven and on that sec sacrifice they had been soaked and
drenched in many barrels of water and yet in spite of all that when Elisha
prayed God’s power was manifest and the fire fell from heaven and consumed the
sacrifice and then Elijah had killed all those 450 false prophets to wipe out
idolatry and spiritism from the nation show them at a nib at the nearby brook
kidron now at the end of 1 Kings 18 again we see another powerful miracle
because there’d be no rain had been famine at in the land and there’d be no
rain and it was because of it was because Elijah because of the Word of
God the word of the Lord that was given to him and he said there’ll be no rain
except by my word and he had to pray that and intercede and pray that into
being and God did a mighty miracle when he prayed again and he persevered and he
cried out and he interceded and then we know that God sent rain from heaven
after three and a half years of drought and famine and an incredible incredible
miracle of God and there’s a third miracle and in 1 Kings chapter 18 it
speaks Thea of after the time that Elijah declared to Ahab that rain was
coming it says in verse 46 1 Kings 1846 the hand of the Lord was on Elijah and
he girded up his loins and ran before a hab to the entrance of Jezreel and so
the hand of God the hand of God was upon him it was a mighty miracle the spirit
of might was upon him the spirit of power and he was able to run faster than
those horses which were the best horses there which were left in the land 2 for
the king and I have I Elijah ran before those horses all the way to the entrance
of Jezreel which is some approximately 15 miles or so so the spirit of might
and power was upon him now I had the king had seen all those events he’d seen
the fire of God come down incredible miracle then
I haven’t seen the rain come after three and a half years of famine because of
Elijah’s prayer and then I haven’t seen even the spirit of might come upon the
spirit of might and strength come upon Elijah and he ran before those horses
all the way to Jezreel and the spirit of might the spirit of power is going to
come upon his people in these last days they that wait on the Lord shall renew
their strength they shall mount up with wings as Eagles
but then we come after all those incredible things then we come to
chapter 19 first one I have told Jezebel all that Elijah had done and how he’d
slain the prophets with the sword so I have account he recounted to his wife
Jezebel what had happened and those three miracles of chapter 18 verse 2 so
Jezebel that evil wicked woman sent a messenger unto Elijah saying so let the
gods do to me in other words it was by not just her power but supernatural
satanic power if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by tomorrow at
this time in other words those messengers his told Elijah he’ll be dead
in a day’s time and that was that was the intent that was the intent of
Jezebel somehow it seems hard to comprehend with our mind
I mean someone of a light Elijah’s stature after what had happened in
chapter 18 and here the very next chapter Harriers fleeing running from a
woman now she had an army at her disposal and she
was filled with satanic power but that spirit of Jezebel is very strong very
real and Elijah fled to Beersheba
which was you know a long distance and he left his servant there and then in
verse 4 verse 4 and he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness so
he’s by himself he was alone he went out into the wilderness he’d left his
servant behind he sat down under a Jupiter Jupiter tree that’s a little
desert shrub it provides shade for the flocks and fuel for men and then he
requests himself that he would die I mean he had that spiritual high and then
he became terribly discouraged and even requested the Lord that he should that
he should die that the Lord would take him that the Lord would take his life
and he fled and when he fled when he ran I mean it was an attitude of of great
discouragement in spite of what he’d seen the Lord do and those of us who are
in the ministry and we missionaries or pastors you know there can be times
there can be times of great stress there can be times of great pressures and the
sad thing is in the body of Christ today you know many don’t last many give up
many quit the stress the pressure the difficulties are too great as pastor
Bailey used to say you know never never never give up Elijah
Mountain topics top experience and just shortly after that he’s right down in
the pits of depression as the enemy rises up to bring despair and
discouragement in his life now James tells us the half-brother of Jesus James
5:17 it says and this is a very encouraging verse that says a lot like
Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are in other words Elijah
was not some superhero as many people see him but he was like us he was
tempted he had frailties he had weaknesses his humanity came out
and Elijah is not represented as a man without weaknesses and faults but as a
man of like passions with us he was tempted and but this the spit of
discouragement just took over and discouragement can be so profound at
times that even even all desire to live it goes and even death is preferred now
Elijah should not have Elijah was wrong he should not have asked the Lord to
take his life because we know it’s like ending our life before God’s appointed
time and challenging the wisdom of God there’s a time to be born there’s a time
to die God has a set plan for our lives even
Moses who is the the other one of the two witnesses in the last days who will
come back that mighty man Moses that great leader of the Old Testament his
corrugation you know three million odd he led them for forty years but in
numbers 11 and verse 15 at times he got so overwhelmed
by the burden the incredible burden of having to care for all of the children
