Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

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  1. Kingston leaders are sick people, but the good souls need a way out and not resent Logos because of wolf in sheep clothing.

  2. Why do we care??? Because this is child enslavement. Horrifying. I’m sure kids die from health issues because they do not take them for medical care. This is criminal!!! I’d like to know what I can do to help advocate for these victims. It’s sick and sadistic. Young men women and children are victimized by sick criminals.

  3. Re-watching this left me as angry as I was when I watched it initially. It is honestly SO hard to see this young man bearing such a massive emotional wound, of which he only minimally recognized at the time of filming. I know this was posted years ago, but it still breaks my heart because we all know that there are countless others just like him.

    The general public isn’t concerned about polygamy because they want to take your freedom and choice away; we’re concerned because far too much abuse is being reported by victims. We’re talking domestic abuse, incest, brainwashing, neglected children, physically abused children, lack of basic and higher education, financial abuse, women not having the same rights as men (to marry who they want, have whatever number of children they want, receive/maintain healthcare, have multiple husbands/partners, etc), young men & boys being domineered and broken by higher ranking men, I mean the list just goes on…. Absolutely these issues occur across the board, but not at such concentrated, high rates. Living in Utah especially, they are kept so isolated (in the sense that you basically couldn’t spit without it landing on some form of Mormon), diversity and exposure to “others” is greatly lacking. That in itself shows that there really isn’t a “freedom of choice,” and anyone that says there is, is refusing to learn about and understand cult behavior or mind control. I wish that we could save them all, because this is no way to live, OR worship. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being devout or conservative, but these poor people who don’t know anything different are signing away every right and choice to a prophet, and life is far too short to waste in such a way. These people need help and support, a light at the end of the tunnel. Steven Hassan is a fantastic source on how to best help individual cult victims. There are also a handful of amazing Youtubers that regularly speak on these issues as well, like Mr. Athiest, Telltale, and Genetically Modified Skeptic.

    I hope this young man escaped permanently, and is doing well.

  4. This poor kid, my heart breaks for him you can feel his pain in every word. I wanted to give him a hug through the screen, I can’t imagine how lonely and isolated he must feel.

  5. The woman in this documentary “saving” these girls, is now living inside an FLDS community with them. It’s really odd and I don’t get who or what she really does but she was in a recent homemade documentary here on youtube about polygamy in the FLDS .

  6. The authorities can harass people for smaller things, but groups like this can barely be touched. This clan are a bunch or predators.


  8. It's funny how my friends from Arab oil countries..the most adjusted and confident ones who seemed to have an unlimited supply of support were from polygamist families. I already almost envy them.

  9. So she has 9 kids and 3 miscarriages😳
    Plus all the incest is disgusting
    The human body isn't supposed to take all that abuse
    Mufuckas need to call in the government to shut that shit down NOW

  10. Tyrant breaking his wifes jaw, ruling by constant threats, you earn money from them so you can give it back to them, if you leave and want to come back you have to pay several thousand dollars, etc, etc. Constant manipulation and threats. And large scale incest . . . . don't go back man.

  11. I know this is old but the woman who is an advocate and helped people escape is now living with the FLDS in the Warren community. Explore With Us just featured her in a documentary they did

  12. Hey Joe this black guy says may God bless you son . Come to P.A. plenty of work to start a family and life with Christian values. I know it's hard but sometimes you can't look back until you grow and help your other brothers and sisters. You can be whatever you want in this life Joe! Again my God be with you!

  13. Keep your head up man. You are so much better then what you were born into. Stay away from your dad man u can do it on your own

  14. Escaping polygamy is a show that goes into a lot more depth about everything including joe and Priscilla's story. I've been watching full episodes here on YouTube. Joe would have to been filming 2 different videos at the same time as they go over his meeting with Daniel on escaping polygamy while it was going on

  15. I don't think polygamy is the problem it's the corrupt people who are in charge. It's the cult following that ruin these families

  16. all the protesters are talking about "its our choice" "well when youre an adult and you can make your own choices.." what about those 15 year old "wives" that were forced to "marry" men that were sometimes old enough to be their grandfathers and have a baby yearly? where was their freedom of choice?

