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  1. I haven't watched this 3 hour and 42 minute video yet, but do any of these episodes show the Sea Hag? She has a pet vulture that runs evil errands for her.

  2. What happen popeye you used to be so strong I remember we used to stay in that half way house I dont remember were we friends did we kill that day .

  3. Kids' greatest hits:
    I'm Popeye the sailor man.
    I live in a frying pan.
    I turned on the gas and burned off my ass.
    I'm Popeye the sailor man! 🤣

  4. زيتونه اكثر وحد انخطفه بتاريخ البشريه ..والمشكله لا جسم ولا جمال 😂

  5. Popeye's nephews are creatively turning all sorts of housewares into instruments since they don't have any real instruments… THEN A TINY PIANO APPEARS?!?

  6. I remember the Sinbad episode. The one we jad was black and white. Soooo many memories 😭🥺
    Edit: And the Ali Baba one. I remember all of these.

  7. 35:40 they smoke them like a fool today’s but “keep your behavior that’s your 1 life saver with Popeye the sailorman.” Was his bard @5:09

  8. White america literally put money into this, instead of just seasoning their damn food so their kids would eat the damn spinach

  9. If you want to see Famous Studios' Big Bad Sindbad but without any scenes being cut. I'll put out some chapters.
    Opening Credits: 0:00 – 1:08
    Prologue (Popeye's Tour of the Nautical Museum): 1:09:26 – 1:11:06
    Chapter 1 – The Song of Sindbad: 1:08 – 6:33
    Chapter 2 – Popeye's visit to the Island: 1:12:08 – 1:13:46
    Chapter 3 – Popeye meets Sindbad: 9:13 – 13:48
    Chapter 4 – Popeye fights Sindbad: 1:15:34
    Intermission (the Nephews interrupted Popeye) 1:16:35 – 1:16:53
    Chapter 5 – Popeye defeats Sindbad: 15:16 – 16:16
    Epilogue (Sindbad loses his reputation): 1:17:47 – 1:18:31

  10. Me as a kid: I DONT WANNA EAT MY VEGGIES!!
    Mom: well dont u wanna be strong like popeye?
    Me as a kid: starts eating my veggies as fast as possible

  11. Popeye: i made it to the finish because i ate my spinach i'm Popeye the sailor man
    Sindbad: who's the most remarkable and extraordinary fella?
    Bluto: heya oliv

  12. I m 50 years old and because of popeye sailor man I started to eat spinach and thought will be strong like him….those kid day I missed

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