PostgreSQL Tutorial: How to download and install PostGIS Extension [EN]

PostgreSQL Tutorial: How to download and install PostGIS Extension [EN]

Hello, I am Mr.M from GIS4Dev In this video I will talk about how to install PostGIS extension. The first thing I need to explain “What is PostGIS” PostGIS is spatial database extender for PostgreSQL And support to geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL and compliance with OGC standard Let ‘s me show you step by step how to install PostGIS extension Firstly, Click on “Start” button on the bottom left of screen Looking for PostgreSQL 11 folder And click on “Application Stack builder” Click “Yes” to allow this process Stack builder wizard will appear in your screen Click on dropdown list and select PostgreSQL version where you want to install PostGIS In my case I have only one version And then click “Next>” this screen will show you a list of extension click expand Spatial Extensions and check this box To install PostGIS 2.5 And then click “Next>” You can change download directory here but I my case leave as default And then click “Next>” This wizard will download PostGIS automatically It might take some time depend on your internet speed Now download complete And then Click “Next>” to begin installing step Read license agreement and click “I Agree” In this step clicl “Next” You can change destination folder in this page In my case I leave it as default And then click “Next>” Installation is in progress Click “Yes” to register GDAL_DATA to environment variable This message just tell you about raster driver are disabled by default. Click “Yes” This message tell you about Raster out database is disabled by default For all of setting can configurable later Click “Close” And click “Finish” Let ‘s me show you how it work click on “Start” button on the button left of screen Look for PostgreSQL 11 folder Click “”pgAdmin 4 Expand I will create database Right click Select “Create” and select “Database…” Give database name “gis4dev” and click “Save” Your new database will appear here and right click at the “Extensions” Select “Create” and select “Extension..” Search for “PostGIS” And “Save” Expand “Schemas” and expand Table You will see the spatial reference table (spatial_ref_sys) If you see this table It mean you database is support GIS You can use spatial function Or import shapefile to this database Thank for watching Don’t forget link comment share and subscribe to my channel Bye bye, Sawasdee Krub.

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