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  1. I got this phone call about two weeks ago and I screwed around with them on the phone for about an hour and then at the end I told him that it’s not right and he needs to find a better job and then just yesterday I got a new call saying that something was wrong with my computer and the funny thing is I don’t even own a computer but I went to Wong with it and they wanted me to download some kind of app or program to either my phone or computer in order to get all my information it’s so messed up that they just don’t fine real jobs

  2. They called my husband today. We knew it was a scam so we played along with them til they wanted him to leave the house, go to the bank and withdraw $3793.00, all while they are on the phone with him. They told him that once he get the money out of the bank, they will direct him to where to send the cash. Finally, we had enough play time with him and told him off. Needless to say, he hung up on us. We called several time after that and continued to act like we were unaware of the scamming situation and willing to pay. Well, here is there number if you are tired of these ppl scamming our seniors, youths and other vulnerable ppl: ‭1 (870) 581-6578‬

    Enjoy 😊

  3. I had a few prank calls, I just prank them back. One prank call was about my man was with her last night & that she had pictures, I told her to mail those pictures to me & that I'd give her my address but didn't, I started laughing at her & she got mad & hung up the phone. Then another call I pranked them cause they was asking for someone else's name (some women names), told him that she ran off with a another man & made the guys believe it. I don't know if they were pranking me but I definitely pranked them back! I had some fun doing it too! LOL!

  4. My Man (Boyfriend) was sitting right beside me when I got the call & he was not with her at all. Whoever she was! I just turned the tables on her & had fun doing it, but she didn't like it. LOL! Those telemarketers that calls & tries to sell you stuff or get a student loan, I tell them that I will Sue Them for Harassment & then they hang up! LOL!

  5. Scammer: I’m not asking for any personal information.

    Also scammer, but 3 minutes ago: I need the last four digits of your Social Security Number

  6. Man let him know you are the police, that your about to bust him and his cronies. He trys to use fear tactics, Unbelievable. Ive had scammers say the U.S. Government wanted to give me Kept talking to them then asked where they were,they said Canada..,I said oh The Canadian government wants to send me money.? They probably don't realize most people just pretend to go along with them. They are everything they are accusing her of.

  7. I love that you showed this as a police officer getting this kind of call. It’s been watched so many times. I pray others are learning from this. Thank you!!

  8. My cousin got scammed and she lost $40 000 dollars canadian she payed in bitcoin so she can’t even track them I feel so bad

  9. I would like to thank all of the companies and banks , credit card companies that gave their business to other countries and taught these people to scam elderly people and dumb democrats.

  10. They told me they would come to my house. I told him to bring his badge,he screamed he show me his badge. I told him to show me his badge and I would show him mine. He hung up on me.

  11. If ENGLISH is not the caller's"first language" that would give me a clue. I've received 2 or 3 scams about my Social Security number. Told them they were scamming and hung up.

  12. It is such a joy to watch a fat assed captain spend time and taxpayers funding screwing with this shit ! I bet if you check the captains bank book you will see she is a bigger scammer ! Thank you for wasting our money !

  13. I actually made one of these guys say "fock u" and hung up omg super hilarious I love messing with these people it funny!!! Thats what u get for calling me with a scam!!!!😂

  14. Lol I got this same exact call!! Tried to tell me the law was coming to arrest me too 🤣🤣🤣
    They always try to use fake American names but they have a THICK THICK INDIA ACCENT!! 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Don’t u just love how these scammers think Americans are so stupid that we will fall for this shit! 🤣🤣🤣 i got this same call and they got so upset with me bc I wouldn’t give them my info either and they hung up on me too lol…. also I got a call from another THICK INDIA ACCENTED MAN, that said I had won 7 million dollars and an SUV from publishers clearing house and all I needed to do was send them $750 right now and someone would come to my house with the money and the SUV in the next 2 hours 🤣🤣 I kept playing along like I was driving to a place to wire them the money and they kept telling me what to say to the clerk when I got there, like don’t tell them what u are sending the money for tell them it’s for your mom!! 🤣🤣🤣 well after about an hour of lying to them and making them look stupid and saying I’m almost there to wire the money , they finally hung up on me after cussing me out with their THICK INDIA ACCENT !! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!! They actually think Americans are so dumb that they can just fool us out of our money!!😂🤣 good try

  16. LoL 🤣 that Spam Caller just got Owned by a Police Captain that has more Intelligence!
    She knew her Rights, and she went by the Book!

  17. What they accused her of is a reflection of what these scammers are doing.

    Send us money to keep you from getting in trouble is basic scam there.

  18. I mean your the police. Why is the sheriffs office coming to get you. You don't look like a drug trafficking person.

  19. Oh officer John Black & senior officer Jason Brown yeah I know those guys they work in the same
    department with officers Jack Green, Jay White & Jeremy Grey.

