PostgreSQL Tutorial: How to download and install PostgreSQL on Windows 10 [EN]

Hello, I am Mr.M from GIS4Dev In this video I will explain you step by step How to download and install PostgreSQL on windows 10 operating system Firstly, Open google search and search for “postgresql” Click this link On this website you will be able to see this button (Download) Click here Click on “Windows” This page show you what platform which PostgreSQL supported Click “Download the installer” In my case I download PostgreSQL 11.5 for Windows 64 bits Click “Download” Downing might take sometime You can see download progress here Now download complete, Click on this file And Click “Yes” to allow this process PostgreSQL required Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 It will be download and install automatically You don’t need to do anything Now setup wizard will start Click “Next>” This is directory where PostgreSQL will be installed I use default directory and then click “Next>” Select the components you want to install By default you will install PostgreSQL PgAdmin4, Stack and Command line Tools Then click “Next>” This is directory where data will be stored I use default directory click “Next>” This is important step you need to give password which you can remember it And re-type again In this video I use “gis4dev” Password and Retype password must be match then click “Next>” This is a default port Which will be used by pgAdmin 4 or other client leave it as default click “Next>” This step leave it as default and click “Next>” Pre installation summary will show you in this page The following system (value) will be used for the installation If you sure click “Next>” Set up is now ready to begin install click “Next>” This process might take some time Depend on your computer performance Now the installation of PostgreSQL on my windows 10 is complete If you don’t want to install other plugins or other extensions uncheck this and click “Finish” Now, I will show you how to connect with you database and how it ‘s works Click “Start” button on the bottom left of screen Go to PostgreSQL 11 folder and click on “pgAdmin4” pgAdmin4 going to start Enter your password which you gave at the installation step my password is “gis4dev” click “OK” Expend type password again and then click “OK” This is default database named postgres It has Extensions, Schemas And table are located under the schemas If you have any question, You can write down below this video Don’t forget like share and subscribe to my channel Bye bye, Sawasdee Krub.

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