Pohanka Fellows

Pohanka Fellows

History has such a great power and when people realize it, it’s a very cool thing indeed. Good morning scholars!
Good morning! Welcome to Harper’s Ferry! How many of
you guys have been here before? The Pohanka Fellowship that I had after my
sophomore year was my first year doing the program and that really solidified for me
that yes, I want to go into the field of History Having that opportunity available at
Gettysburg was insurmountably helpful for my postgraduate career and the tone that
it set for the rest of my time at Gettysburg. Welcome to Harper’s Ferry National Historical
Park, my name is Natalie, this is Matt I’m really glad that there is something like this
out there where History gets to be truly alive and what I mean by that is you just
get to go outside and do it. And people just kind of come and they take
what they will from it but yet the whole time you’re out there doing it You remember that face don’t you? Well he
doesn’t grow that beard, that crowning part of his whole identity, he doesn’t grow that
beard until he’s running away from Kansas. I think what I was excited about when it
came to being a Pohanka intern was the opportunity to work with the park service
because I’ve been going to National Parks since I was 5 years old. So, kind of getting to see things from
the other side of the mirror. Here’s what, I’m going to give you that
and see if you can find Dr. Marny and get fixed up. I went into the internship thinking “this
is going to be fun for a summer, it’s going to be great” and I left the summer
thinking to myself, “I want to do education and I want to teach.” So, it was much more
of a formative experience than I ever anticipated it being. What we’re debating is the methodology.
Do we think this is the best way to end slavery? You meet a lot of really cool people and you change rapidly and I think that really does lend itself well to further development along the way. Brian Pohanka, and to his family and to
his friends I really do appreciate the opportunities that have been given to
us in his name. It’s an absolutely fantastic program. it’s a great idea and it definitely comes
from a good place and I appreciate that. Now that I’m an alum, I will be going to
the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to pursue an M.A. in public history. So, from the support I received at the
CWI, I was able to branch out and do so many different things I can’t imagine
what my trajectory would’ve been like for the rest of my college career and
now after Gettysburg what it would have been like if I didn’t have that
experience at such an early time in my college career. It was great. I think after spending a summer here and
getting through what I think pretty well I feel a bit more confident about just my
abilities going out in the world at large. I can’t tell you where it’s going to go but
I’m really excited to see where it’s going to go I want you to ask not what the world can do
for you but what you can do for the world. As the future leaders, as the caretakers of
this beautiful garden that we call Earth.

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  1. A generous gift to the College from the John J. Pohanka Family Foundation has established the Brian C. Pohanka Fellows Program. Administered by the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute, the program provides stipends to offset living expenses for Gettysburg College students interning at National Park Service historic sites.

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