  17. If my father caused my mother to die because he made her use black magic to cure her cancer, and then when she died said I can buy her belongings, I would hope he prayed to whatever god he believes in that morning because he would not be waking up for another

  18. One of the things that angers me the most is that the crimes that are committed by the men in the Kingston Clan go unpunished. Domestic abuse is likely not only tolerated inside the clan but the husbands probably claim it as their right, and I am sure the women are afraid to report these acts as crimes. Children are forced into marriages with family members, and with adult men, but they are not prosecuted for rape and pedophilia. This is not about choice. It is human trafficking and mind control and coercion.

  19. Stay strong brother Joe and victims of this stuff. You are stronger than you know your forging your own paths now and you chose how things turn out

  20. Wtf is going on the church say you should have a baby ever year y’all look sick like y’all suffering from something this’s the old love and Hip-Hop Hollywood

  21. Ok but.. they didn’t show Priscillas full story- she had to leave in the middle of the night when her grandmother (who was going to force her into marriage in about a week with her cousin) was asleep, get a taxi to a bus stop , flee to Las Vegas , and live in that safe home (the woman with the glasses) where she wouldn’t be sent back to her family like she would in Utah , as she was turning 18 on about a month and was still technically a minor. She did this with the help of two girls , Jessica and Shanell in their show Escaping Polygamy.

  22. A fiery Judgement awaits all these wicked people! Repent and come to Christ wicked Kingston Clan! Jesus Christ can set you free from all this mess.

  23. How could any child or wife be happy when there all jocking for the attention of one wicked man! Shame on you Kingston Clan leader! God appoints one wife for one man! This is a perversion. Repent!!!!

  24. Praying for you Joe! You have so many people that wanna see you thrive! God wants to give you the gift of freedom.. sometimes the most beautiful gifts come in ugly wrapping paper

  25. My God I know this is happening but the idea of it is just crazy we live in a country with so many resources and information and thier are cults raping and killing thier own. It's really sad.

  26. Whats wrong with this kid……if someone did my mom like that id go to church were dear old dad goes and butcher him on the alter.

  27. The life style is not about living closer to god. It is about sex, money, and power. They will lose their power when enough people walk away!

  28. 🎵🎶🎵🎶Dinga ding dinga ding dinga ding dinga ding I hear the banjos playing 🎵🎶🎵🎶 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. This is better VICE! More horror stories, scandal and darker topics. I can say it for many, we like stuff like that?! I know I do.

  30. In my opinion there is a difference between fundamentalist polygamy and reasonable polygamy.
    Reasonable polygamy includes equality for the consenting ADULTS involved and no incest. As well as the ability for it to be either polygamy or polyandry

  31. Religion created so much stupid stuff. The seemingly “nicer” religions merely provide a cover of legitimacy for this nonsense because it’s in the name of “religion.”

  32. Joe better bet get as far away from Utah as possible when he's ready to find a wife, otherwise he may wind up mistakenly marrying a sibling.

  33. “We should get our choice,
    Just like you chose to be gay”
    … that whole clip of them singing was f*cking horrifying. Creepy!

  34. This is disgusting. It’s a cult based on a fraud’s private manual for perversion. It’s like Islam multiplied by Scientology, although not as violent as the former.

  35. Jehova's Witnesses are a lesser degree of this but almost as twisted. I left it at 19. Those older men would prey on teen girls too. It really messed with my head. Any group that shuns those who dare to disagree are a cult and are dangerous.

  36. You can tell in the way these former Kingston clan members talk that they suffer some sort of shared trauma or ptsd. Their speech is broken like their view on life. It’s so sad. But they are recovering and now living their own lives. I wish them the best in what they do. I thank them for raising awareness about an issue I’ve never heard about before. More people should know about this

  37. Joe is going to be an amazing and interesting man. He's going to great places! What a moving story – I wish them all peace and love on their journey to healing.

  38. I for really I pray and hope that they do ban polygamy, it just wrong! Kids are married so young from 10 -17 yrs ! Excuse my language WTF. Theses ppl sure are grown to believing its normal to marry your other sister from another mother, a close cousin to cousin. The truth from a madman starting all this cuz of his desire to have multiple womens , to crave his own desire, up bringing a range of ppl which then turns into a community. Who are then treat their norm as something normal. And try to find every cause to speak up to stop polygamy. Just how many cults are out there. This the other one with jeff warren is no different from this about the polygamy. The that moonies cult thats strange out weird

  39. If they tried to care for all the sickness brought on by their genetic inbreeding they would go broke, so the sick ones are given a song and dance about alternative medicine and then kicked in a hole. The young males are the most disposable of all, you can tell that the lad is torn to pieces over his abandonment.

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