Power Profit Scan Newsletter Review, Ep002

Power Profit Scan Newsletter Review, Ep002

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  1. Hi clay…are most of the scans for swing trades or can one day trade them…in very interested in subscribing

  2. I was under the impression that the inner circle was tailored to day traders, so this was definitely a great video (series) that is making me consider purchasing the inner circle while swing trading.

  3. I love using the scans. I dont use all of them but I do try to pick one a week. I usually do good with them.

  4. Hey man, would signing up to the IC be beneficial to someone who hasn't started trading yet and is still in beginner/learning stage? I feel like I've got a lot to learn yet before I can confidently trade even with a practice account. I like these videos and what you said in the last one about not falling for the shiny-object marketing of other people's training courses is spot on, I find the whole fast cars / model girls / gold watches / flashy apartments / private jets is a cheap way to draw people in

  5. great – you should charge more for your scan newsletter. Go for it. TIm Sykes would do. Happy days.

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