“Positive News for Veteran Owned Small Businesses”

“Positive News for Veteran Owned Small Businesses”

  – The mission for   the Veteran-Owned
Small Business Conference?   – Help you succeed in business
by providing you access,   by creating a dynamic
learning laboratory,   and by enabling you to network
with key decision makers.   – All right.   – Mission accomplished.   Attendees received information,
tools, and techniques   on how to start, build,
and expand a small-business idea   into a life-changing reality.   They also connected
with hundreds   of procurement decision makers
from the VA   and other federal agencies
as well as large firms   committed to buying
goods and services   from Veteran-owned
small businesses   or looking for subcontractors.   Secretary Shinseki
highlighted that Veterans   can rebuild the middle class.   – We’re vitally interested
in helping you compete   for business in general and for
federal contracts in particular   because as you grow
your businesses,   you become a catalyst
for creating jobs,   enabling other Veterans
to support their families,   buy homes, and invest
in the future of this country.   – Veteran-owned small businesses
currently employ   almost two million workers   and generate 1.8 trillion   in revenue,   but VA would like
to increase those numbers.   – In 2007, only 10%
of VA’s procurement dollars   went to Veteran-owned
small businesses.   By 2012, that figure   had more than doubled to 21.8%.   We’re now beginning
our discussions   with the Small Business
Administration,   establishing our 2014 goals,
and I’ll just tell you,   we intend to keep VA
at the forefront   in Veteran contracting.   – According to VA, over 25%
of previous attendees reported   they won a contract award
that they directly attributed   to attending this conference.    

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