of Israel all their murmuring their stubbornness their rebellion their
complaints that even Moses he even asked the Lord take my life take my life many
of you have realized the experience of pastor Bailey had some years ago when he
was in the States he was facing a great time of persecution many pressures
people were turning against him and in desperation he even said to the Lord
Lord Lord take me Lord just I can’t handle just take me Lord and the Lord
took him and his spirit came out of his body and he looked down through the roof
and he saw his wife sleeping in the bed and his body was there but then a spirit
went with the angel and then very fast they went through all the stars and so
on and with the angel took him right up to heaven and then when he got to heaven
the Lord showed him like videos of all his life and what he’d accomplished but
then he saw and he realized in heaven that he died before God’s time and he’d
not fulfilled God’s purposes and plans for his life that God had ordained
before the foundation of the earth and he said that there was great terrible
grief and terrible sadness and he pleaded with the Lord that the Lord
would send him back and God was gracious and God send him back and he came back
and the angel escorted him and down and then he looked through the roof and he
saw his wife and he saw his body and then suddenly his spirit went into his
body and he was resurrected from the dead and we know you know what a he’s
you know founding father he started you know founded Zion fellowship
God used them to travel to over a hundred different countries God used
them to ride 60 60 or 70 books and and he was a blessing to people all over the
world and by the grace of God when he went to the look be with the Lord in
2000 2012 I believe he had fulfilled his course he’d accomplished God’s purpose
for his life and the Lord was gracious but you know God has a plan he has a
purpose he has a glorious plan for each one of our lives and discouragement it
is possibly the number one problem that as Christians we have to face and if it
can happen to Elijah certainly it can happen to any one of us many years ago I
heard a poem and that poem was was cool I don’t know who the author was but it
was the it was the devil’s best tool and the devil in this poem the devil was
going out of business and he was selling all his Weir’s it was
the night before the sale and there was a man in the shop Thea and he had
everything labeled and it was there was malice there was fifty dollars there was
hatred that was $60 there was Envy that was $70 there was a
dog free that was $90 and everything and all there everything was on display and
then the man who was looking he saw one and it was a thousand dollars on the
price tag and when curiosity he asked the devil what is that whatever says
that is discouragement he said and the devil said to the guy he said it’s more
useful to me than any of the others sometimes I can get inside a man with
discouragement I could never get them to steal I could never get them to rob the
bank I could never get them to commit adultery or outward sins but I can get
within them to discourage them discourage them
what discouragement will do discouragement will dull your hearing so
you can’t hear the voice of God discouragement can break a person’s
spirit so that they feel crushed and not able to do anything worthwhile and
discouragement can come in many different ways and often it comes when
there’s not a fulfillment of our expectations when you know we’ve worked
hard and yet instead of seeing the church growing maybe it is diminishing
difficulties problems people leaving things not going as we envisaged
discouragement can come when we look within us instead of looking upward to
the Lord when we look maybe at our faults our problems instead of looking
to the Lord that God can give us a victory over them discouragement can
come you know when we’re seeking for something that God has not ordained for
us could be a you know God’s called a person maybe to be a pastor but they
they they want to be a great healing evangelists or something like that and
when we get our eyes if we get our eyes on other things apart from him apart
from the Lord you know even good things you know discouragement can come and
some people you know their eyes and their hearts even though they love the
Lord but the hearts the eyes their mind you know it can be on a maybe a better
job maybe a bit of car maybe focusing on you know some material things complaining of circumstances that we’re
going through instead of focusing on Christ and of the
Lord Himself discouragement discouragement often comes before God
will do something great in our lives and at the end of the life of Elijah
just before Elijah took over it was like there was divine discouragement and
Elijah said he said I’m going I’m going to go girl from Gilgal I’m going to
Bethel and he said to Elijah tarry here and Elijah was not to be discouraged you
know I’m not gonna Terry I’m gonna stay with you and he knew that was that was
the will of God and then Elijah said well I’m going now
I’m going from from Gilgal to Bethel you tarry here and then from Bethel to
Jericho and then from Jericho to Jordan each time saying Terry Terry Terry but
Elijah was not going to be discouraged he was going to stay with with Elijah
and he did stay and he refused to be discouraged and he received the double
portion of God and that double portion and anointing when Elijah was taken in a
whirlwind up into heaven I want to look at just two keys two keys in overcoming
discouragement two keys and overcoming discouragement and the first one is in
the life of Elijah in the life of David and the second is in the life of Elijah
now the first one in the life of David is in 1 samuel chapter xxxi samuel and
