Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows Program: Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Good

Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows Program: Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Good

Life is full of opportunities, some
teach, some help, some in power and some offer the chance to do it all Global Health Fellows is Pfizer’s
international skills-based volunteerism program. During three to six month assignments, Pfizer colleagues work with non-governmental organizations to help communities around the world. I am in Campala, Uganda. I’m in Cambodia. I am currently working in Capetown on a
six-month fellowship with an organization called Mothers to Mothers. Together their opening doors to new
relationships new skills improved operations increased access to health care and brighter healthier futures for
people everywhere Global Health Fellows come from all over Pfizer, they contribute diverse skills to non-governmental organizations in underserved communities around the
world. Fellows help partner organizations improve the flow of
medicines and supplies to people in need. They work to reduce the spread of
disease and they think like entrepreneurs to improve operations. In just 10 short years, Global Health
Fellows have worked in over 40 countries, collectively more than 300 fellows have
donated more than 325,000 hours, they’ve given almost fifteen million in
pro bono services but numbers are only part of the story
what counts are the doors Global Health Fellows opens to partner organizations, communities
Pfizer colleagues and most important people in need. In
Kenya and Tanzania Global Health Fellows helped farm access improve planning, quality control and inventory management so low-income people will have better access to health care.
They worked with Ampath to provide medicines to people who need
them through community revolving fund pharmacies. In China fellows worked with Project
Hope to design web training materials on
chronic disease prevention and management and they help GBC Health engage
businesses in diabetes prevention and care across China. In Uganda Global Health
Fellows worked with the Infectious Diseases Institute to develop strategic business and
maintenance plans training programs for nurses and new technology skills for
laboratories. They worked with Mothers to Mothers in South Africa to combat the spread of HIV from mothers
to children and in India they helped Christian
Medical College gain two important hospital in lab
accreditation’s that distinguish it as a preferred
hospital for patients and insurance companies looking for high quality standards. When Global Health Fellows and partner organizations open doors it’s good for everyone,
partner organizations work more efficiently so they can help more people, communities
gain skills and resources to sustain quality care for the residents. Fellows return to the responsibilities
at Pfizer with renewed passion for healthcare. More than ninety percent of Global
Health Fellows greatly expand their professional technical and leadership
skills. Been able to allow me to take a step
back and realize what I have achieved I’ll be able to bring back to Pfizer. More
than three quarter’s gain a better understanding a patient needs and health
delivery systems When I leave here we’re all gonna know a lot more about electronic medical records. All would recommend Global Health
Fellows to their peers. I would highly recommend doing the Pfizer Global Health
program, it is incredibly rewarding. Life is full of opportunities and opportunities to teach helping heal
will never end. For me its been amazing. It is really and awarding experience. Get ready for the time of your life
cuz you will not forget what you doing out here. Thanks to Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows
program, partner organizations and volunteers who
want to make a difference the door to a healthier brighter future
is open.

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