Pitching my Vending Machines to Local Businesses! (Finding Location Secrets)

Pitching my Vending Machines to Local Businesses! (Finding Location Secrets)

what’s up everyone Dominick Barbato here,
welcome back to this channel! thumbs up if you enjoy the content! Today we are out here with my friend matt
philie, you can go check out his channel @swashin on Youtube. We are going around to a bunch of locations
trying to get some spots to put some vending machines. Taking you on my journey today getting some
machines placed. So yeah, let’s get started. “How’s it going, is there an owner or manager

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  1. Omgosh I'm only half way through the video and I have to say… THIS IS AWESOME! It's hard work….so true… "it's a numbers game" ? Fantastic video.

  2. This is for sure your best video. It shows the hustle! Showing the real deal of hustling. Also, get more brochures haha! Thanks DB!

  3. I love watching you throw shade at other vending machines in the stores.

    "Look how empty it is!" "It's so dirty!"

  4. See, this guy thinks like I do, the first thing I'm looking for even BEFORE I make my pitch is,,, IS THERE SPACE? A quick glance around, this tells you to WALK OR TALK. This guy's formula is DEAD RIGHT. Screen the Space, Deal with the GATEKEEPER or Make the pitch, SEAL THE DEAL…

  5. This is a cool video! iam currently trying to find locations for my vending business ! Iama post a new video this week!

  6. Honestly those pitches sucked why would you offer away between 20-30% in commissions before they even asked lol you seriously shouted it out at them before they could process everything you where talking about .

  7. Good Work Bro..I'd be interested to see your brochure. I was thinking about something to leave along with my business card. I had same issue ladst week. Hit up about 7 places and only 3 took my card. Keep Pushing & Crushing it..As Always…
    TEAM O OUT…..

  8. Oh you gotta change that to help me hit 5k now..haha..1k is in the books brother..Congrats Again!!!
    TEAM O OUT…..

  9. Here is a thought. Whenever they ask for the brochure. its your only one. Suggest to them either take a copy of it or take a picture of it with there phone. that kinda also lets you know how interested they are in the machines. if theyre willing to do either or its a good chance they are pretty interested in it. just an idea i had. keep up the good work.

  10. Nice man, I agree with the body language. You will have a gut feeling after doing a few pitches. Just subbed 🙂

  11. Brotha I’m listening to your video right now as we speak driving around finding locations for my machines, love the insight and sales knowledge, keep it up!

  12. Need to give them more of an incentive. You start with the charity, welcome the charity to the conversation and not pushing it down the first 30 seconds. Practice the elevator pitch tech and that should help

  13. Man you give alot of commission… But obviously that works.. I like your vids… Good deal.. thanks for the advice..

  14. %10-20 is low to give I think it’s good margins but yea

    Figure should be closer to 30-40 like a 60/40 split since your are providing upkeep

  15. ..I just started my own vending company and YouTube channel.. drop a like and sub.i have my first video coming this weekend about starting a business after the Military
    – [ ]

  16. you should work on your pitch, script it and practice it. you should introduce yourself before going into the close, you're all over the board with it. they don't even know who the hell you are or what company your with and you go directly into the sell. plus you're bashing the competition, bad idea.

  17. You are soliciting some really shitty locations for vending, at least in the traditional sense. Maybe for vending toys and gum balls, pizzeria's and gaming stores, and pet stores might be okay. But for snacks and drinks you're wasting your time.

  18. Excellent video! I wonder why stores are so hesitant about having something that makes them money & they don’t have to worry about servicing.

  19. Would you recommend a young person starting a vending business to get business cards? I’m worried that it would come across as corny if I, a 17 year old gave a business card.

  20. I personally would not pitch it with the commission I would save that if I was desperate for a great location ???

  21. The boss came in smooth at 2:25. He asked you what other candies can be added to those machines all while holding back the he had some machines himself. He wanted to get as much information out of you, so he can do what you’re doing. After he got some insight of what it is that you do. He came clean and let you know he has his own. He even wanted a brochure so he can copy it. I might be wrong, but he was sneaky.

  22. Your pitching is wrong my guy. I've been doing sales & marketing for about 10 years now & first thing about selling yourself (or your machine) is NEVER NEVER go in talking about what you wanna sell or in this case PLACE.

    Talk about EVERYTHING but the the sale my guy to get the sale. Try that approach. Either way.. great vid..

  23. I don’t give commissions lol don’t mention it just say donation go to a cause instead.

  24. Yea dude, don't mention commission. In my experience lots of places think you'll want to charge THEM to have your machine there. Then when you tell them it's at no cost to them they're usually really excited about it. None of my spots take commission, was never mentioned or bought up. Just the way I like it..

  25. Everyone here is commenting about not to offer commission, so my question is what does the location get for letting you set up a vending machine?.

  26. I always start by saying: Hi! Are you the owner? And most people laugh and say no, but the mood is set and the ice is broken. Most of the time the give me a little bit extra of help if you do ask this simple question. Just a tip. And I also would not recommend telling about commissions unless the start talking about power consumption and so on.

  27. Hey brother just a tip from me I learn I just posted my equipment online on Facebook and craigslist asking people who would want it and people contacted me just a tip

  28. Even though it may be time consuming, it doesn’t hurt to ask more about them and the establishment. Get them talking and just listen. People like to feel important.
    Also when asking for their names, be sure to remember them and use them in the conversation. But you already knew that. Awesome vid ?

  29. I’m not want to comment on posts. It’s great you have your own business but you need to get better at selling.

  30. A lil tip I learned never talk about commission unless you have to. Tell them you can have your machine there in a week or so without the convo of comission and if they ask about it then negotiate you can go 5 percent comission. If they give u a hard time tell them then 10 percent is the highest you'll go never go over 10 percent.

  31. Just a question, but how many machines and what kind would it take to make any serious money? I would thing gum vending would be a waste of time and soda machine vending would be a better choice.

  32. So would you say start small and learn the ropes as you go? Adding a few machines every month say around 2 bulk machines, saving and using my savings to invest back n soda vending if it all goes well. Would that be the smart thing to do?

  33. I always wanted to do some machines but I struggle to come up with enough to even buy any or a place to store them.

  34. 2:50 You have to do better on hitting the KEY points on why they should have YOUR machines in their shop rather than theirs or someone else's. Hopefully you learned to have more brochures to hand out so that you can leave something other than a business card with them. Business cards get piled up somewhere or tossed. A brochure gives them more information about your business and machines that you offer. I probably could have done a better job pitching. Hoping to actually start a vending machine business. Looking into it anyways……

  35. I love your energy man! Even when dudes come off rude in the comments, you respond like a logical thinking (and open-minded) person should. I'm from Brooklyn myself and you know we are very blunt. For that and your great vid, you get a sub from me. Don't change.

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