Pixel for Business | Security by Design

Pixel for Business | Security by Design

[Music] [Matt] Pixel is a great device for business as
it pertains to security. So, you have a secure layer at the hardware level with
Titan M. So the Titan chip is actually the second generation in the Titan
technology. First gen was in our cloud data centers and what we’ve done is
we’ve taken that and miniaturized it down for Pixel phone specifically and
the sole purpose is to protect the device and make it secure and trusted, [Jaein] With fingerprint authentication on the Pixel 3a it keeps your device secure and you
can unlock it with just a touch of a button. Face unlock on the Pixel 4 uses
machine learning to recognize your key facial features. A driver can unlock just
by looking at the phone without having to remove their gloves. [Matt] The Titan chip
has a verified boot so it always ensures the device is running the right version
of the Android operating system and with Pixel for business at that software
level, for three years from the launch of the device, you get those latest OS and
security updates every month and then you have Google Play protect at the
application layer as well. Google Play Protect scans the app store so the apps
in the cloud available for download as well as the apps you’ve already
downloaded that are on your device to ensure that applications there are
verified and trustworthy. A business owner has so many things going on in a
daily basis, now they have the peace of mind to know that their confidential
information and it’s always protected. [Music]

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