  20. I had a call like that, and started wailing like a baby “ no, don’t do that, I didn’t do nothing illegal “. He finally figured out I was being punked and hung up.

  21. Scammers called me couple of time and ask we informed you had an accident and was not your fault? I said i need that bastard name who inform you.
    Scammer= sorry we take out your number from our list. Hung up😂

  22. Don't even give these goofballs your name or anything. I asked them in what state court I was being charged and why I wasn't served a warrant if I had all these charges and the guy called me a MFer and started cursing at me. I told him to calm down and that I was going to call the sheriff concerning his call and then he hung up. They're amazingly belligerent. They all seem to have ME or Asian accents. Sheriff deputy told me they were in the Caribbean.

  23. Thank you all for your service! God Bless each of you! By the way these people wear our phones out about social security.

  24. Indian scammer: Go to WWW.INDIANSCAMMERLAND.COM for free virus protection

    Me: ask Jo

    Indian scammer: whose joe

    Me: Mr.Stark we have done it!

    Moral: never ask people who joe is :::D::D:DD:D

  25. Funny how these pieces of s**t don't even attempt to disguise the fact that they're calling from a room full of other pieces of s**t running the same scam as themselves.

  26. I just got one of these calls yesterday..he said he was calling from the social security administrations legal SSN was suspended because of illegal activity and that if I didn't press 1 immediately the sheriff would be over to arrest me..he was so lazy he had his scam was taped..I didn't know it was illegal to not press 1..go

  27. I had not one but two try their hardest to get my social, so I said ok here’s my social 800 and I began he said hold on hold on then some lady got on the phone said man go ahead I said 800 then I paused began challenging her then said ok ready 800 fu*k you , she then said fu*k you too! I said wow since when does social secuirty curses at you? Her and her India accent and her aggressive behavior got worse cursing back at me and throwing jabs I then hung up after 15-20 mins back n fourth of exchange of words lol

  28. ⚠️ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਫੜ ਨਹੀਂ ਸਕਦੇ ਇਹ ਅਸਾਨ ਨਹੀਂ ।

  29. I like to tell these people to hang on a minute, I have a big thick juicy steak cooking on the barbeque!!! And make sure to tell them that you like it RARE and dripping with blood!! Almost raw!! And also wrapped in bacon!! They should hang up by then!!

  30. Great job! Please collaborate with indian embassy and provide them with these numbers, our country has been hard on such scammers. It will help our police to catch these bastards who are a disgrace to our country.thankyou again.
    Love from india

  31. I kept getting similar calls so I captured the phone numbers on my phone – with the name " Said they were the IRS". Later as they call again, I answer the phone, 'IRS CAN I HELP YOU?" They immediately hang up !

  32. Hey,may be i recignise this scammer guy voice.Just watch complete video by searching these words"Fake Indian IRS Fraudster Explains the scam.I think the explainer named jayesh is the scammer.

  33. I've been getting so many messages via FB Messenger from "friends" claiming they have great news & want me to sign up for this grant program or some other scam. It's exceptionally annoying. None of my friends would contact me this way. I usually keep them chatting for a bit until I report & block them. The few minutes they are trying unsuccessfully to scam me means a few less minutes they're scamming someone for real.

  34. India full of vacant predators refuse to do productive work. Shame on India. There people are embarrassment to their parents and country.

  35. JOHN BLACKSON…AND JASON BROWN…DEPARTMENT OF NARCOTICS,..ha ha, hes scamming money to buy drugs…DEA.LOL.…pretty busy in call centre…ACCENT…MUMBAI, with a touch of BENGALI.

  36. In all fairness to the Officer She did not Traffic Drugs But did give a ticket to a guy named Doug for speeding.A few months ago Ichecked some Voicemails on my Cellphone that said If I didn't Call back I would be going to Jail for some kind of fraud I never returned the calls and never went to Jail If he was gonna have someone arrested for fraud He should start with himself because he's frauding people daily. And The Scammer who I'll refer to as Rob(Robber) keeps creating Youtube accounts to keep disliking these videos

  37. Guys, this indian is working in call center, the question is who is feeding the American information to them? its Americans itself giving them the information.

  38. my grandpa loves to play games with them and i have now taken to doing the same. that is if the call isn't from a robo caller.

  39. scamming millions of dollars but they cant buy noise cancelling headset! Shit India, Incredible India, Land of Scammers!

  40. POLICE: I just only have a credit card.
    INDIAN: Ok, how much then? 😂😂😂

    The way they speak. They`re colonge very bad smell. Very funny! Wahaha

    Great Scammers! 🤣🤣🤣

  41. I got a call from scammer and when i heared his indian accent i asked him why couldnt he find a legal job, he answered me if i could help him with that.

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