chapter 30 and here this is just before it is just before God does something
wonderful in David’s life it is just before he became king he was anointed to
become king over Judah and then to be king over all of Israel and we know
David had gone through many trials he was anointed by Samuel
the profit in one king in 1 samuel chapter 16 and he was anointed oil was
put on him to be king but instead of being king he ended up fleeing from saul
who was the king at that time and it was about thirteen years went by David was
about seven seventeen years until he was about thirty years of age and here in 1
Samuel 30 at sick leg what had happened is that David because he was continually
chased by Saul who was seeking to kill him and take his life and David had
about 400 men then 600 mighty men who he had trained before they they were
discouraged they were in debt they were distressed but David got those men and
he taught them and they became as mighty men and they were with him and they left
all of them they left Israel they went into the land of the Philistines and
they were in cyclic and David as men had gone out they’d gone out maybe to battle
somewhere but then when they were out of their place sick leg the enemy the
Amalekites came and they burnt the city and they took all the spoil in all the
pluck plunder and they took their wives and they took their children and so debt
David and his men when they came back to their town when they came back to Ziklag
the the town had been burnt with fire their wives were not there the children
would not be at all their valuables were gone and the place was all burnt yeah if
that’s not enough to discourage most people I mean you can’t get it much
worse than that basically they lost everything lost
everything and the grief was so great that it says
in in verse 3 and in verse 4 then David and the people that were with him they
lifted up the voice and they whipped and they had no
more pet until they had no more power to weep now they had no more power to weep
these were mighty David’s mighty men Warriors men of war and not only did
they weep but they kept weeping and they wept until they had no more power to
weep verse five David’s two wives they were taken captive and David was greatly
distressed for the people spoke of stoning him in other words the men even
though they had been they up till that time they’d seemingly been been faithful
and loyal to David but they were just so overcome with discouragement they were
so down they’d they’d lost their families they’d lost their possessions
everything was burnt I mean and they were so so discouraged that then they
began to blame David wasn’t his fault and the people were so grieved and that
they spoke of stoning him they’ve got to pick up the stones and to kill David I
mean terrible they were discouraged David would have been terribly
discouraged but what does David do what does he do and this is the first key in
overcoming discouragement is in the second part of verse six David
encouraged himself in the Lord his God David encouraged himself in the Lord his
God David by the grace of God I mean and certainly by the grace of God that he
could do that he offered like that sacrifice of price and in spite of
everything going wrong and in spite of those incredible trials what does he do
he begins to encourage himself he begins to offer the sacrifice of praise he
encourages himself in the Lord his God I mean what a incredible testimony it was
about that time that that David wrote Psalm 56 and in verse 3
and verse 4 he says what time I am afraid I will trust in thee in God have
I put my trust I will not fear what God what flesh can do unto me I will not
fear what flesh can do unto me and as a result of that I mean it was Earth when
when everything was hopeless God came on the scene and we read in 1 Samuel
chapter 30 that God too very quickly very quickly God has his suddenly and
very quickly God turned everything around and God led them to where the
Amalekites were and the David and his men they defeated the Amalekites they
were able to get their wives and the children back again they were able to
get all their silver and gold and things that have been stolen they were able to
recover everything they recovered all and not only that but then they got they
had all the spoil of the Amalekites as well as recovering everything that they
had in other words it says David recovered or David recovered or
hallelujah and as a result of that you know and it
was very shortly after that the elders of judah the southern kingdom they came
to Hebron David was anointed and he was anointed king over Judah and then seven
and a half years later he was anointed over all of Israel what a what a
transformation when my wife and I were newly married we were sending out and we
went to Pastor a church and a pioneer a church in the north of New Zealand and
God has spoken and they’ve been prophetic words before we left but then
we’d been here about a year and it was tough and it was difficult and then we
only had a we all we had was just a couple of families and there one of them
rose up and accused me of different things
and accused me of various things and say that I was lifted up and proud and that
I died and then left the church and their family and you know we were so
discouraged we were so does it we’re almost you know
got to pack up everything and go back to Auckland our home city and but even in
that situation God somehow gave us grace and certainly not none of ourselves but
God gave us grace just to hang in there and to trust him and as we did that you
know God turn the tide and then there’s a number of hippies and drug addicts and
people you know surfers who were up in that area and they started coming to the
service they started getting saved we were baptizing them we’re seeing them
filled with the Holy Spirit and and and God began we had a measure of a move of
