Photo Business News – Wimberley Tripod Head Review

Photo Business News – Wimberley Tripod Head Review

So here at Photo Businesses News one of the things
we do talk about is the equipment that we use. We don’t just kinda recommended or review equipment we haven’t used, we haven’t put our hands on and put through its paces. One of the things that we’re using
here for the inauguration is this Wimberley tripod head. One of the considerations that we had when we were setting
up our rig here was how do we independently move the center camera,
one of our cameras, but how do we also do that with a very long lens. And the solution that we went with was
the Wimberley. The Wimberley is an amazing head. Let me just show it to you. The great thing about that head is that you get
independent movement with the others, when you’ve got two other heads on there. But on top of that one of the really great things is that it’s balanced it’s almost it’s seems gyroscopic
insofar as it stays balanced and so that there is really – once you move it – it’s not unlocked –
you didn’t see me unlock this Wimberley when i was using that because it’s perfectly
balanced and so regardless of the lens you have that Wimberley is a really great tool to have
so it was a real great find for us definitely want to encourage you to check out
the Wimberley for all of your long glass, it’s a, it’s a no brainer.

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