Pourquoi l’année 1991 a changé la face du rap – RAP BUSINESS ep.1

Pourquoi l’année 1991 a changé la face du rap – RAP BUSINESS ep.1

Picture this is New York City in the ’90s. What the f*** is that? So this story begins
in the early ’90s in the United States. It’s been over ten years since rap was born here, in the black communities of the Bronx. But it’s a genre that’s still struggling
to be accepted. Its biggest success so far is this: a mix of botched graffiti
and Mickaël Vendetta in his tracksuits. And then, everything changed. And that moment was 1991. 1991 was a real, true inflection point, maybe the most important inflection point
in the history of pop music. It comes from nowhere
and it changes everything. So the year 1991,
and more precisely the month of May 1991. In the United States,
things were not that different from today: a rich heir was president, we had just fought a war for oil and KFC were performing gastronomic miracles. The only small difference
was that when you turned on the radio, you heard this kind of thing: pop and rock. In fact, in May of 1991, the most popular group in the country was R.E.M. Yes, I turned the sound off
because I hate that song. Anyway, R.E.M. was number one. It was at the top of the charts. The charts, you know, are the charts of CD sales and radio play. Figures were compiled and published
in a leading American magazine, Billboard. The thing is,
when I say these charts counted sales, it’s not entirely true. They were essentially built on lies. That’s Derek Thompson. Derek is an American journalist. He looks like my little cousin in a shirt, but just so you know,
he works for a famous magazine, hosts a podcast, is a regular guest on TV and wrote this big book about
the behind-the-scenes of popular hits. The main reason I contacted him
is that Derek has written an article explaining that for decades the Billboard charts were false. Why is that? Because they weren’t based
on an accurate sales count at all, but on the statements of a few record stores and radio stations. And in your opinion, is that a reliable method? No. The record store owners would lie because if they ran out of a certain album, they had no reason to say
that album was selling well, they would rather want to tell the charts
that an album they had a bit more of in stock was selling well,
so you can sell out of that. The radio stations, you could say,
were a similar thing. The radio DJs were often being paid
by the music labels and they would essentially just tell Billboard
whatever the music labels wanted them to say. In short, you couldn’t trust
Billboard’s numbers at the time. But the magazine decided
to do something about it, especially since in the last few years,
a tool that counted quickly and rather well had appeared. In May 1991, the rankings became computerised. Sales were calculated at that precise moment. This time, a CD bought equaled a sale for real. Billboard no longer had to make
phone calls to record stores one by one. This saved them a lot of time and phone bills, but there was another consequence. Take a look at what happened
within a few weeks to the top-selling albums. It’s a three-letter change. R.E.M. felt to the bottom
and was replaced at the top by N.W.A. Billboard then talked about
the biggest entry into the top since Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, and welcomed a striking new diversity. So, to be perfectly honest, there had already been
a bit of rap at the top of Billboard. Vanilla Ice, as I said,
but also things like that. Or like that. Anyway, it had nothing to do
with N.W.A. gangster rap, a raw, crude, vindictive street rap. Dr. Dre’s gang became the first black rappers to step up to the plate. So, I know you, you’re gonna tell me… Yeah, it could also just be a coincidence. Okay. See what happens next. There’s another Billboard chart, the Hot 100, which doesn’t rank albums anymore, but singles. For the latter, the switch to computer calculation
came a little later, in November 1991. And there, the title that immediately
climbed to first place is “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”. A little less street than N.W.A, for sure, but P.M. Dawn, who plays it,
became the first black hip-hop group to reach this place. For Derek, it’s a sign that rap
has long been undervalued in favour of other musical genres, such as rock. Especially because rock’n’roll tended to be
the kind of music that was preferred by white men who tended to control the labels. And as a result,
music that wasn’t rock’n’roll or that wasn’t performed
by, say, rich looking white men, say hip-hop and country, tended to be underrepresented
on the billboard charts. So 1991 would be… … the most important year in the history of pop music. The most important year.. Yeah. Yes, that’s an acceptable criticism. I gave you just two examples. N.W.A. and P.M. Dawn
may be just two coincidences, not enough to speak of a historical moment. Actually, this story is not that easy to analyse. To dig a little deeper, you’d have to ask someone
who would have a broader view, someone who would have studied
the Billboard charts over 50 years, someone who would have analysed 17,000 songs. That’s exactly what Armand did. Mom ! No, that Armand. Armand Leroi is a scientist in England. In 2015, he and several colleagues dissected the Billboard charts
from 1960 to now. Using a computer program, several properties are extracted
from each piece, such as the type of instrument, the choice of chords or the rhythm of the voices. And so, what we discovered
is that we could trace the great trends in popular music. For example, the arrival
of distorted guitars and rock in the 60s or the emergence of electronic sounds
in the 80s. But the really big revolution,
and this is what the surprise was, the biggest of all was 1991. Suddenly, we’re finding lots of music
that has no chords, but how can that be? Surely, music is defined practically
by having chords, right? Except for one kind of music: rap. Rap is spoken word and that’s where you see it
suddenly spiking out of nowhere. Until 1991, only four representatives of rap,
in the broadest sense of the term, had reached the top. The following decade saw seven times as many. After N.W.A., Billboard’s first place went to Kriss Kross, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, the Fugees, NAS, A Tribe Called Quest, DMX or Notorious B.I.G. The success of rap was massive. So, is everything simply related
to a change of method at Billboard? No, of course not. That cannot be the only explanation. The change at Billboard probably helped. I wanted to highlight that in this video, but there are other factors. For example, the arrival,
three years earlier, of the first rap show on TV. And then, we know from studies that we tend to appreciate more
the songs that are presented as successful, so the first successes
then had a snowball effect. Above all, we must remember the pioneering role
played by groups like Run-D.M.C. or Public Enemy In short, it was this whole ensemble
that started this, sparked greater public interest and encouraged record companies
to invest in rap. From 1991 onwards, nothing resisted hip-hop, especially not borders, and one country in particular in a striking way, France. But that’s what we’ll see in the next episode.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Ok facile à cerner ce mec. Un des seuls gars qui déteste REM, look de babos, donc c’est un progressiste qui vient nous faire des leçons de morale en mode « faite ce que je dis mais pas ce que je fais »