the Spirit at that time but just things turn very quickly very quickly and the
second the second example or the second key to overcoming discouragement we see
you back in Elijah in 1 Kings in chapter 19 and that is that God gave Elijah
God gave Elijah a non-word vision he gave Elijah and onward vision if we have
no vision the Bible says the people will perish proverbs 29:18 but God gave
Elijah an ongoing purpose and ongoing vision things that had not yet been done
in his life that he was to accomplish in his life and you know that and God is
wanting to give and I’m praying we are praying we’ve been praying that God will
God will speak to us these three days and that God will give each of each of
us you know just a fresh vision an ongoing vision they will hear from the
Lord and he will speak even concerning our future and particular things that
God has in store for our lives and you know revival is coming the best is yet
to come the best wine saved until the end and the best you
know revival is coming we want to be those who were in the spirit and power
of Elijah we’ll prepare the way of the Lord and God came to Elijah and the
angel came and then he waited he waited in the cave and he had to wait you know
sometimes we have to wait we have to wait and God works out things in our
lives during times of waiting but then God came not in a not in a sensational
way no no no not in the wind not in the earthquake not in the fire but God came
God came in a smell still small voice in the still small voice and God spoke to
Elijah afresh that Elijah was not finished
God still had purposes for his life God had a plan for him God there was an
ongoing vision for him and God said in 1 Kings chapter 18 the Lord said to him go
return on the way to the wilderness of Damascus and when you come anoint Hazael
to be king over Syria so that was the first thing that God spoke to Elijah go
up to Damascus and he was to anoint the next king hacia to be king over syria
and then the second thing that the Lord told him and Jihu the son of nimshi
shalt thou anoint to be king over Israel now actually alights elijah did not
anoint G who we find from 2 Kings chapter 9 that G who was anointed by
Elijah in fact it was one of the prophets who were studying under Elijah
and Elijah of course was the was the servant of Elijah and so sometimes God
will speak things he will speak things and it’s not for us but for our seed God
spoke to pastor Bailey he spoke to Pastor but a Bible School in every
nation it nation it seemed impossible he’s gone to
glory he has not been able to fulfill that but we are his seed and by the
grace of God you know before the Lord comes again
a Bible School in every nation and God is beginning to do it and God is giving
a vision God’s inspiring different different ones too to have that vision
and to walk toward to work to see it accomplished and so and then the third
thing was Elijah you will anoint Elisha the son of Shepherd to be the prophet in
your steered in other words to anoint his successor his successor so there can
be the work will not die so that there will be an ongoing ongoing continuance
of the work of God and so two keys in overcoming in overcoming discouragement
number first one is to learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord no
matter what our circumstances may be and the second to ask God you know for a
fresh vision and ongoing vision so there’s a purpose and a goal for each
one of our lives just in closing you know as I was praying for this message
I felt that there’s those here at this convention you’ve come and there’s been
discouragement maybe in your personal life maybe at some bondage that you
you’re not yet free off maybe in a church situation there’s problems which
seemingly are unsolvable conflicts relationships maybe something in the
family maybe you’re discouraged and the job because things that are
happening how maybe you feel God’s put you on the Shelf and you know just doing
the same old same old same old day after day I believe God that God wants to
break discouragement he wants to break discouragement and he wants by the grace
of God to give each one of us you know a fresh vision an ongoing vision even for
his glorious purposes in our lives there is pride Father we believe that we’re not here by
chance this week Lord that you have ordained it and lord I pray Lord that
you would just come and you would seal your word Lord you’re the only one who
can break discouragement we look to you Lord Jesus just while every eye is
closed every head bowed maybe there’s some area in your life you’re
discouraged and you want the Lord to break it just lift up your heavy eye
closed just lift up your hand god bless you God bless you God bless you minions
put them down father Lord we come to you Lord we thank you you are the awesome
God we thank you that nothing is too hard for you Oh God Lord Jesus we look
to you Lord that you would come you would come Lord even as only you can and
Lord that you would break discouragement break the chain break the shackles oh
God Lord do a new thing by your grace Oh God
caused us to be those Lord who will who will encourage ourselves even in your
ways help us oh God Lord to continually rejoice in you and to proclaim even your
goodness and encourage ourselves in God Lord we pray Oh God come Lord touch us
in a new way father even in this convention Lord we pray you speak Oh God
give us clear direction Lord may we have an ongoing vision and lord I pray that
we’ll be those who will hit the mark we will win Christ we will go on for you we
will fulfill the call of God we will prepare the people even and equip them
even in the stays for a viable and your purposes in
the end times Oh God do it we pray in Jesus precious
name a mere publish

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