  2. Ouais y a aussi une enorme évolution musicale aussi à cette époque, c est la création de la New school avec des prods bcp plus léchées…

  3. Cette vidéo est géniale!!!!! J’ai découvert tellement de choses que je ne savais pas!
    J’ai hâte pour le prochain épisode 😆😆

  4. Les rappeurs prônent le sexe , la drogue et la violence ! Ils produisent des textes sans fond ! D'un niveau intellectuel très bas ! Copier coller en permanence avec leur confrere des USA ! Sans compté les multiples provocations envers notre communauté ! Ils se font passer pour des gangster tout en s'assurant une vie douillettes sur le dos des bouffons et bouffonnes qui les suives !! Ils guident les dernières générations dans un trou sans fond et en tire profit ! De parfait apôtre de Satan ! Avec le soutien inconditionnel de tout ces chayatine qui les mette en valeur , le rap est un poison . C'est pas pour rien qu'on trouve souvent des rappeurs devant les camera dans cette societé maçonnique , regarder juste qui est derriere l'industrie du rap en France . Ecouter du rap est un gros signe d'immaturité , tte ce qui va a l'encontre de nos moeurs est valorisé , le hraam est mis en avant dans le rap , la mentalité de cité , le rap contribue a creer un nombre enorme de cas sociaux . A lire : http://lemaghrebinpenseur.com/le-rap/

  5. Wé bon, faut aussi le dire, le RAP aussi c'est du bon son, et à l'époque, j'avais 5 ans OK, mais j'en avais déjà marre du rock. 😊

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  7. Étant parti a New York je peux vous dire que vestimentairement ça a pas changer c'est rester entre les années 90 début 2000.
    Enfaite c'est juste en France chaque 5 ans y a une nouvelle mode donc ça peut paraitre bizarre pour certains français.

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    Many Poor people r in big trouble. Protests r taking places . Over 100 places protests r held. January 26 . 2020

  9. Coupe tes cheveux surtout que t'es pas musclé ni barbu ça fait plus meuf que viking quoi. De dos ça a du te confondre avec une meuf plus d'une fois après si ça te dérange pas …

  10. 1991 a changé la face du rap parce que j'ai commencé à en écouter cette année-là, et que le rap m'en remercie encore et m'en remerciera jamais assez.
    C'est aussi bien plus accessoirement l'année du génial "De La Soul is Dead".

  11. Ah ce magnifique mouvement contestataire des couches inférieur devenue le chef de file du capitalisme à outrance mdr
    Le monde et ces reportages tout pourri
    Il est LHDSR les amis !

  12. 0:03 "Imaginez qu'on est…"
    Coup dur pour la langue française.
    Allez je vais regarder la suite mais je fais un effort.
    À part ça bonne vidéo

  13. C'est un peu comme les elections: on vous donne de la musique, faut acheter, faut bouffer. L'avantage du rap, c'est que c'est pas cher a produire.

  14. En espérant que vous allez parler dans le prochain épisode de l'origine du rap français, MC Solaar, IAM, Suprême NTM, Etc … Ça va être vachement plaisant ♥

  15. Un raisonnement analogique de cette minoration d'une réalité en faveur d'une autre plus lisse, peut se faire sur bien d'autres choses de nos sociétés. Ou comment influencer la masse par une propagande déformée aux fins de faire croire à des choses plutôt qu'à d'autre.

  16. Pour comprendre cette "popularisation" il faudrait plus regarder les albums sorti que les changements "techniques" du Billboard.
    La non présence du rap dans la musique populaire des années 80's n'est pas une surprise, en terme de rap, jusqu'en 87-88 c'était la misère au niveau du nombre d'albums.
    La quantité joue un rôle primordial mais la qualité aussi, à partir de 87-88 s'opère un changement ultra important, le passage aux samplers (notamment le SP-1200) au détriment des boîtes à rythme, couplez ça avec un abaissement du BPM global et vous avez des sonorités complètement différentes à partir du début des années 90's.
    C'est pas pour rien qu'on considère la décennie 88-98 comme l'âge d'or du rap US, l'accès du rap aux classements billboard en est une conséquence.

  17. Vraiment cool cette vidéo ça colle déjà plus a la vraie pop culture que celle qu'on nous assène a longueur de temps dans les media tradi a base de sardou, jaunie, et autre jul

  18. Pitié épargné moi le rap français s'il vous plait!!!
    D'ailleurs quel mouche vous a piqué pour que vous puissiez parler de rap tout d'un coup!!!

  19. Super documentaire, vivement la suite !

    PS: en revanche les titres et annotations à la verticale, niveau contorsion c'est moyen 🙂

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